Why is God so angry?

As I mentioned in my last message "Are you part of Christís Remnant"? God has set aside certain of His people to be part of His remnant. What about the rest of His people? He is in the process of pouring out His wrath on His disobedient children. Our job as part of His remnant is to tell His children to repent, intercede for them and also to explain why God is so angry! Letís look at the book of Amos and see some of the reasons why God is so angry right now: In Amos chapter 1 v. 2 the word says that He will roar against some of His shepherds; the ones who should know better and have such a heavy responsibility to tell the people whatís on Godís heart. So many pastors get caught up in their own plans and goals without consulting with the Lord. They want to raise more funds so immediately they bring in a "heavy hitter" Ė a person who is good at raising money. They donít check with the Lord as to what He wants the people to hear. He may want to talk about "repentance." It is so dangerous for one to have their "own" agenda when it comes to God and "feeding" His children. In v. 4 God says that He will devour the "palaces" with fire. These "palaces" that He is talking about refer to these large church buildings that man has built for his glory and not Godís. They are so big and innate but are "deader than a doornail." The glory of God is not present; they are just functioning on their own "steam" and strength. They are just doing their own thing and "playing church." God will bring them down! He never set them up!

God said in v. 6 that for three transgressions and for four He will pour out His wrath. They have gone too far. They have relied on His grace too long. In v. 9 He talks about them keeping people in "captivity." As I mentioned in an earlier message the place where slavery is still the norm is in some churches! He says in v. 9 that these pastors forget that "their" congregations are brothers and sisters in Christ, not slaves. The reason why these pastors are able to do this is because the people want it that way. They love for somebody else to make decisions for them. This is what makes "religion" such a strong force in the end times. The Antichrist is going to use religion to his advantage. Religious people are so pliable. In v. 11 God says that He is angry because these pastors declare war on some other pastors and even attack them from the pulpit. They feel that it is their church against all others! They would never thing about helping another church in their neighborhood get started since they are not part of their denomination. Denominationalism has been a curse more than it has been a blessing. It has just set up walls between brothers and sisters in Christ.

In v. 13 God says that another reason that He is angry is that they have "ripped up" the women with child. They have destroyed some peopleís purpose and vision; what God had planted in their spiritual "womb." They keep reminding them of where they came from and all their mistakes, never helping them to get to their "future." What a heavy price they will have to pay! This is one of the many reasons why abortion is so terrible: abortion destroys a purpose wrapped up in that tiny flesh.

In v. 15 He says that the king and his princes shall go into captivity! So many pastors have set themselves up as "kings" and their favorite "men" as their "princes." The people have become their "loyal subjects." The sad thing is that so many people in congregations like this are comfortable serving their pastors who set themselves up this way. A pastor is important but not more important than Christ. People thing that if they please their pastors that they automatically please Christ! It is much harder to please Christ.

A lot of pastors donít want you to seek Christ for your self. They are afraid that Christ may tell you to leave with your tithes and offerings and go to another church where the pastor has a heart towards God like David! God says also in v. 15 that He will bring these pastors and their princes into the same captivity that they had His people in.

In Chapter 2 v. 3 God says that He will cut off the judge and his princes. He again is talking about these pastors who have set themselves up as "judges" who judge people by how much money they have. They also judge people by their past. In v. 4 God says that He is angry because they have not followed the same word that they have preached. People in the congregations should judge their pastors by the word and not their flesh. If the head is sick the rest of the body will get sick eventually. People have to be careful to not get contaminated by a minister who is not living right, displeasing God. For example if the pastor (head) is having sexual "affairs" it is only a matter of time before it spreads to the congregation or the rest of the "body." People keep sowing their tithes to ministers that are doing underhanded things with their money, not knowing that this financial "contamination" could spread to them. Remember, sow your seeds on "good ground" if you expect a "good" harvest. In v. 12 God says that He is upset because they gave wine to Nazarites who have taken a vow not to drink, before the Lord. So many pastors know the weaknesses of the congregations and use this to their advantage, by causing them to compromise. For example, if someone in the congregation had sexual problems and weaknesses in the past, they may try to re-kindle these weaknesses to their advantage. How many ministers know that a couple is having marital problems and move in for "the kill?"

I will continue this topic in the next message but we have to learn why God is so angry and explain this to others that He may be dealing with. He is coming back so soon and we need to get people "rapture ready." Remember, without holiness no man shall see the Lord. As part of His remnant we need to continue to turn over our flesh to the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8 v. 13) and allow Him to conform us to the image of Jesus (Rom. 8 v. 29). We need to tell others in His body that they need to do the same to avoid going through the Great Tribulation and maybe eventually "busting hell wide open."