Donít Let Down Your Guard!

We may not be as holy and sanctified as we think we are! We may not have as much of a right relationship with our Father as we think we have! We need to examine our selves against the word of God on a daily basis. An example of ignorance of oneís standing with God is found in 2 Chronicles Chapter 26. The word says that Uzziah did right in the sight of the LORD and as long as he sought the LORD, the LORD made him to prosper (v. 4, 5). God enabled him to do some tremendous things and had a very large army. He had everything that he wanted. But the word says in v. 16 that when he was strong his heart was lifted up to his destruction. The most dangerous time for many saints is when they get a blessing. They let down their guards and stop seeking God. Here Uzziah started to have more faith in the blessings rather than the Blessor. His heart was lifted up because of what he had, not on the One who gave it to him. We have to be careful! If one rowed upstream and then stops rowing they could go all the way back to where they started. Uzziah was called to be king not priest. He went into the temple to offer incense which was totally against Godís law. In those days one could not say anything against the king but the priests were bold. They went into the temple and told him to get out, as he transgressed Godís law. (v.16, 17) Uzziah refused to listen to them and as a result he got struck with leprosy and died as a leper (v. 19-23).

In Ezekiel Chapter 28 the word says in v. 14 and 15 that Satan was an anointed cherub and was perfect in his ways. However in v. 17 the word says that his heart was lifted up because of his beauty and God sealed his end. Is your heart lifted up?

In Acts Chapter 8 Simon was involved in witchcraft but when he heard Phillip preaching, he believed and got baptized (v. 13). He was obviously a believer! However, when he saw that the Holy Ghost filled people when Peter and John laid hands on them, he wanted this gift and offered money to get it. He wanted to buy the anointing to get people filled with the Holy Ghost. You see, he was a believer and let his guard down. Most people who preached about this never mention that this Simon was a believer. Donít let your guard down!

In the book of Romans Chapter 7, Paul mentions in v. 14 that he is carnal, sold under sin. He wrote two thirds of the New Testament yet he realized that his flesh was powerfully against him. He said in v. 15 that the things he wants to do, he doesnít do, but the things that he doesnít want to do, he does. You see, he never underestimated the strength of his flesh! He said in v. 18 that in him dwelleth no good thing. He mentions in v. 23 that law of sin was warring in his body and that only Jesus Christ could help him. Do realize that our biggest enemy is the flesh, not Satan. The only access that Satan has to us is our flesh. He wants to entice the flesh to open the door for him to our mind and spirit! Be on guard! When you are under attack, Paul mentions in Chapter 8 v. 11 that the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will quicken you and give you strength to resist the attack. Also, look for an escape route! (1 Corinthians 10 v. 13) You are not in the battle against the flesh alone unless you refuse to turn the attacks of the flesh over to the Holy Spirit. In v. 13, Paul says that through the Holy Spirit we can mortify the deeds of the flesh. The whole purpose of our existence here on earth is that we allow the Father to conform us into the image of Jesus. (v. 29)

In Lamentations Chapter 2 v. 14, the word says that God is upset with the prophets that always prophesizes "good things" to you. They never point out any flaws or problems you may be having in your flesh to bring you out of captivity to the fleshly issue that could be troubling you. They never allow the Holy Spirit to speak what He really wants to say to you. You donít need these kinds of prophets around you. They are afraid of speaking what God wants you to hear.

God is trying to bring His people to new heights in Him, but so many feel that they have been saved for so many years and they can let down their guard. Remember, you are not as far from the sin that you use to wallow around in as you think you are! You are not as strong spiritually as you think you are. Also, you are not as far away from Hell as you think you are. Donít be over confident! Donít stop seeking the LORD as Ussiah did, just because the natural circumstances seem to be O.K. The enemy may try to bring a "blast from the past" into your life. He may try to bring somebody back into your life that knew your weakness and took advantage of it. You may think that because you are now filled with the Hoy Ghost and sanctified that you can never fall for the same "tricks" again. Donít be deceived. Satan may try to paint a picture of the past before you got saved as the "good old days." "That old boyfriend that you "shacked up" with, the one who "messed around" with all your friends wasnít so bad." He is trying to appeal to your flesh. When you got saved your flesh never changed. Every new spiritual level that the LORD brings you up to, your flesh comes too. You could come tumbling down from the new level as fast as God brought you up there!

Be watchful and spend time with the Father, especially when He brings a breakthrough into your life. Let Him point out things in your life that have to change, by reading the epistles of Paul (Romans to Hebrews). The scriptures that God impresses in the epistles that you should put in your heart, start speaking them into your life. In this way you cleanse your self from all filthiness of the flesh, perfecting holiness in the fear of the LORD! (2 Corinthians 7 v. 1)

Remember, donít let you guard down! Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour! (I Peter 5 v. 8) Donít give him any place or access through your flesh!(Ephesians 4 v. 27)