All Alone? #2

To continue from the previous message on "All Alone" I want to show that right before a promotion there is a time where Godís wants you to be alone with Him. Sometimes when God is arranging for you to be all alone with Him it may feel like a prison, but it is just God wanting to make sure that you are in a right position to be promoted! He doesnít want you to miss it this time. In Daniel Chapter 6, the word says that the enemies of Daniel tricked the king into signing a decree that nobody in the kingdom could pray to anybody but him. When Daniel heard this He opened his windows to make sure people heard him and prayed three times a day. Nobody was going to stop him from praying to his God. This is the attitude that we need to have: donít compromise with the things of God even if you are all alone! They put Daniel into the lionís den and figured that this would be the end of Daniel. On the contrary, this was just the beginning as God was arranging a promotion for Daniel. You may feel that you are in a perilous situation but this could be God maneuvering you into a promotion or new level in Him. Just know that He controls everything and everybody (Colossians 1 v. 16, 17). The king was upset that the enemies of Daniel tricked him into signing the decree and was hoping that Danielís God would deliver him from the lions den. This is just what happened as God shut the lions mouths and Daniel had no harm. The king threw the enemies of Daniel in and they were eaten before they hit the ground. I am sure that Daniel felt all alone in disobeying the kingís decree and being placed into the lionís den but this is just where God wanted him to be, totally dependent on his God. God got the glory out of the whole event and the word says that Daniel prospered in the kingdom (v. 26-28).

In 1 Samuel Chapter 17, the word describes a situation where all of Israel was being threatened by the Philistines led by a giant by the name of Goliath. Everybody in Israel including Saul who was the leader and tallest man in Israel were afraid at what Goliath was saying (v. 24). David was the only one who was not afraid. As a matter of fact all he wanted to know was what would be given to the man who killed Goliath (v. 26). Davidís brothers mocked him (v. 28) but this didnít stop him. The closer that you get to your breakthrough look for the possibility of Satan using the person closest to you to hinder your breakthrough! Even Saul tried to talk David out of going against the giant (v.33). Isnít it funny that people who are afraid of stepping out in faith want to stop you from doing so? Recognize that they might have an ulterior motive in trying to convince you not to do something that God is asking you to do. David knew that when he was alone, just he and God on two situations God won for him: one where a lion attacked the sheep and one where a bear attacked. Isnít it amazing how many so called Shepherds (Pastors) donít defend the sheep from Satan and tell them what they need to hear but only what they themselves want them to hear. So many Pastors preach the peopleís sins and their past to hold onto and control them. They just preach condemnation, not deliverance from their past. They never show them a way out from the fleshly weaknesses because they might rise up in the anointing and favor of God and leave (along with their tithes) starting a work for God. Slavery is not dead. It is still alive and flourishing in a lot of churches. Jezebel a controlling spirit, is more active inside church that in the world. Jezebel is just like a shark in water seeking to devour but it canít do anything outside the water. Jezebel is more active in the church because it already has so many sinners in her grip in the world. It is looking for more "converts" and where better than a church that is "unguarded" by the Pastor. In going back to David: he knew that all he needed was God and no help from man in this situation. God had delivered him before when no one was around and now he knew again that He wouldnít let him down. In v. 45 and 46 please notice how many times David says I Ė I come against you, I will smite thee, and I will give the carcasses of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air. There was nobody with him but God. Again, maybe that is the way you feel right now. Donít expect any help from man right now, for God wants to prove Himself mighty on your behalf! In v. 48-54 it is all about what "David" did, not anybody else. As a result, David is the one who became king. He had a heart to help the people and be willing to go alone with God.

In 1 Samuel 14, Jonathan who was very close to David, was in a situation where there were only two swords in Israel and the Philistines had them surrounded. He took one of the swords and his armor bearer took the other one and they went towards the enemy. He told his armor bearer that the Lord would deliver them into their hands (v. 10). He knew that even with only one sword, as long as God was with him that he was in the majority. Jonathan and his armor bearer killed twenty of the enemy initially and then they all killed each other (v. 14, 20) Do you see what God can do with one person?

In Judges Chapter 6, Gideon was hiding out from the Midianites and was all by himself. In this time of being all alone, God appeared to him, called him a mighty man of valor (even though he was hiding) and said that He would defeat the enemy with only Gideon (v. 16).Later on, God proved this by cutting down Gideonís troops from 32,000 to 300. He also let Gideon hear the fear of the enemy where one of them had a dream where he describes how the sword of the Lord and the sword of Gideon would destroy them (Judges 7 v.13, 14).This proved that all Gideon needed was God. They surrounded the enemy and broke the pitchers of light (v. 20) and shouted "the sword of the Lord and the sword of Gideon." The dream that the enemy soldier had probably spread throughout the camp and fear towards Gideon and his God developed. You see the enemy is so afraid of one person standing alone with God. God gets the most glory in these situations. The enemy had about 300,000 men but God did all the work. The enemy all killed each other (v. 22). God wrought a great victory through one man who stood alone with Him. Maybe you feel that the enemy has you surrounded and you feel outnumbered. Just remember when you stand with God, not only will He stand with you but your enemies are the ones being surrounded, by God. They are in a trap, not you.