Christ vs. Antichrist

In this message I feel as a Prophet, impressed to warn the Body of Christ about the season that we are in! The time that we are in right now is much closer to the Rapture and the Great Tribulation than we could ever imagine. There is a great onslaught by the spirit of antichrist to attempt to prepare the way for the Antichrist to arrive on the scene. This spirit wants people to be lifted up instead of Christ and this spirit is very prevalent in many of the churches; where leadership is lifted up by the people to a position where Christ should be, not them; where leadership lifts themselves up to a position where only Christ should be. No matter who you sit under in ministry you need to know God for your self. There are too many ministers setting themselves up as kings over a kingdom, with the congregation being servants. They seem to consider their church as their palace and the pulpit their throne. For some of these ministers it is too late to repent. They have gone too far and God is about to remove them and set someone else up who has His heart! He has warned them time after time, by sending true prophets their way, but they have listened to false prophets to minister to their itching ears! God has already spoken Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin (Daniel 6 v. 25-31) "God has numbered their kingdom and finished it, they are weighed in the balances and found wanting and their kingdom is being divided and given to others."

This is a warning to those of you who are called to a position of leadership in the Body of Christ not to set yourself up above Christ, nor allow others to do so with you. If you are in a congregation and the above characteristics fit the leadership, you had better seek God before that spirit of pride starts to affect you. Remember every true minister of God should want you to know God for yourself. Donít let any body come between you and your Jesus! If your feel manipulation and control by leadership, this is a warning sign!

Also, please pray for the children especially during this season. This spirit of Antichrist wants to stop purpose and knows that children are really a bundle of purpose. There is no telling what purpose a child could have. Between Halloween (Oct. 31) and the springtime is an especially important time to watch and intercede for your children, as this spirit is on the prowl.

In 1 John 2 v. 17, John mentions that he that does the will of God abides forever. This is a key verse as this spirit wants to get people out of the will of God. In v. 18, John mentioned that there are many antichrists. In v. 19 we get a picture of what this spirit wants to do. John talked about people that were with them and did not stay with him and showed that they were affected by this spirit, by leaving. This gives a glimpse of what this spirit wants to do i.e. remove people from Godís perfect will. But John said in v. 20 that we have an unction from the Holy One and know all things. The "all things" that John is talking about is our purpose, destiny. The Holy Spirit wants to reveal our purpose to us directly and implant it so deeply in the womb of our spirit that we canít be moved by this spirit to be out of the will of God. In. v. 27, John said that we have no need that any man teach us. I always thought that this verse was confusing, as to the fact that people can and should teach us at times. What God means here through John is that there should be no need for a man to teach us our purpose. This should only come from God, Himself. In chapter 4 v. 1 and 3, John shows that this spirit wants to use "false prophets" to deliver false instructions regarding purpose. So many Christians find it easier to go to a man or women to hear from God, rather than God Himself. This is just what this spirit loves i.e. for someone other than Jesus to be lifted up. It loves when people rely on and give glory to someone else, other than God. Itís a very strong and powerful spirit that can sound so much like God. People follow false prophecies and get out of the will of God and this can be so dangerous. I want to show an example of this in 2 Kings Chapter 2. In v. 1, Elisha was continuing to follow Elijah and the first stop was Gilgal. This is a place where the Israelites had to cut the covenant by circumcision, again. This is a type of us being born again. The next stop was Bethel, which means an "established house of God". This is a type of us getting to an established church, after getting saved. It was here (in church) that the spirit of antichrist used the sons of the prophets to try to get Elishaís attention that his mentor is leaving and to focus on a man, not God! Notice this attack happened in church, an established house of God! This is where this spirit loves to operate, because so many let their guard down. The next stop was Jericho, which is a type of attacks and persecutions that happen after someone gets born again and starts going to church. Again, Elisha was attacked by this spirit at Jericho by sons of the prophets, not people in the world! In v. 6, Elijah asked Elisha if he still wanted to go on. He recognized that to get what Elisha wanted, a double portion of the anointing that Elijah had, he would have to face a lot of pressure and attacks. We need to warn people that in order to get to a higher level in God, increased pressures in direct relation to the anointing desired, lie ahead. As you can see by v. 7, these sons of the prophets stood afar off. They didnít want to get close to the "action". Whenever you want to get close to God and to receive promotion and new assignments from God, you have to "press in" close to God. When one does this, the snake (Satan) is sometimes there to bite. This happened to Paul on the island of Melita in Acts 28 v. 4 and 5. When Elijah and Elisha got to Jordan, the "change" was ready to take place. In v. 11, a chariot of fire and horses parted them both asunder. The Spirit of God always wants to get our eyes off a "person". Elisha withstood the attack from the spirit of antichrist by saying in v. 14 "where is the Lord God of Elijah", not Elijah! He got his eyes off of Elijah and on to God, after Elijah was taken up. The spirit of antichrist is very persistent as demonstrated by the sons of the prophets wanting to search for Elijah, after he was taken up! This spirit wanted to bring Elijah back to get Elishaís eyes onto a man again.

All the miracles in peopleís lives that God did through Elisha later on were made possible by the fact that he resisted the attack of the spirit of antichrist, through the sons of the prophets. This shows why this spirit is interested in stopping us from our purpose. If it succeeded, we wouldnít arrive at Godís Divine appointments and would miss His power to transform lives through us. Godís power will only show up where He sends us. It is scary to be where His power is not present.

One of the greatest chapters in the Bible to meditate on to stay focused on divine purpose and not on "self purpose" is Isaiah 61.When you get focused on what you can do for others, as contained in this chapter, it is very difficult to fall prey to the spirit of antichrist. When you focus on what you can do for others, God will definitely move to get you where He wants you to be. This shows that your will is pliable to His. What I have noticed, when I meditate on this chapter, I draw closer to God and His heart. This keeps that spirit of antichrist from getting a foothold!