God’s Timing!

It is so important to understand that God doesn’t always move when we want, but after He moves we know that it was the perfect time. His timing is impeccable! You may be waiting for God to move in a situation, but He is arranging other people who He wants to get involved. He may want to touch many people’s lives by the miracle that you are waiting for Him to do. He is just arranging! One thing for sure – when God does move nobody can stop Him.

I want to talk about God’s timing in this message and show some examples from the word. In Daniel Chapter 5, Naaman who was a great military leader was also a leper. He went to see Elisha, the man of God and he told him to dip seven times in the Jordan River. He eventually did what the man of God said and got healed of his leprosy. Notice that he wasn’t healed after going down five or six times, but only on the seventh. God has His perfect timing. You may have prayed about a situation that is troubling you many times but keep it up. The next time it may change. In v. 15 Naaman offered Elisha an offering, but he refused. It wasn’t time to take an offering. Seven years later as recorded in 2 Kings Chapter 8 v. 8-10, King Hazael offered Elisha a blessing that was loaded on forty camels. This time he didn’t refuse to take the offering. Because he gave up the prior offering God gave him more. There is no way that Naaman had an offering that was carried by forty camels. Sometimes you have to give up something good to get something better. When you do give up something good God will make sure that the increased blessing will come. He has the perfect time to reward you.

In Daniel Chapter 1 Daniel and the three Hebrew children refused to eat the king’s meat and drink his wine (v.8). They wanted to eat vegetables for ten days and at the end of ten days their wisdom was ten times as great as all the magicians and astrologers. Also, God gave Daniel understanding in all visions and dreams (v. 17). Every day they said no to the king their wisdom increased. Every day you say no to Satan God’s favor on your life increases. This was perfect timing for Daniel and the three Hebrew children to make this stand: in Chapter 2 the king had a dream and nobody could tell the dream and the interpretation. The king threatened to kill all the wise men, including Daniel and the three Hebrew children. Daniel told the king to give him one more night and he and the three Hebrew children prayed. God answered and gave him the dream and the interpretation. Their lives were saved and the king gave Daniel many great gifts and promoted the Hebrew children (v. 48-49). Again, do you see the timing of God to put on Daniel’s heart not to eat the king’s meat and drink his wine? As a result of Daniel’s obedience, God gave him the understanding of the dream and actually the dream itself. By responding to God’s command in His timing He saved his and the others lives!

In Daniel Chapter 10, Daniel was fasting for twenty one days and on the twenty fourth day an angel appeared to Daniel and showed him a vision. You see God had it all timed out! The vision didn’t come on the twenty second day. It came on the time and day appointed by God. Daniel obeyed God’s prompting to fast and as a result, he fit right into God’s timing.

In Acts Chapter 9 the word records that Saul (Paul) was on his way to Damascus with an edict from the high priests to kill Christians. Around Noon God knocked him off his horse and blinded him. He went to a place called Straight where Ananias laid hands on him and he got saved and received his sight. I am sure that many Christians were praying for God to stop Paul and save him but to no avail. But when God was ready to move (noon on that particular day) He moved and let Paul know who was boss. Paul knew that when he came against Christians he was coming against God. Jesus revealed to him that He was God (v.5). You may have been praying for a long period of time for someone to get saved and get knocked off his/her horse. God will move when the time is right! One thing is for sure, He will move!

In regards to the LORD'S feasts (Lev 23) these are times that God has reserved for special blessings. Please see my book "Seasons" for more information on His feasts. You can purchase "Seasons" by going to the first page of my website and clicking on "click here to order your copy today" right below the image of the book.

Here is a chart to help you in remembering the seasons of God and a brief summary of the things that God is trying to accomplish in our lives during the particular season: Please look up the Jewish calendar on the internet to ascertain the exact dates of the feasts (www.hebcal.com is a good site).



1.) Nissan 1 – Biblical New Year – Mar-Apr
2.) Nissan 14 – Passover – Mar-Apr
3.) Nissan 15 – 21 – Unleavened Bread – Mar-Apr
4.) Nissan 17-Sivan 6 – Firstfruits Mar-May
5.) Sivan 6 – Pentecost May-June
6.) Elul 1 – Tishri 10 – Teshuvah Aug. – Oct.
7.) Tishri 1, 2 – Rosh HaShannah – Civil New Year Sept. – Oct.
8.) Tishri 10 – Yon Kippur (Day of Atonement) Sept. – Oct.
9.) Tishri 15 – 21 – Tabernacles Sept. – Oct.
10.) Kislev 25 – Tevet 2 – Hanukkah Dec. – Jan.
11.) Adar 14, 15 – Purim Feb. – Mar
12.) Weekly Time of Blessings – Sabbath & Sunday Weekly


 1.) This season starts new beginnings, new opportunities, positioning and restoration.

 2.) Time of dying to oneself and for God to kill sinful habits, with our cooperation. It is also a time of restoration, purification, deliverance and resurrection to new levels. Deliverance for whole families is available at this time.

 3.) God wants to purify us by removing sinful habits and hurtful situations in our lives once and for all.

 4.) God wants to continue dealing with us about things in our lives, giving us more time to cooperate with Him. This season is in some ways a continuation of Unleavened Bread. Prepares us for promotion on Pentecost.

 5.) New empowerment, positioning, divine encounters for marriage and promotion.

 6.) Call to repentance, self examination and conforming to the image of Jesus.

 7.) Another time to receive a new beginning. The Rapture will take place on this feast, sometime in the future. This feast warns us to be ready for it.

8.) Great Tribulation will start and end on this feast day in future. The arrival of this season warns people to get saved in order to avoid the Great Tribulation. More of God’s judgment is released on this day, prior to the Great Tribulation. Make sure that you are in proper relationship with Jesus, by spending more time in His presence. This will help you to avoid His judgment.

9.) Anointing by God for some to change locations and a time of release to new assignments and new direction.

10.)Time of rededication to Jesus and a time of never expected miracles. This is also the time when the Temple in Jerusalem will be cleansed, after the Tribulation.

11.)Time of deliverance, especially of whole families, also shows importance of teamwork, preparation, timing and positioning.

12.)Weekly time of turning situations that occurred during the week over to Jesus on the last day of the week or the Sabbath and receiving His power injection on the first day of the week or Sunday. This is a time when Jesus can inject His power into the situations that you turn over to Him. Time of restoration, restitution, healing, deliverance and promotion.


         Remember God’s timing is impeccable, strive to enter into it!