Don't tolerate the spirit of Jezebel!

In this message I want to talk about this spirit and the anointing it takes to defeat it through the Blood of Jesus. She married Ahab who served Baal and she served the goddess Ashtoreth. Here are some of her characteristics: Insecurity, rejection, pride, arrogance, manipulation and control. Some other characteristics of this spirit are:

1.) Ahab and Jezebel lived in Jezreel, which means a place of "revelation." They both conspired to take Nabothís field in Jezreel." This spirit wants to prevent you from receiving Godís revelations. This is why she wants to attack true "Prophets" and keep them from your life. This spirit is also a master manipulator as she attacks spiritual authority, using flattering words to seduce. She is not a demon but a principality that releases a spirit of controlling manipulation as she sends messengers of fear to people.

2.) She is like a shark that is looking for blood. She looks for controllable disciples who are rebellious, weak or wounded. She draws her strength from controlling disciples. Jezebel had 850 false prophets around her table.

3.) She wants to pull people away who can help the potential "victim." She wants to isolate that person.

4.) She probes souls looking for weaknesses. If she asks "how are you doing?" she is only fishing for information to use. She will probe looking for emotional hurts. Some potential doors of entry could be emotional hurts or wounds. She is trying to get at your spirit through your soul (mind, will and emotions). She is trying to paint a negative picture of you natural circumstances and to magnify them in your eyes. She does this to help separate oneís faith in Godís words by these messages of fear.

5.) Attaches herself to leadership.

6.) Creates soul ties to have that person dependent on her. She can use personal prophecies that sound from the Lord at first but usual her prophecies are filled with fear and control. She prophesizes that the person needs her in their life to "survive." She also tries to lift people up in pride through her "prophecies." She wants to deliver these prophecies in private away from any true authority who can "judge her prophecies."

7.) This spirit uses sorcery which is the release of witchcraft by words. Her messengers- she sends messengers that usually have a guard with that messenger. She wants to send messages by two-the messenger and the guard. This happened to Elijah after he had such a great victory at Mt. Carmel when the Lord brought fire down from heaven in front of all Israel and the 450 false prophets of Baal (I Kings Chapter 18). In Chapter 19 v. 1-3, Jezebel sent messengers to Elijah to put fear in him and he ran for his life. This is how powerful she is. Elijah was afraid as she already killed many of the Lordís prophets.

8.) This spirit hates when she canít get her way and you say "no" to her influence. She may even shed some "crocodile tears" to get her control or even flattery.

9.) She likes to transfer discouragement, fear, strife, etc. by her messengers. She wants to have these spirits "jump" on you. She likes to also transfer these spirits by "hugging." She also wants to "steal" blessings after someone prayed for you by this same "hugging." Even though you cover your self with the blood of Jesus, you need to be careful who you hug especially if you have "open doors" in your life.

Some of the effects of the spirit of Jezebel are:

1.) Fear- In 1 Kings 19:3 after Elijah had killed the 850 false prophets Jezebel sends messengers to tell him that she was going to kill him. He then runs for his life. This was a spirit of fear that jumped on him. Fear is a spirit and it only has power over you if you tolerate it. Don't be anxious and afraid of approaching a person with this spirit operating in their lives. It is always better to go to a person in authority to deal with this person. If you are in authority this spirit of Jezebel wants to be a friend to you or get to you through others. Jezebel was rejected by her father and controlled by her mother. Her main purpose is to control.

2.) Isolation- In 1 Kings 19:3 the word says that Elijah left his trusted" servant  and went to be alone. Solitude is wanting to be alone with Yahweh while isolation is just wanting to be alone with yourself.

3.) Exhaustion- 1 Kings 19:5,6 Elijah sat down under a tree and slept. an angel woke him up and gave him some food and he went back to sleep as he was exhausted. Jezebel wants to give you sleepless nights. Don't tolerate it.

4.) Depression- in v. 4 he prayed that he would die. Jezebel wants to bring thoughts of suicide.

5.) Thoughts of quitting- Press on to the mark of the prize of the high calling in Yahshua! (Phil. 3:13-14).

6.) Sexual impure thoughts- Rev. 2:20-23. They may seem to come out of "left field."

7.) Strong and prolonged sickness- The five sense of smell, feel, taste, sight and hearing are connected spiritually. for instance if you are having a problem physically in you sinuses, it could be that you are spiritually infected. Don't tolerate this spirit and recognize that you are under spiritual attack and it is being manifested in the natural in your sinuses.

8.) Bizarre and maybe near tragic accidents- the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

                           Repent of tolerating this spirit of Jezebel and don't tolerate it again.


Gods of Jezebel

As we mentioned earlier, Ahab was a Baal worshipper. Other titles of Baal include" lord of the city", "lord of the earth." She worshipped Moloch who is connected with abortion. Jezebelís father (Ethbaal), besides being a Baal worshipper, was a high priest of Ashtoreth who is connected to "good fortune" Another name for Ashtoreth is Aphrodite or the "goddess of sex." Other titles that she has are-"queen of heaven and the bride of heaven" Ashtoreth was said to be married to Dagon who has the title of "mother earth." So, as you can see, Jezebel has a group of spirits connected to her.


Spirit of Ahab

Ahab is a "provoker" as he provoked the Lord more than any other king in Israel (1 Kings 16 v. 33). You will find this spirit around some people who "nick pick" and are always contentious. They just want to argue about any little detail. He always brings a "storm" into the room. Ahab is not always weak. He was a king and a warrior. He has the same destructive desires a Jezebel but he uses Jezebelís seducing, warring abilities to advance his own selfish purposes.(1 Kings 21 v. 4) He has a coveting spirit. He did this in taking Nabothís field by allowing Jezebel to bring in false witnesses to justify having Naboth killed. Those affected by this spirit have deep bouts of depression, trouble with sexual fantasies, perverse imaginations and pornography. If you tell a person with this spirit to repent he will either run away or attack you behind your back.


To conquer Jezebel and Ahab

Jehu who eventually had Jezebel killed means "Yahweh is." His father Jehoshaphat means-"Yahweh judges." His grandfather Nimski means "one who sets free." So when you come against Jezebel with God at your side He is the one who "judges and sets free." Jehu was an "apostle of war coming against a goddess of war." To defeat Jezebel and Ahab:

1.) Must have spiritual fortitude.

2.) When God said "Go" he went right away.

3.) Jehu knew how to deal with Jezebelís messengers. (2 Kings 9 v. 18) He never considered their discouraging messages.

4.) He didnít let anything or anybody get in his way of what he had to do for God.

5.) He was really anointed. It takes an anointed person to resist a ruling principality like Jezebel over a city.

6.) He carried a conquering, militant determination and fierceness anointing into battle against Jezebel and all connected with her.

God sends prophets into areas controlled by Jezebel to discern what is hindering the gospel than they attack with intercessory prayers and prophetic decrees. They also expose the hidden things that are working in the people to hinder them. He also sends apostles into the same area to tear down what was formally built up by religion and address idol worship (some pastors).

The biggest area where Jezebel likes to word is right in church! Where there is a Jezebel spirit in the pulpit the congregation has to have a spirit of Ahab around them to allow this control from the pulpit. Jezebel needs the authority given to it by Ahab. Remember Jezebel had no authority by herself. She needed to be married to the king to have anybody "obey" her. Jezebel in the pulpit canít exist unless the congregation of Ahabís let her. People with this Ahab spirit in congregations love to allow Jezebel from the pulpit to do whatever she wants. So many saints loved to be controlled by someone else, so they donít have to make any decisions for themselves. Religion is a great "controller." Some churches canít wait to get somebody to be a "member" so they can begin their control. They say things like "all members are required to do such and such."

Membership may be O.K. if not used to control and manipulate money out of people.

I hope you enjoyed this message. Jezebel is not someone to be fear unless you play games with God and donít turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit. We need to allow the Spirit of God to conform us into the image of Jesus) Romans 8 v. 29) by developing the fruit of the Spirit in us (Galatians 5 v. 22, 23).


                     Remember, repent of tolerating this spirit and don't tolerate it again!