When God blesses through an anointed individual it is such a powerful event! He truly is our BLESSOR! Remember however, that every blessing that He bestows on you is dependent on the fact that you allow Him to conform you into the image of Jesus and mortify the deeds of the flesh! (Romans 8 v. 13 and 29) (Please read my messages on God the Architect 1-5). In Numbers 6 v. 24-26, God spoke to Aaron and his sons to bless the children of Israel by saying; The LORD bless thee and keep thee: the LORD make His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace. This is such a powerful blessing and I speak it into your life today! A blessing is a supernatural impartation of power into a life by a spoken word of spiritual authority. A blessing by God through an individual that is truly anointed can change the lives of millions of people and can transform whole nations! A father should speak blessings over their children instead of calling them "dumb" and "you never will amount to anything." Every Friday night Jewish fathers pronounce blessings over their children. This helps to make them so successful. Do you realize that even though the Jews represent only about 2.7% of the population that they account for 80% of the Pulitzer Prize winners! So many of our master merchants, financiers and doctors are Jewish! Why is this? The Jewish children believe what their fathers tell them they can do! So, if God uses an anointed man or woman to speak a blessing into your life, believe, receive it and walk in it, by faith.

In Genesis 13 v. 14-17, after Abraham separated from Lot, God spoke a blessing that his seed would be like the dust of the earth and wherever he looked in any direction, the land was his! I speak this into your life so that you will bring many people into the kingdom of God and that He will increase you in many different directions. The main thing is that you have to be willing to separate from the people God wants to remove from your life, just like Abraham had to! In Genesis 17, God mentions that He will establish His covenant between Him and Abrahamís seed. He also said that if they would obey Him in this covenant, He would give Abraham and his seed the land of Canaan forever! I believe that if you follow Godís word and bring your family up in the same manner, that expansion blessings are inevitable. In Chapter 22 v. 17 and 18 God said that He would bless Abraham so much that He would define blessing by how much He blessed him! He also said that He would define multiplication by the way He multiplied Abrahamís seed. I speak this into your life too- that people will be amazed by how greatly God blesses you and how much He uses your seed to bring people into His kingdom!

In Genesis 24, the relatives of Rebekkah blessed her and said that she would be the mother of millions and that her seed would posses the gates of their enemies (v. 60)! I speak that your children will posses the gates of their enemies also! In Genesis 26, God blessed Isaac so much that in a middle of a famine he received a hundredfold return! The word says that Isaac waxed great until he became very great and had many possessions. He was so blessed that his enemies who had been fighting against him surrendered and signed a peace agreement with him and said that he was the blessed of the LORD (v. 29). Receive this blessing from the BLESSOR today in the midst of your enemies and in the "famine" that you may be going through! In Genesis 27 v. 29, God the BLESSOR blessed Jacob and said that everyone that blesses him will be blessed and that everyone who curses him will be cursed! I speak the same to you today! In Chapter 28 v. 14, God the BLESSOR told Jacob all the earth would be blessed by his seed. Receive this for yourself today!

Some of the titles of God reflect the fact that He has the ability to bless us:

1.) JIREH- Our PROVIDER wants to provide for us as we look only to Him! I speak that no matter how it looks, He will provide for you!

2.) RAPHA Ė Our HEALER! He can heal you right now as you read this!

3.) ALMIGHTY- He has all POWER and wants to show Himself mighty on your behalf!

4.) SHALOM-Our PEACE! I bless you with the peace that only He can give-an all consuming peace!

5). OUR SHEPHERD! As you surrender to Him, He will take care of you!

Godís Word contains so many blessings: In Isaiah Chapter 40, v. 31, I speak that as you serve God that He will renew your strength; you shall mount up with wings as an eagle, run and not be weary, walk and not faint! From Chapter 41 v. 9-15, I speak that He has called you from other people and has not cast you away. Also, He will strengthen you and uphold you with the right hand of righteousness. Also, all that are against you shall now be confounded and shall disappear out of your life. Also, He will hold your right hand wherever you go! Also, in every situation that comes your way, with Godís help you will "thresh down" any thing that is too big for you. In Chapter 41 v. 9, I speak into your life that the former things are coming to pass, that the promises from the past are materializing in your life now and that He is blessing you with "new things." In Chapter 43, v. 2, I speak that when you go through the attacks of the people (waters) they will not overtake you nor will the fire burn you when you walk through it! In v. 18, I speak that you need not to remember the former things because He is doing a "new thing" in your life now! As I mentioned earlier, please remember that every blessing that He bestows on you is dependent on the fact that you allow Him to conform you into the image of Jesus and mortify the deeds of the flesh! (Romans 8 v. 13 and 29)

Realize today that God is truly our BLESSOR! Read His Sermon on the Mount in Matthew Chapter 5 to see how much He wants to bless. Also, do you realize that the last thing that He did before He ascended was bless the apostles Luke 24 v. 50! Wow! He truly is our BLESSOR!