Are you part of Christ's Remnant?

          Are you part of Christís remnant? It is important to be included as only the remnant will go in the Rapture of the Church and be married to Jesus. In the book of Zephaniah Chapter 3 v. 13 the Lord describes His remnant:

1.)    They shall no do iniquity.

2.)    They donít speak lies.

3.)    A deceitful tongue shall not be found in their mouth.

4.)    They shall feed and lie down.

5.)    Nobody shall make them afraid.


     For numbers 1-3 the only way this can happen is if we turn our flesh over to the Holy Spirit. The word says in Romans 8 v. 13 that only through the Spirit can we mortify the deeds of the flesh. Paul said in Chapter 7 v. 15 that the things that he wants to do he canít do but the things that he doesnít want to do he does!  He said in v. 23 that sin is warring in his flesh. He knew that only through the Spirit can the flesh be controlled (v. 25). We as Godís remnant have to meditate and speak scriptures into our lives to clean us up, especially scriptures from Paulís epistles.

     When He said in # 4 that we feed and lay down, He means that we need to minister to others and then rest in Him. In regards to #5 His remnant doesnít give place to the spirit of fear.  We need the Holy Spirit to develop these characteristics in us in order to be part of His end time army.

     The Lord also said in Zephaniah 3 v. 15, that He has cast aside the enemies of His remnant. In v. 17 he says that He is mighty in the midst of us, that He will rejoice over us with joy and singing. In v. 19 He says that He will wipe away any shame in our lives, especially from our enemies and that He will get praise for how He delivers us from their plans and schemes. He also said that He will make us a name and praise among all the people of the earth. These are tremendous promises for us but not everybody wants to pay the price to be part of His remnant. He says that He will bring the third part through the fire (Zechariah 13 v.9). He has to bring His remnant through the fire to burn any impurities out of their lives

     There is no room for religion in His remnant. They have to be ready to be radical for Him and not tied into some manís ritual. They canít lift up man and God at the same time. The spirit of Antichrist is moving in religious circles and trying to get people ready for the Antichrist by getting them to worship a man. They feel that if the Pastor approves of them that they are right with God. They got their eyes off the ďBossĒ and on to one of His workers. We need to respect Pastors and other ministers but still focus on Jesus and His authority which supersedes any other authority. Some people just feel so comfortable following a man or woman and letting them make decisions for them. This is slavery in its highest form!

     So, we as His remnant must mediate on Him and His word and not follow crowds. We need to spend more time in His presence. One of the plans of the enemy in this last time is to have counterfeit revivals where people run to a man when God wants them to be alone with Him so He can give them His plan for their lives. The Devil wants people to run in this last time looking for miracles, signs and wonders which are not from God. If you want to be part of His remnant, be separate unto Him when He is calling you. The enemy loves to interfere with your quiet time with Jesus and have you running to a revival that is not of Him.

        One of the reasons that God wants me to talk about His remnant is that this is the last of the last times and He wants to wake up His children that He is soon to come back and that the Tribulation is awaiting them if they miss the Rapture. It is a serious time.

         In the book of Joel God talks some more about His remnant in Chapter 2: In v. 1 He says that He sounds an alarm that the Day of the Lord or His wrath has arrived. People who are part of His remnant should be feeling an urgency in their spirit that God is ready to pour out His wrath on His children who are lukewarm and inactive for Him. This is a last warning, as the time is so short. God said in v. 1 that all the people in the land that are not part of His remnant should tremble. He said in v. 3 that a fire devours before His remnant. This is serious!

     His remnant should be feeling some of His wrath, an uncomfortable feeling in their spirit, in order to warn others. You may be feeling an uneasiness in your spirit and it doesnít mean that you are doing something wrong, it means that He is stirring you up to let you know the urgency of the hour. You will feel this uneasiness leave when you minister to the person or persons that He puts in your path. This uneasiness feels terrible because it represents a side of Jesus that we may never have seen before and that is His wrath!

     In v. 5 He says that His remnant will make a noise like a flame of devouring fire and that they are a strong people in battle array. You have to be willing to possibly fight the spirit of Antichrist to rescue some off Godís people from his clutches. He said in v. 6 that people will be afraid when they see His remnant. In v. 7 he said that they shall run like mighty men, climb a wall like men of war, each one will walk in their purpose and not break their ranks. His remnant are a people that  know their purpose, by spending time with Him and not running to every revival that might be of Him. They will know order and follow the General (Jesus) explicitly. He said in v. 8 that that Heíll protect their bodies from harm. In v. 10 He said that the earth shall quake before them and the heavens shall tremble! He said in v. 11 that He will utter His voice in the midst of His army. Heíll be the one giving the directions, not some denomination that thinks they are the only ones who will be saved.

      He said in v. 12-17 that we should do certain things right now as His remnant:

1.)    Fast and weep before Him for His children that are following man and other gods. Pray for His children to repent.

2.)    Tell His people to repent and turn from their ways and that He will pardon.

3.)    Sanctify a fast, come together and pray as a remnant.


Two nights ago I saw myself in a dream with a group of people and we held hands together and we were like a chain. We were lying on our faces before Jesus. We were down by the ocean and all of a sudden a beast came up out of the sea and it was really angry at us, but couldnít stop us. This beast looked like a man. This is backed up in the word by the beast that comes out of the sea rising up in Revelation 13 v. 1 having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. In the dream this beast was getting bigger and bigger as it arose out of the sea. Time is critical!

    Please pray about my message. If you are part of His remnant be encouraged that whatever you may be going through others in the remnant are feeling the same way ( 1 Peter 5 v. 9). You are not alone! You are just feeling some of the fear and anguish that His people are feeling who reject what He is saying in these last days. You are just being prepared to give them a picture of what the Tribulation holds for them. (Please read my message ďTribulation PreviewĒ on my website). 

    If you are not part of His remnant and are doing your own thing but you genuinely love Him there is still hope for you: repent and follow Him wholly, submitting your flesh over to Him and make your number one prayer to be to conform to the image of Jesus. (Romans 8 v. 29). 


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