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A Message From Our Founder

Rev. Henry J. Walker

       God has reserved His greatest blessings for His seasons. God moves on His timetable, not ours. Even though God can move at any time, there is a season in which certain things happen. When is the most anointed season for God to lead some of His people to move to a new location?  What is the most anointed season  in which God wants to bring that  companion into your life?

       In what season will whole families be delivered and saved? What is the  greatest season of more empowerment in your life? In what season has God planned to move enemies and sinful habits out of your life? What time of the    year is most anointed for new beginnings, restoration and promotions and how to prepare for these seasons? Knowing God's seasons and timetable will help you to never miss His blessings.


_______God's Timing for Special Blessings_______

Written By Henry Walker

Seasons will help you ensure that you will not miss Godís timing and preparation for His blessings

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 What are the special seasons for God to bring that companion into your life, for whole families to be delivered, for new beginnings, promotions, and restoration? What is the special season reserved for more empowerment? What is the most anointed season to remove those sinful habits out of your life once and for all? Seasons will answer these questions and more. This book will also position you to receive His special and greatest blessings.