The Father Is With Us(2)

In the previous message I talked about the fact that if one person is totally sold out to the Father, there is no telling what He can do in and through that personís life. It doesnít matter what or who comes against that person, they canít prevail. It also doesnít matter how many people come against that person. As I mentioned on the last message, the truth of the matter is that if the enemy is surrounding that person, the Father really has the enemy surrounded! The attack is not what it appears in the natural. When the super hits the natural the natural has to change. You have to remember that the Father and you are in the majority when your number one and consistent prayer is that you want to conform to the image of Yahshua(Jesus), above anything else! This is why in this season especially, the Father is drawing you closer to Him. He wants to reveal at least three things to you in a greater measure:

1.)    Who you are in Yahshua

2.)    Who Yahshua really is, in all His majesty!

3.)    What you real purpose is!


                      He also wants to correct in your understanding some of the things that you learned about Him that are not true. We have a distorted vision of Christ, because of religious tradition. Some of us have been taught about His personality and His ways without searching the word and coming into His presence, in a greater way. We need to get to know Him better through His word and His presence. This is why some think that Jesus is just mercy and grace. They really donít realize that He is just and righteous, also. Jesus is the same one that drove out the moneychangers in the temple! We need to learn what gets Him angry and what pleases Him!

                        As you draw closer to Him and let Him change you into His image, He will show up and show out on your behalf. Look at the life of Nehemiah. In Nehemiah chapter 2, Nehemiah had a heart to go back to his people in Jerusalem and rebuild the walls of the city. Artaxerxes, the king gave of his finances to cover everything that Nehemiah needed to do. Isnít this just like God? He supplies everything to the person who is in the center of his will, so he doesnít have to beg and borrow! Nehemiah didnít even have to ask the king. God took care of it all! If you are in a ministry and have to continually beg and rely on gimmicks to raise funds, than maybe you are not where God wants you to be! Maybe you placed yourself in that ministry! I pray for you in Jesus Name that you repent and ask God to adjust you to His perfect will. In v. 10, just as Nehemiah came into Jerusalem, Sanballat and Tobiah got stirred up against him and his purpose. They mocked Godís people (4 v.1) and conspired to fight against them, as they began to build (v.8). However they were not able to stop them, as God protected them. They even tried to use religious people to come against him in chapter 6 v. 1-4 and 14. Nehemiah told them that he was doing a great work and could not come down from the wall (v. 3). The enemy has different strategies to try to use against you but you have to realize that if God is with you who can stop you? The answer is no one! Despite being out numbered, Godís people finished the wall (v. 15). You will finish your assignments from God, despite any opposition. Sandballat and Tobiah didnít realize that God had them surrounded and contained! They could not and I say again, they could not stop Godís work. If Nehemiah had said No to Godís assignment, He would have used somebody else! He always has a ram in the bush! You have to realize that with increase comes pressure and also that pressure brings increase! You can see with Nehemiah what God did with one man who said Yes to God, against all odds.

                        In looking at Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20, we can see that even though in the natural the enemy had him and his people outnumbered and surrounded, he got his eyes fixed on God(v. 12). God told him in v. 17, that the battle was His and that He was with him. God gave him a plan to send his worship leaders out first in the battle, singing ďPraise the Lord, for his mercy endures for everĒ. This confused the enemy so much that they began to kill each other. You see God has a master plan against the enemy that is surrounding you and all you have to do is please Him. He will then go to work and surround the enemy who think that they have you surrounded. Your enemies become His enemies and they have no chance.     

                        In Joshua 8, after Godís people had repented and got sin out of the camp, God gave them a plan against the people of Ai. They sent some men against the city and pretended to run away. The men of Ai ran after them, leaving the city defenseless. The people of Israel came behind the people of Ai, burnt the city and surrounded the men of Ai. They were now surrounded. How quickly the position of the people that are coming against you can change when you are in the center of Godís will. The previous time that Israel went against the people of Ai they ran, because God wasnít with them. This time, by the grace of God it looked like the people of Israel had the first defeat all planned too! The enemy probably thought that the Israelites were faking the first time also and set them up for this strategy! God is so good that He can make our mistakes look like they were suppose to happen. The whole idea is to repent and get right with Him and watch your enemies scatter! You and God are a majority!  Praise Him!