Behold! Here it is! (#2)

No matter how long that you are waiting for your breakthrough, the blessing that you are expecting could come at any time. In Judges Chapter 3 it seems every time that the children of Israel would turn away from God their enemies would defeat them and take them into captivity. They would eventually turn back to God, repent and cry out for mercy and help. When they did this God would send a deliverer. In v. 15 the word records that God raised up a man named Ehud a man who was left-handed. He went in before the king of the enemy and said that he had a present from the Lord for him. When the king’s men checked him out they only checked his left leg for any concealed weapon, since he was left-handed. He had a dagger attached to his right leg. When Ehud was with the king in his private chambers he pulled out the dagger and stabbed him and left and locked the door. The king’s men thought that the king wanted to be by himself and did not disturb him. This gave Ehud time to escape. One day the children of Israel were in captivity and suddenly they are free. Do you see how suddenly God gave them a breakthrough after they cried out to Him? He could do the same thing for you today; just cry out in Jesus name. In Joshua Chapter 6, Joshua and the children of Israel were facing Jericho which seemed so formidable. They were told by God to go around Jericho once a day for six days and seven times on the seventh day for a total of thirteen times. You see the number thirteen is a blessed number. It means deliverance from the Jericho that you may be facing. On the thirteenth time God had angels push down Jericho right into the ground flat. The Israelites did not have to walk and step over the walls. They walked like they would on level ground. One day Jericho seemed so big and one week later it is gone. It happened so suddenly!

In the book of Acts Chapter 27 Paul was on a ship heading to Rome when a bad storm arose. They had to throw almost everything overboard including the wheat, just to survive the storm. They finally made it safe to land as they just "fell" into a place of safety on land. God guided them during the storm to a place of safety. One second they were afraid for their lives and then suddenly they safely landed on Melita! No matter what storm you may be going through right now, it could be over so suddenly! Also, in Acts Chapter 28 v. 30, 31, after being a prisoner on a ship that almost sank, Paul is suddenly free living in his own rented place! Wow! It happened so suddenly!

In 2 Chronicles 15 v. 9 the word says that a million men came against Asa king of Judah and Benjamin. Asa cried out to the LORD as recorded in v. 11; he knew that God didn’t need many men to win the victory and God suddenly won a great victory for them (v.12). It doesn’t matter how many are coming against you, if God is on your side He could suddenly give you a victory that your enemy never anticipated.

In Daniel Chapter 1, Daniel and the three Hebrew children purposed that they would not defile themselves by drinking the king’s wine and eating the king’s meat. The word says in v. 15 that after ten days they had 10 times more wisdom than others in the kingdom (v.20). This wisdom and anointing that God gave them was so much needed when the king had a dream and needed an interpretation. In Chapter 2 v 12 the word records that the king was going to kill all the wise men which included Daniel and the three Hebrew children, if nobody interpreted his dream. God gave Daniel the dream and the interpretation right in the "nick" of time. Their stand against the king’s meat and wine saved their lives as God suddenly gave Daniel the interpretation (v. 29 – 45). Incidentally, we know the three Hebrew children by their Babylonian name but their real names were godly and their Babylonian names were pagan in origin:

Hanan-Yah- (Yah is gracious) changed to Shadrach (inspiration of the Sun)

Misha-El - (El is without equal)          "       Meshach ( belonging to Aku) (pagan god)

Azar-Yah - (Yah is my helper)            "      Abednego (servant of Nego) (pagan god)

Every blessing God gives you just adds to your name, gives new meaning to your name. When people say your name they think about all God’s blessings in you life. (See my messages on "A Renewed Name#1, 2, 3.") God can suddenly add new meaning to your name when you make your number one prayer to be for God to change you into the image of Jesus.

If you let Him conquer your flesh (Romans 8 v. 13) and conform you into the image of Jesus there is no telling what blessings He can suddenly add to your name.

Again, no matter how long you have been waiting for your miracle, He could move suddenly today and you could say "Behold, Here it is." "It suddenly manifested in the natural!"