God, our Controller!

Satan may sound and act like he is the Boss or the Controller, but he works for the Controller, God! In Colossians 1 v. 16 Ė 19 the word talks about Jesus and says that all things were created by Him and for Him and by Him all things consist. The word also says that He is the head of the Body, the church. He sure sounds like the Controller! In Isaiah Chapter 40 v. 12 the word says that God took a drop of water and measured all the water that He would have on the earth. He also took a piece of dust and weighed all the dirt that He would put on the earth. What Power! He truly is Almighty! The word says in v. 14 that He didnít take counsel together with anyone when He did it! The word says in v. 15 that all the nations are a drop in the bucket to Him! So, it doesnít matter who or what comes against you- the bigger they are the harder they fall and the bigger the glory that God gets! Just look at David in 1 Sam. Chapter 17: everyone in Israel was afraid of Goliath, except a little shepherd boy named David. He knew how big his God was when a lion and a bear came against him and his sheep. The power of God was so strong that David was able to kill them both with his own hands. So, when he heard what Goliath was saying about his God, he knew the battle wasnít over him, but his God! He knew that His God was bigger than Goliath. He knew that Goliath was only able to breath because His God had allowed it. All David had was a slingshot and 5 smooth stones. That was all he needed, as God had everything under control!

In Numbers Chapter 14, after the ten spies that Moses sent out to spy the land came back with an evil report, Joshua and Caleb said that even though the inhabitants of the land were big that they were bread for them because the Lord is with them!(v. 9). He realized that the Lord is the Controller and even their enemies reported to Him. Do you? Some of us need a deeper understanding of who our God really is and how He is the Controller of all Ė good and evil! Even later on in Joshua 14, the word records that the Israelites were going in to the new land to posses it and nobody wanted to go near Mount Hebron, as there were many enemies. However, Caleb said that his faith was a strong as it was 45 years earlier when he went in to spy out the land (v. 10, 11). He went in and defeated the enemy and took Mt. Hebron as his possession, even though he was now 85 years old! He knew that the enemy was bread for him 45 years earlier and nothing about God has changed his mind! Again, he knew that his God controlled all!

In 2 Kings Chapter 6 v. 1-7, there is a story about how an axe head fell into the water and how God caused the axe head to swim to the top of the water! This miracle is a type of how God brought you and I up from whatever we were buried in whether it was drugs, alcohol, despair, jail, etc. He is so powerful that when nobody could help us He did! It is impossible for an axe head to swim and it is impossible for us to be where we are today, except for Jesus! Later on in the Chapter the word says that God was telling Elisha where the enemy was going to attack and he was warning Godís people! The enemy was so angry that they surrounded the city where Elisha was in order to kill him! God controlled this whole event, in order to get the glory! God, the Controller, caused the enemy to attack Elisha because He knew the outcome! God wasnít going to give a word to His prophet and allow the enemy to kill Him! What kind of God would He be if He permitted that to happen? Working for Jesus is the safest position to be in! He caused the enemy to be blinded and Elisha captured, fed and released them. God caused the enemies of Elisha and Israel to be at peace with them! Again, He controlled the whole event, as He got all the glory. God wanted peace and He caused an attack on his servant to bring it about! He showed that He does control all and He always gets the glory! So, donít be concerned about who is surrounding you and putting pressure on you. If you are true to God and stand for Him, He will stand and win for you!

In Exodus Chapter 14, God had taken millions of His people out of Egypt by His mighty hand with the ten plagues. They were now at a point where the Red Sea was in front of them, mountains at either side of them and the Egyptians behind them. They probably thought that God had left them but No! In v. 4, the word says that God hardened Pharaohís heart to go after them by the Red Sea. It was a trap for His peopleís enemies not for His people. He was controlling this whole event at the Red Sea. Why would He bring them out of Egypt and allow the enemy to bring them back captive. What kind of God would He be if He has taken you so far away from sin and just let the Devil bring you back into captivity? If your number one prayer request is to allow the Spirit of God to conform you into the image of Jesus, by mortifying the deeds of the flesh (Romans 8 v. 13 and v. 29) then the devil canít bring you back! You see God didnít desert His people at the Red Sea and He wonít desert you in your attack by the enemy. He permitted the attack to propel you to a new level and to defeat your spiritual enemies once and for all. The trial you are going through is to purge you as gold is purged by fire! You see God has everything under control to conform you into the image of Jesus, bless you and get the glory out of your life! He controls all the circumstances in your life to get you into your destiny! Donít try to control your own life, turn it over to the ultimate Controller- your God! If you are serving God and turning your flesh over to Him then all the circumstances that could be coming against you today will be for your good! Remember, the Controller controls everything and everybody!