The Correct New Year! - A New Beginning - Part 2

As I mentioned in the last message on a " New Beginning" that God wants to start in your life, the New Year, according to the bible began on Nisan 1 on the Hebrew calendar or at 6:00 P.M. March 27 this year on the Gregorian calendar. Even though Jan. 1 is the beginning of the year for business and tax purposes, God has established His beginning of the year for us. He establishes this fact in Exodus 12 v. 2, where he mentions that this month shall be the beginning of the months for them. They were just coming out of Egypt when He said this to them. In Deuteronomy 16 v. 1, God mentions that it was in the month of Abib that he brought them out of Egypt. Abib is another name for Nisan. So, in Exodus 12 v. 2 this is the month that He said should be the beginning of the year for them. It is so easy to understand that God would choose springtime as His beginning of the year in dealing with us. Grass and other vegetation starts to bloom and grow, at this time. The previous months during the year are all preparation for the beginning of the subsequent year.
As I also mentioned in the previous message, there are certain things that God wants to do during His beginning of the year. There is an anointing on this season for restoration, for starting new assignments, new beginnings in general and for positioning for promotions. He is positioning some of his people to take somebodyís place! In Luke 13 v. 30, Jesus said that there are some that are Ēlast which shall be first and some first which shall be last.Ē There are some people that God set up originally but have been lifted up in pride and neglecting their assignments.

They are forgetting the One who gave them their position. They were first but now are last. Donít let this happen to you. This is a time where some of us whom others have written off as last shall be first. We are being prepared by God during this time before April 5, to possibly take someone elseís position. Allow Him to work on you! Allow Him to point out those areas of your life that need to change to His liking. It is a wonderful season for a Second Chance. You might have felt that you were on the backburner, but you were just simmering. God was just waiting for the heat of the stove to bring more flavor out of you! A prime example of someone falling out of favor with God and losing his position to someone else is the story of Saul and David. Saul was so humble that when he was chosen to be king, he hid himself. But he started to change! In I Samuel 13 v. 11 Saul explained to Samuel why he offered a sacrifice to God without waiting for Samuel, who was appointed by God to offer sacrifices. He said that he couldnít wait for Samuel, as the people were getting anxious. God was angry and spoke through Samuel that Saul would not continue in his position as king. Samuel also said the God had found somebody after His own heart, to take his place. In 1 Samuel 15, Samuel had told Saul not spare anything or anybody when he destroyed the Amalekites. Saul spared the king of the Amalekites and took some of his spoil, sheep and oxen (to sacrifice to God). God was very angry and said through the Prophet Samuel that obedience is better than sacrifice (v. 22). In v. 28, God spoke through the Prophet to King Saul that the kingdom was taken away from him that very day and given it to someone else!

At that time David was given the kingdom, even though he didnít realize it! Do you see that God could have spoken a promotion for you and that He is preparing you for it, at this very hour? We see David watching the few sheep that he had, when God sends Samuel the Prophet to his house, to anoint him as king. As a Prophet of God, He is also sending me to you today, by way of the Internet to deliver this message to you. He is ready to promote some of you into somebody elseís position, because you have His heart for His people. Get ready! Let Him prepare you! The pressure that some of you are feeling is the hand of the Master polishing you for your new beginning, your new position (Isaiah 49 v. 2). Donít get lifted up in pride, but know that if God took the position from somebody else and gave it to you, He can also remove you.

This is why it is so important to know Godís seasons of dealing with us. In this season, He is trying to conform us to the image of His Son Jesus, with a greater urgency. He has already spoken someoneís removal from their position and He wants you to continue what you are doing. Even though you think your work is minimal for the Kingdom, God doesnít think so! You have His heart and this is your season for replacing and promotion. Just like the angels were ascending and descending on the ladder that Jacob saw (Genesis 28 v. 12), angels are descending from heaven to you with new instructions for a new position. This is also why you seem to be thinking bigger now. God has expanded your vision. He has been getting you ready all along