Going to the Next Level?

I want to discuss going to the next level in God, what it entails and the biggest obstacles to getting there. In 2 Kings Chapter 2 there is a picture of Elisha going to a new level and the obstacles that he had to face. In v. 1 the word says that Elijah and Elisha left Gilgal. Gilgal was the place where the Israelites were circumcised and for us it is a type of our new birth. In v. 2 Elijah said that he had to go to Bethel which is a type of us going to church after getting saved and he told Elisha to stay. Elisha refused to leave his presence. This is the same attitude that we need to have in going to a new level-strive to spend time in the presence of Jesus. When they got to Bethel the sons of the prophets were there and telling Elisha that God was going to take his master Elijah away. Elijah recognized the attack and told them to keep their mouths shut. The sons of the prophets are the religious people that the devil wants to use to take your eyes off of God and put them on an individual. This is a sure way to possibly missing your new level- letting religious people influence you to lift up a man instead of God. Notice this attack happened at Bethel which means the "House of God." People think that they are safe in church and let there guard down and are gullible to anyone who prophesizes to them with a "thus says the Lord."

The next place that they went to was Jericho which is a type of persecutions and attacks. Along the walk to the new level there will be attacks by the enemy and his two-legged devils. Sure enough, the sons of the prophets were there which again are a type of the religious crowd. They again tried to get his attention on the fact that God was going to take his master Elijah away. Again, Elisha recognized the attack and told them to "shut up." Donít just let anybody speak into your life and advise you. Sometimes when you know the enemy is using them just tell them to "shut up." In v. 6, Elijah told him to stay as he was going to Jordan which is a type of the new level or the breakthrough. He wanted to let Elisha know that it is not easy getting to a new level. Your mentors sometimes send "mixed signals" Ė they want you to go to a new level but they realize what it took them to get there. They are not sure whether you can handle it. Elisha again said that he was going to go with him and stay close to him. Again, we need to have this same attitude-stay close to Jesus as we climb the "ladder" to get to the next level. In v. 7 the word says that the sons of the prophets viewed Jordan a far off. You see "religious people" never want to be part of the move of God. They just want to look at what He does from a distance. We need to be part of the move of God and close to the action. We were saved to be part of His army, not to stay behind the lines. When you get to higher levels there are higher devils to deal with. Donít desire to go to a new level unless you want to be a warrior for Christ. On the other hand, it is dangerous to sit behind the lines. You could be an "open target." When you are in a war, you are more alert. Also, the safest place to be is where Christ is no matter how many "spiritual bullets" are flying. In v. 9 when they had arrived at the Jordan River. Elisha asked for a double portion of the anointing that Elijah had. He knew the anointing that Elijah had but he looked past the one who was anointed and got his eyes on the One who anointed him! He didnít want to be limited to Elijahís anointing. After Elijah was taken in a whirlwind up to heaven, Elisha took his mantle before it hit the ground and smote the waters of the Jordan River and they parted (v.14). As he smote the waters he shouted "where is the God of Elijah." He wasnít looking for Elijah. Again he was looking for the one who anointed his master. On the other hand, the sons of the prophets went looking for Elijah (v.16). Religious people are always looking for some man or woman to lift up and if their "idol" falls they fall.

So, be careful if you want to go to a new level. Donít let religious people or the devil get your eyes off the only One who can bring you to a new level. The spirit of antichrist is the spirit that could be moving on you to lift up somebody other than Christ. Often no body can help you as you go to a new level-only Christ. Sometimes in going to a new level you may feel uncomfortable and you think it is the devil and try to rebuke Satan and nothing happens. God is the one who is putting the pressure on you and you canít rebuke Him. He is in His "purging" process in your life and no body can stop Him. He is taking any excess spiritual baggage out of your life so you are lighter going to your new level. He is trying to deal with the root of your weaknesses and make them strengths! So hold on to Jesus during the pressure of going to a new level and keep you eyes on Him! He will not give you more than you can handle (1 Cor. 10 v. 13.) You will arrive at your new level "safe and sound."