This season is also a season of the Father positioning and repositioning His people. The Father is drawing us into His presence in a greater way for at least three purposes:

       1) To know who we really are in Him.
       2) To know who He really is, in all His majesty.
       3) To know our real purpose.

So many of us have based what we are doing for the Body of Christ on what somebody else said. We may have gotten a prophetic word from a Prophet or some other minister or saint. Some have based their whole lives on a ďWord from the Lord,Ē which wasnít from the Lord. They never went into Godís presence and/or His word to confirm somebodyís ďThus saith the Lord.Ē This is why God is drawing us closer i.e. for us to make sure of our calling, our purpose. Sometimes God has to reposition us to make the places that got crooked to be straight! Also, God is starting to position us where He wants us to be, where He chose us to be before the foundation of the world. If you are seeking God to be what He wants you to be, you will feel His hand gently turning you spiritually. This turning will be reflected in the natural too. You are finding or will find that God is closing doors that you thought that He opened and felt very comfortable in. He is maneuvering you to place you where you will be the most effective. It may not be the place that you thought that He would move you. Letís look at some of the examples in the word concerning Godís positioning and repositioning. In Luke 1 v. 26, the word records that the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and announced to her that the Son of God would be conceived in her womb. She went to her cousin Elizabethís house where it is recorded in v. 46-49 that the Holy Spirit overshadowed her, just as the angel said. The Holy Spirit could not cause this conception to take place where she lived. He didnít want Joseph near her, when this happened. She had to be repositioned. Her life was never the same after that day. Nor will yours be if you allow God to have His way, even if you donít understand what He is doing. Mary couldnít understand how it could happen but said in v. 38- ďBehold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy word.Ē Just flow with the Holy Spirit and let Him have His way! In Genesis 26, Isaac started to dig up the wells of water that his father Abraham had previously dug and each time that he did, the Philistines would fight him and stop up with dirt what he dug. This may be the way you feel right now. Every step that you take is met with an adversary. In v. 22, the Bible records that he moved someplace else and the Philistines could not fight him over the wells. He dug up a new one and called it Rehoboth, which means room. God made room for him and He is doing the same for you. Even his enemies came to him and wanted to surrender and make a covenant with him (v. 26-30). He was repositioned and so are you. The pressure of the enemy caused the repositioning of Isaac by God. God is allowing the pressure in your life to position or maneuver you to your purpose or destiny. Allow Him to have His way. He is causing you and I to look beyond our comfort zone and our familiar territory. He may position you to where you never imagined you would be. 

In the book of Acts 14 v. 19, the word said that at Lystra, people from Antioch and Iconium stoned Paul and left him for dead. After this beating Paul did an amazing thing i.e. he returned to Lystra, where he was beaten (v. 21). He preached that they ďmust continue in the faith and that through much tribulation enter the kingdom of GodĒ(v.21). He was qualified to preach this because he just returned to the people that wanted to kill him. O what courage! God repositioned Paul right back where his enemy didnít want him to be. As a result of this repositioning, he was able to ordain elders in every church. God caught the enemy by surprise, by sending Paul back to a place where the enemy thought he won a victory. God could send you back to an area where you seemed to have been defeated and win back the territory, by catching the enemy by surprise. Be open to his moving! Just as the Israelites followed the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night, so must we follow Godís leading, even when it doesnít make sense.

In 1 Kings 19 after Elijah had run away from Jezebel he was hiding in a cave. He positioned himself. God repositioned him right back to where Jezebel was, right where his flesh didnít want to go (v. 15). God could do the same with you and I. God may reposition you to confront some of your fears and deliver you once and all!

In Acts 9, Paul just got saved but got ahead of God and got himself in a situation where the enemies wanted to kill him at Damascus. God rescued him. He then went to Jerusalem and there the Jews wanted to kill him also. He had such a zeal for God but needed more wisdom, not knowing the timing of God. Finally they repositioned Paul back to where he came from, Tarsus. The bible says in v. 31 that after this repositioning, the churches throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria finally had rest. You see God will reposition us where we need to be because we could be affecting some people in a negative way. We could be out of the will of God and causing confusion. When you are in the center of Godís will people around you will be edified, recognize and appreciate your anointing.

This positioning and repositioning by God is so very important, especially at this season, because God is making sure we are at the correct battle stations in this final war of all wars! You will see that all that you have been through has trained you for your assigned battle station. No body else can do your assignment! Everything that has happened to you in your life was permitted by God and will work for your good and His glory! Praise Him!