The Anointing Factor

In every situation that is too big for us we have to factor in the anointing of Elohim to do what we canít do. Elohim is going to let you come face to face with situations that you canít handle by yourself, where you have no choice but to factor in the anointing. In Exodus 14, there is a picture of Elohim's people facing an "impossible" situation. Elohim had set His people free from Egyptian control and now the Egyptians are coming to try to take them back. They had the Red Sea in front of them, mountains on either side and the Egyptians behind them. They had no where to go. The enemy thought that they had them but they failed to recognize the Anointing Factor. The anointing of Elohim was about to take over. All Moses and the other Israelites had to do was "stand still and see the salvation of the Lord" (Exodus 14 v. 13). When the devil wants to take you back into the past and accuse you of past mistakes, you need to stand on the word that you are a new creature in Christ, that old things have past away and that all things are new( 2 Cor. 5 v. 17). When you do this, the anointing of Elohim will take over and deliver you from the temptation. Whatever temptation that the devil brings your way, as you submit to Elohim and resist the devil, he will flee. So donít let the devil paint a picture of your past and try to tell you that you are the same person. Resist and let the anointing of Elohim, which made you a new creature, take over. At the Red Sea, Elohim took His people over the Red Sea and His anointing will take you over to the other side of your demonic attack.

In I Samuel 17, the Israelites were facing an impossible situation, being taunted by a giant named Goliath and all of them, including Saul, their leader were terrified. However, there came on the scene a little shepherd boy named David, to rescue his people. Everybody, including Saul didnít believe that David could destroy the giant, but David factored in the anointing. He was moved by faith and not by sight. He knew that the anointing of God took over when a lion and a bear attacked his sheep and gave him strength to destroy them both! (1 Sam. 17 v. 34-37) He knew that if Elohim did it once that He could do it again! The anointing of Elohim took over and anointed the rock that David threw and killed the giant. Then the anointing of Elohim came on the whole Israeli army and they destroyed all the enemy troops hiding behind Goliath. You see, the anointing of Elohim doesnít care about the size of the person or the force or number of the enemy coming against you. All Elohim wants to do is use one person with His power to show forth His Glory. He wants to use one person who will not look on the natural but one who knows that there is somebody greater than any person or circumstance. Can you be that person today? Whatever you are facing today pales in comparison to the power of the anointing of Elohim! Let go of the situation and turn it over to the Anointing Factor. The Anointing Factor is not about what you can do but what you canít do, allowing God to take over.

Elohim again, showed the power of the Anointing Factor in 2 Chronicles 20. Jehoshaphat was outnumbered and surrounded by the enemy with no help but God. Maybe you are facing the same situation. Just remember to factor in the anointing and donít run away from the situation, because with this anointing, you can outlast the enemy! He has to be defeated and run! Elohim told Jehoshaphat to not be afraid but that the battle is His! This is what happens when you turn over the situation to Elohim Ė your battle becomes His. All you have to do is "Show Up."(v. 17) Jehoshaphat was told to put his "praise team" out first and when they sang Elohim caused the enemy to destroy each other (v. 22, 23). All they had to do was pick up the spoils (v. 25). The fear of Elohim was on all the surrounding kingdoms of the countries, because the Israelites allowed the Anointing Factor to take over! Just know today that if you are serving God and the enemy is coming against you, the battle is not about you, so release His battle to Him.

Elohim spoke to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1 v. 7 that he should not be afraid but go to all the people that Elohim sent him because He was there to deliver him. Elohim spoke some harsh warning words to His people through Jeremiah, but they didnít listen and were taken into captivity, but Jeremiah was spared. We canít be afraid of speaking what Elohim says through us to others. Elohim will protect us because of the Anointing Factor. When you stand for Elohim against others who are not, you will still be standing when the "smoke clears." Praise Him!

Remember, whatever you are facing today, factor in the anointing and turn the situation over to Him, for complete victory. Enjoy the spoils of the enemy!

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