Satan's Nightmare

In the book of Isaiah Chapter 29, in v. 7 and 8 the Lord talks about what will happen if the enemy come against His people: He says that it will be like a dream of a night vision when a person dreams that they are eating food as they have gone to bed hungry and wake up hungry or when they go to bed thirsty and dream that they are drinking but wake up thirsty. God says that this is what the enemy will feel: they will have a dream about destroying His people but it will become a nightmare. It will never happen. This will be the same for you: Satan has a plan against your life and he thinks that it will become a reality but he is sadly mistaken, as his dream will become a nightmare.

In the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah is serving the king while is in captivity and he is very sad that the wall of Jerusalem is in rubble. The king asks him why he is so sad and he tells him. The king then tells him that he will finance all that he needs to rebuild the wall. Before Nehemiah ever gets to Jerusalem Sanballat and Tobiah know about it and become his enemies in Jerusalem Neh. 2 v. 10. They conspire against Nehemiah and the other workers and try to hinder the rebuilding of the wall. It got so bad for God’s people that when some were busy rebuilding, others had to guard their backs from the enemy. You see Sanbellat and Tobiah had a dream that the wall would never be rebuilt, but God is about to make their dream a nightmare. In Chapter 6 v. 2 Nehemiah is still working on the wall when Sanbellat and Geshem, another enemy come to him and invite him to a meeting, but Nehemiah says that he is doing a great work and can’t come down. They come to him on four different occasions, to try to force him to come away from the wall and his protection with his people. The enemy is sometimes persistent, but you have to be more persistent when he attacks. Then Sanbellat sends his servant the fifth time with a letter. Just because someone puts something in writing against you doesn’t mean that it has any power. The enemy wants you to think that it does, but no! How many people have had a doctor write on their record that they had a terminal illness and God healed them and reverses what was written down? God can do the same for you and reverse something that was written against you. You may have been served divorce papers, but God can change your spouse’ heart and reverse it. Just because something has been written against you, doesn’t mean that it has anymore power against you. You may be served with some other lawsuit papers but it doesn’t mean that you are going to lose, just because it was written down. This is a lie of the devil. On the other side of the coin don’t think just because you get a letter in your favor that something is won in your favor, don’t believe that the miracle is in hand. You need to pray it through. It is not final until you have what was promised into your hand. In v. 10, the word says that they sent another person to try to influence Nehemiah. Sanbellat and Geshem came four times, came another time with a letter and now they send another person to try and get Nehemiah to compromise and leave the work at the wall. This one wanted to meet Nehemiah in the house of God. Other people that were behind this plan also were Noadiah, the prophetess and the rest of the prophets. This was a major plan to get Nehemiah to come down from the wall. They were very persistent and it was their last chance to try to stop the work of rebuilding the wall. Notice that even the prophets were behind this plan. It shows you that you can’t trust all church people. So many people let their “guard down” in church as if they believe that a Christian would never do them wrong. When one gets saved the spirit get reborn, the mind “starts” to get renewed, and the flesh “starts” to be changed. The flesh and the mind don’t change overnight. We all have an enemy and that is our flesh. We can’t trust the flesh. A Christian can get into the flesh and you need to be on guard. In verse 15, the word says that the wall was now finished. The dream that Nehemiah’s enemies had about the wall not getting rebuilt has now become a nightmare! In verse 16 the word says that when the enemies heard that the wall was finished they were sad and realized that the work of rebuilding the wall was of God. You see the devil was persistent but couldn’t stop the work of God. Apply this to your life too! If God called you to a work, who can “uncall” you and who can stop you? 

In Exodus Chapter 14 God had led His people out of Egypt by placing ten plagues on the Egyptians, but now they are “stopped” at the Red Sea. They are surrounded by mountains on either side, the Egyptians coming after them from behind and the Red Sea in front of them. They are sure in a crisis, they think, but God has it all under control. God hasn’t brought them this far to leave them. He didn’t bring them out of Egypt to allow the enemy to bring them back! The Egyptians coming after them had  a ”dream” about bringing their “slaves” back into captivity, but they should of realized that the same God that caused the ten plagues that demonstrated His power, had just stated to show forth His power. He was about to top all the miracles that He performed by opening the Red Sea, which He did.

In 1 Samuel Chapter 17, the Philistines had a dream that the people of Israel would surrender to them, as no body would challenge their giant, Goliath. But along comes a shepherd boy named David, who offers to fight against this “uncircumcised” giant. David knew that the same God who used David’s hands to destroy a lion and a bear would not let him down. David ran against him with just a slingshot and a stone but God’s power was behind the stone and it killed Goliath. The dream that the enemy had concerning the children of Israel sure became a nightmare as not only was their leader killed but they all were routed and all their goods were spoiled.

You see, God wants to reverse the devil’s plans concerning you and give you a blessing out of what the devil meant as a curse. The devil may be licking his chops in anticipation of your “downfall” but your victory, promotion will become his worst nightmare!