The Greatest Time of Warfare

The greatest time of warfare during the year is around this time of year which is Passover Season! Why? Every Passover reminds the devil what Jesus accomplished by His death on Passover. Because of what Jesus did for us on Passover, we have the possibility of avoiding Hell, where Satan will be forever. Satan wants as much company as possible where he is going. To avoid Hell we just have to avail ourselves of Jesusí atoning blood and follow Him. In the word we will explore this season and how Godís angels are aligned against demons and are ministering spirits, fighting for us (Heb. 1 v. 7). On the original Passover (Nisan 14) the angel of death (possibly Satan himself) went around to kill the first born. Godís people had applied the blood of a lamb on the lintels of their door posts and were protected. God then instructed them to put their shoes on and follow Him out of Egypt (Nisan 15).This original Passover pointed to Jesus dying for us on Nisan 14. This year Nisan 14 or Passover starts on sundown of Apr. 5 and ends on sundown Apr. 6. Nisan 15, or sundown Apr. 6 starts Unleavened Bread which ends on sundown Nisan 21 or Apr. 13. Nisan 17 starts on sundown Apr. 8 and ends on sundown April 9. When women came to the tomb of Jesus (Luke 24 v. 4) they saw two angels standing where Jesus had laid. They were guarding the tomb from demons. In Acts chapter 12 Peter was in prison at the Passover season. In v. 3 the word says the time of unleavened bread which is considered the Passover season and in v. 4 the word Easter is a bad translation of the Greek word "Pasch" or Passover. They had already killed James and were about to kill Peter. Can you see then warfare around the season? Demons wanted to kill Peter but an angel of the Lord led him out ( v. 7-11). In Joshua 5 v. 11 it was Passover season and the angel of the Lord appeared to Joshua and gave him the plan to secure Jericho. You see demons were trying to hold onto Jericho but God sent His angel to help. You are not alone in this battle; God has assigned His angels to fight for you. These demonic forces are aligned against you this time of year to try to prevent you from getting to your new level which can occur on Nisan 17 which we will discuss later. Nisan 1(sundown Mar. 23) which was the beginning of the year started this period of warfare and culminates with Nisan 17(sundown Apr. 8) with the potential of a new spiritual level.

In Rev. Chapter 12 this picture of demons aligned against you especially at this time is clearly brought out: In v. 1 the woman is a type of us pregnant with our purpose and breakthrough. In v. 3 the dragon is a type of demonic force aligned against you to stop your "baby" from being delivered. In v. 16 the word says that the earth helped the woman against the dragon. God will use angels to influence people to help us. The word says in v. 17 that the dragon was wroth with the woman. Again, remember that the devil hates Passover and the fact that you are saved by the blood of the Passover Lamb so donít consider the attacks at this time of year as some strange occurrences. Some of the potential individual attacks this time of year are: Sickness, marriage strife, division, hatred, unforgiveness, depression, confusion, disobedient children, fornication, lust, lying, stress, pressure and finances. When Peter denied Jesus three times this wasnít fear that drove Peter to this as he had no fear when Jesus was arrested and cut off the ear of one of the guards. This denial was satanically induced by a Passover demon. A Passover demon put it into the heart of Judas to betray Jesus. It was Passover demons that attacked Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane but after He resisted them an angel of God came to minister to Him. (Luke 22 v. 43). These same angels are available to you during this season to strengthen you.

Please remember that Jesus was killed on Nisan 14 and rose three days later on Nisan 17. Again, Nisan 14 occurs this year at sundown April 5 and ends on sundown April 6. Nisan 17 begins on sundown April 8 and ends on sundown April 9. Believe for you new level on that date. Remember that Nisan 17 is not only the time when Jesus rose but it is also the time when Haman was hung on the gallows, the time when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, and also the time when Noahís Ark landed on Mt. Ararat. This a great time of deliverance from where you are to a new level on Nisan 17 The most important thing and without doing it will negate your new level is to have your number one prayer for you to be conformed to the image of Jesus (Romans 8 v. 29). You have to turn you fleshly deeds over to the Holy Spirit (Romans 8 v. 13) for Him to mortify them. Your greatest enemy is your flesh and you flesh is the only connection the devil has to try to influence you to sin. (Romans 7 v.14- 25)

As I mentioned earlier, this year Nisan 14 or Passover starts on sundown of Apr. 5 and ends on sundown Apr. 6. Nisan 15, or sundown Apr. 6 starts Unleavened Bread which ends on sundown Nisan 21(sundown April 13). Nisan 17 starts on sundown Apr. 8 and ends on sundown April 9. Allow God to continue to mortify the deeds of the flesh, hold on to Jesus in the attacks that will come your way during this time and receive your new level on Nisan 17.