Behold! Here it is!

So many of us have been wondering when the miracle is going to come, when am I going to get my breakthrough? God put on my heart to tell you that the time is now! The miracle that you need is right in front of you! In Genesis Chapter 21, Hagar was told by Abraham to leave where she was with her son Ishmael. God had ordered this separation for Isaacís sake as he was the child of the promise. Isaac is the father of the Jewish race while Ishmael is the father of the Arab race. There had to be a separation and there still is, until God can restore. Hagar left and her water ran out and she sat down at a tree and put her son by another tree so she wouldnít see him die. All of a sudden an angel appeared and God opened her eyes and she saw water right in front of her (v.19).Your blessing could be right in front of you. You could be on a job where everyone is against you and want to see you fired. You have been praying for God to get you a new job but He doesnít seem to be answering. Maybe He is trying to tell you that He wants to bless you right in the midst of your enemies. He wants to raise you up higher on your job, promote you and make all your enemies work for you! It is possible because if God be for you who can be against you? Just believe!

 Look at Daniel in Daniel Chapter 6: He was promoted over his enemies and they wanted to get rid off him. Their plan was to have the king sign a decree that anybody who worshiped anybody else but the king should be cast into a den of lions (v. 7). The king signed the decree but Daniel opened his window and prayed to his God three times a day and he didnít care who heard him. He was eventually put into the lions den but God gave him a miracle right in the lions den, right in the midst of his greatest need! His miracle was right in front of him. It didnít matter what the devil had planned: God shut the lions mouths and He got the glory (v.25). His enemies were thrown into the lions den and they were devoured before they hit the ground. (v. 24) God knows how to bring onto your enemies what they want to happen to you. Daniel also got more favor in the kingdom (v.29). You see your miracle is right in the midst of what the devil is doing in you life. When you know that the devil works for God, since everything and everyone was created by Jesus and for Jesus (Col. 1 v.16), you can see the devil for who he truly is. He is a created being who reports to the same Boss that you and I report to. Satan is just a messenger from God. The area that he is attacking is the same area that God wants to bless (provided you are serving Jesus with all your heart). When you know this truth you can rejoice if the enemy is attacking a certain area of your life. That area is the area that God is moving on to bless. For example, if your son is not saved and your relationship with him gets worst, God could be signaling you that he is moving on your son to get saved. The devil feels the extra anointing around your son and is worried. If Satan is moving against your son all Satan is doing is announcing to you that God is ready to move on your son. Praise Jesus!

 In Exodus Chapter 14, the Israelites were led by God out of Egypt but were facing mountains at either side of them, the Egyptians coming behind them and the Red Sea in front of them. To them the Red Sea looked like an obstacle. But in Godís eyes the miracle was right in front of them. He was going to deliver them from their enemies once and for all, bring them out of Egypt for good and bring them into their promised land. The Red Sea was a blessing that brought God more glory when He opened it. God told them that the miracle was right in front of them by saying that they needed to stand still and see their salvation (v.13).

 In Joshua Chapter 6, Joshua and the Israelites had come to what seemed to be an obstacle and that was Jericho. Jericho was very formidable in the natural!(v.1) God told them that their miracle was right in front of them when He told them that He had given them Jericho by telling them to open their eyes (v. 2). The key to the conquest of their promise land was Jericho, because when God destroyed it all their enemies heard about it and were afraid. The "Jericho" that you are facing today is just a stepping stone for you to get into your new level! God is right inside of you and therefore your blessing is right in front of you. Just praise and worship God as your God will do wonders for you. The "Jericho" you are facing was put there by God to develop your faith and for Him to show forth His power in your life to your enemies. He then gets all the glory! They were told by God to go around Jericho once a day for six days and seven times on the seventh day. This was a total of thirteen times! Thirteen is not an unlucky number but a blessed number as it signifies your deliverance!

Just know today that the situation that you are facing in the natural is really the table that God wants to prepare for you, right in the midst of your enemies. Just see through your spiritual eyes, the eyes of faith! Just shout and praise God as the attack will work out for your good and bring you closer to Him!