A Son Of The King

Biographical Information

      Evangelist Henry J. Walker and his wife Breda live in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He is the founder of New Life Revival International, a ministry to the inner city, to the poor and neglected. Pastor Walker ministers  in Nassau, Freeport and other Islands in the Bahamas, Miami, Florida, East St. Louis, Illinois and throughout the United States, as invited. He has also ministered in Africa, Jamaica and other areas of the Caribbean.  He has appeared on TBN in Jacksonville on several occasions and on Sid Roth's Messianic Vision television show. Many people can testify to the mighty power of the Father that flows through this Pastor's life and his knowledge of the seasons and timing of the Father. He is dedicated to helping people realize and step into their full potential in the Father. As he ministers, the Father really uses him to help people with their deepest hurts in healing and deliverance. Evangelist Walker has authored three books: "Seasons", which was written to help you realize the Timing of the Father and how to be in the center of His blessings, "Noon"- a book to help you to know the Father's hourly and monthly blessing periods and "Demystifying the Trinity" which will explain the so called "mystery" of the Trinity. Your understanding of who the Father is will really be enhanced from reading this book.  As a minister, Henry Walker wants to let believers know the seasons of the Father, and how and when the Father is moving. Knowing the Father's seasons will open the door to receive His Greatest Blessings! He can be reached by e-mail at "contact @henrywalker.org"