The "Repairer"


In our continuing messages on the manifestations of God, the one I want to talk about in this message is the fact that He is our “Repairer.” In Ezekiel Chapter 16 there is a beautiful picture of us before we got saved: In v. 5, God describes us as being in a situation where nobody pitied us, nor had any compassion on us but we were left out in an “open field.” In v. 6, He says that He passed by us and initiated salvation and said “Do you want to live?” We responded Yes! And He then went to work repairing our lives. He began reversing the effects that Satan had on our lives and started bringing a new beginning into our lives. This process that He started of repairing our lives is not completed yet!

                  God came on this earth in Jesus and chose that His Son be a carpenter. This was no accident! Most of His time on earth was spent “repairing” people’s lives: in Matt. Chapter 8, there was a leper who came to worship Him (v.1). This man was an outcast to his family, segregated with other lepers and not able to go into mainstream society. This man’s life definitely needed to be repaired. Maybe this is the way that you feel! Your sin has made you feel like an outcast! You feel separated from God and feel ashamed. Well Jesus can bring you back into right relationship with the Father when you repent of the sin. He can repair that relationship with the Father that seems to be so broken. Jesus touched the leper, which was unheard of and made him whole. He was now able to go back into society and especially back to his family! When Jesus sees someone in need of healing, He sees relationships that are hurting and in need of repair because of the sickness. One healing touch by the Master in someone’s life can change a whole multitude of people that have been connected indirectly to the sickness. We need to remember this when we see someone bound down by sickness: that God can use us to bring healing to the individual and repair other people’s lives who are affected! Another example of this is in the same chapter, where Jesus healed Peter’s mother in law who had a fever (v. 14, 15). Surely her being sick affected the whole family, especially Peter!

In v. 16 the word records that Jesus cast out the evil spirits from a multitude of people and healed them all! Imagine the larger multitude of family members that got repaired when the multitude was healed by Jesus. Look what He accomplished in one night!

                        In John 5 there is a story about a man who was at the pool of Bethesda and needed healing. He was sick for 38 years! When Jesus healed him, imagine the new life that he could now live. This was a repair that only Jesus could accomplish. Jesus can do the same thing for you today! Be healed and delivered in Jesus Name! Be repaired! In Mark Chapter 5, there was a lady who had an issue of blood and had spent all her money on doctors with no positive results (v. 25). Maybe this sounds like you today? She said that all she wanted to do was touch Jesus and that she would be healed and this is exactly what happened! She touched Him by faith and He told her that her faith had made her whole (v. 34). When He made her whole, she was made whole in every way! This means that all the money that she spent on doctors was coming back. He really repaired every area of her life. He can also restore your health and your finances back to you, especially what you spent on doctors. Jesus is the ultimate “Repairer.”

                        Another example of a whole family getting repaired with healing of a family member is in John Chapter 11: Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus that their brother Lazarus was sick (v. 3). The word says in v. 5 that Jesus loved them all so much. He really felt for them and their dilemma.  He stayed another two days where He was and then went to see Lazarus who had now died (v. 14). He wanted to make sure that His Father got all the glory when Lazarus was resurrected and made whole! He may have been late by the family’s standards but was right on His Father’s timetable! Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead and repaired the whole family from their crisis! Jesus may be late on your schedule and you wish He healed you long ago, but it is no accident that you are reading this now! It is by divine appointment! Just know that this is God’s perfect time to repair your body and your life in Jesus Name!

                        In Isaiah Chapter 58, there is a great picture of Jesus as the “Repairer” – In v. 6, He says that He looses the bands of wickedness, that He can undo the heavy burdens, lets the oppressed go free and breaks every yoke! Maybe these situations describe you? Just receive what Jesus came to do! He also said in v. 12 that He shall build the old waste places: raise up the foundations of many generations; He shall be called the “Repairer” of the breach and the restorer of paths to dwell in.

                        If any part of your life is in need of repair, just realize that He can bring your body back in line, He can restore you to financial stability, and most of all He can repair your connection to the Father by saving your soul! Just ask Him to do it right now and receive it by faith in Jesus Name! He is truly the “Repairer” who you can call on for a repair 24 hours a day.