All Alone?

In this message I want to talk about how being alone at times can be a blessing that you donít want to miss. In John 6 v. 15 after Jesus had multiplied the loaves and the fishes to feed thousands the word says that He went to be alone with His Father! Instead of staying around as people would have heaped accolades on Him for His miracle, He felt the call of His Father wanting to spend time with Him. In v. 17 Ė 19 we can see why He had to get alone with His Father. He entered into a ship with His apostles and a great storm arose. He spoke to the storm and there was a calm. This was a direct fulfillment of a prophecy given in the book of Psalms Chapter 107 v. 25 and 29. In v. 25 the word says that God would raise up a storm and in v. 29 the word says that He would calm the same storm down. So after Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes and went directly into the presence of His Father, He did it for the following reason: The Father wanted Jesus to reveal to His apostles who He really was-God manifest in the flesh. This was one of the greatest demonstrations of the Deity of Jesus by Him raising up the storm and calming it down.

In Genesis 12 v. 1 God called Abraham to leave his country and follow Him to where he had never been before. In Chapter 13 v. 14 only when Lot his nephew left him and he was all alone did God show him the land that he had for him. Some people may be blocking the blessings that God wants to bring into your life. If you are a single lady and dating the wrong man it is very difficult for the right man to approach you when you are arm and arm with the one you are with. In Romans 4 v. 20, 21 the word says that Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God and was fully persuaded that what He had promised, He was able also to perform. Abrahamís biggest test was recorded in Genesis 22: He was told by God to offer up his own son Isaac, to whom the promises were made. He was all alone with his son, nobody else around. As a result of being alone with God He gave him a ram caught in the bush and He showed a vision of Jesus dying for us. The LORD Jireh means the LORD shows in the mount (v. 14). We have been taught that LORD Jireh means that God provides, which He does, but this is not what He the word says. God showed Abraham His Son being sacrificed for us. Jesus said in John 8 v. 58 that "Abraham rejoiced to see my day and did see." This experience on Mt. Moriah is when Abraham saw the crucifixion. Because Abraham was willing to kill his only son, God showed him that was going to sacrifice His own Son for mankind! Another thing that happened because Abraham was alone on this mountain with God was that God said in v. 17 and 18 that He would define blessing and define multiplication by the way He was going to bless and multiply Abraham. Nobody had seen how He was going to bless and multiply Abraham for his obedience. It had never been done to anybody up to that point. He also said that in his seed all the nations of the earth would be blessed. This all happened because he was ready to stand alone with God on Mt. Moriah and sacrifice his son of promise. It wasnít easy for Abraham to do this as people probably thought that he was crazy, including his wife Sarah. He was willing to obey and stand alone with God in what He asked him to do. Wow!

In Genesis 28 the word talks about Jacob running from his brother Esau after tricking him out of his firstborn blessing and birthright. He was alone with God at Bethel and saw a vision of a ladder coming down from heaven onto the earth and angels ascending and descending on this ladder (v.12). Later on, Jesus said in John 1 v. 51 that Nathanael would see angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man. In reality when Jacob saw this ladder it was a direct prophecy of Jesus being our connection to heaven! God showed this to him because he was all alone. Later as recorded in Genesis 32, Jacob was running afraid because his brother Esau was coming towards him. He was at Bethel again and was all alone. It was here that night that he wrestled with God and found favor. His name was changed to Israel because he was a prince and had power with God (v. 28).. In Godís presence and being alone with Him, God can change the meaning of your name (please see my message on "Renewed Name." on my website under "Messages."). Where your name was associated with poverty or sickness, God can do a miracle and bless you and heal you right now, Jesus Name. Receive it now! He can change the meaning of your name in one encounter of being alone with Him in His presence. Jacob did get the miracle that he needed when Esau came and was very hospitable to him.

In Exodus Chapter 3 where Moses was running away from the Egyptians and hiding in the backside of the desert he found himself alone with God. It was here that God showed him a bush that was burning and not being consumed (v. 2). He also told him that He heard the cries of His people that were in bondage and was now coming down to deliver His people into a new good and large land flowing with milk and honey. In his being alone with God He revealed one of the greatest revelations; in v. 14 God said that he was "I Am that I Am." He was telling Moses and also telling us that in His presence and being alone with Him He can be anything that we need Him to be! Wow! He can be your Doctor, Lawyer, Counselor, Comforter, Warrior, Defender, Rock, Fortress ,Deliverer, your Strong Tower, your Buckler, your Horn of Salvation, again, anything that you need Him to be in the situation you are facing today! Just get alone with Him and donít be concerned about rejection from others and persecutions. All these things came against you to encourage you to come into His presence. You may feel that you are surrounded by the enemy but remember Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20: how God won a great victory for him, even though he was outnumbered and felt all alone.

Being alone with God means that He can prepare you for you next level and promotion by sharpening you and taking things out of your life that are not pleasing to Him. Remember your number one prayer should be to conform to the image of Jesus (Romans 8 v. 29).You are alone with him because He cares for you and wants to promote you, not because you are doing wrong. In John 15 Jesus says that He purges His people so they can bring forth more fruit. You are not being punished, you are being promoted. In the next message I want to talk about how being alone in His presence leads to promotion. Praise Him!