Why is so God so angry? # 2

I want to continue my message on “Why is God so angry.”  We need to understand how God is moving. We need to understand the season that we are now in. God is a God of mercy but so many forget that He is also a God of Justice! Just because His justice seems to be delayed doesn’t mean His justice is denied. He has so much patience but when He is ready to move, nobody can stop Him. A true prophet will not talk about how God is going to bless someone with a car or a new house all the time and other things that are pleasant to the ear. A true prophet will know God’s heart and relay this to His children. This is a strange season as I am feeling God’s heart and it is not pleasant. I am feeling Him like I never felt Him before. It has not always been pleasant knowing His heart during this season. I have been feeling some of His anger that He is pouring out right now on some of His people for about four months. He gives His prophet a small taste of what He is doing at certain key times in order to warn His people. During this time so many of His people have been running to “revivals” that are not of Him looking for a “quick fix.” They don’t want to spend time with Him. They just want to have some “man” (who may not be of God) lay hands on them and all their aches and pains will disappear. God does move through a man or woman but this will never be a substitute for spending time in His presence. People who have not repented of what He is convicting them of are running to places to get a miracle in the natural, not knowing that God won’t move in their natural circumstances until they allow Him to move on them spiritually. The word says in Matt.  6 v. 33 to “seek the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all those things (natural blessings) will be added to him.”  God will move in the natural when you start allowing Him to mortify the deeds of the flesh and conform you into the image of Jesus (Rom 8 v. 13, 29).

I want to continue looking in the book of Amos to show you some more of God’s reasons for His anger: In Amos 3 v. 3 the word says “can two walk together except they be agreed?” There are so many people who don’t agree with the lifestyle that the pastor and his elder friends are living but stay in the church because they been there so long or they don’t want to desert a “sinking ship.” They fail to realize that if the head is sick the body will get sick. It will spread to the rest of the body. We have all heard of the health hazards of “second hand smoke.” People can be indirectly affected by the actions of leadership in church. Some people are just “slaves” to the leadership, never consulting with Jesus as to the actions of the ones in charge. We all will be accountable to Christ for the mistakes we make.

In v. 10 the word says that there is robbery and violence in the palaces. I mentioned in the last message that some pastors consider their church to be a “palace” and consider themselves to be “kings.” As I mentioned in the prior message, they place so much emphasis on collecting money from the people that they even call in “heavy hitters” who are “anointed” to raise money. They then “split the take.” They don’t care if the people are having problems paying their own bills, they just think about their own preservation and wants. They squeeze every bit they can. This really upsets God when so called ministers do this to His children. What also upsets God very much is when his people are in a service and are in deep worship with Him and a minister takes advantage of this for self serving motives. One of the ways they do this is by “pushing” an offering at this time to take advantage of this precious moment. They want to “catch” God’s people at a tender moment for their own gain. They are coming between God and His people and this is very serious. God is ready to pour out His wrath on these “ministers.”  God has been patient up to this point but no more! Those of you who have children would not allow anyone to come between you and your children. God won’t either!

God said in Chapter 4 v. 4 that people will say “come to Bethel and transgress.” He is saying that people will go to some churches (Bethel) because they can sin and not be exposed. There are some people that will run to a church where they don’t ever preach repentance or turning away from sins! They will feel comfortable there.  God is also implying in v. 4 that as long as they pay their tithes and offerings in these places that the Pastors will be happy. Again, these Pastors will never make you feel uncomfortable in your sins. They are just interested in you money!

In v. 7-11 God mentioned that He allowed things to come against His people who refused to repent and He is doing the same thing now. He is trying to shake up His children that are not repenting and turning back to Him from man (idol) worship by allowing circumstances to come against them.

In v. 12 the word said that when they refuse to repent and turn back to Him they need to “prepare to meet their God.” So many of God’s children have not felt His wrath but they are about too.

Allow God to make you part of His remnant by turning your flesh over to Him (Rom. 8 v. 13) and conforming you to the image of Jesus (Rom. 8 v. 29). As part of His remnant go to your brothers and sisters in Christ and warn them that He is coming back soon. Tell them to come back to His presence and get away from worshipping a man. This will help them to get “Rapture Ready” and avoid God’s wrath!