The Name of Elohim is such a wonderful Name of God. It shows the plurality of His Majesty, His attributes and His greatness! Calling Him by His Name Elohim gives Him the highest praise! The translators of the word translated the Name Elohim as God, but He loves when we call Him Elohim. It stands for everything that He is. The Name shows that He is the author of all power! When I think upon His Name Elohim, I think of power! The Name Elohim shows that when you are right with God His power is working for you and nobody can stand against you successfully!

Letís look at some examples from the word to see this power: In Isaiah Chapter 35, Elohim is preparing His people for an attack by the enemy. He is telling His people that He is Elohim, the source of all power and to factor this in when the enemy attacks. He said in v. 1 and 2 that they will blossom abundantly and rejoice with joy because He will win for them as He is the source of all power! He said that the enemy is attacking Him when they attack His people in Chapter 37 v. 23 and in v. 7 He said that the leader of the enemy will go back home and be killed. He also said in v. 34, 35 that He would defend Jerusalem for His Name sake and that the enemy would not be able to come into the city. Why did He say this? To show that He is truly Elohim, the source of all power! In v. 36, the word records that He sent one angel to destroy 285,000 of the enemy. His power surely backs up His Name!

Another example of His power is in I Kings Chapter 18: Elijah challenged 850 false prophets to call upon their God to answer by fire and burn up a sacrifice. They called upon their God from noon to 3:00 P.M. and nothing happened! When Elijah called upon Elohim, His power came down and burnt up the rocks and the sacrifice that were soaked with water! Elohim came through for Elijah and He can come through for you today! Just call upon Him by His Name Elohim! He will pour out His power into your life!

In Judges Chapter 6, Elohim really backed up His Name when He chose someone named Gideon to show forth His power to deliver His vastly outnumbered people from the Midianites. He told Gideon that He would destroy the enemy by him and that all He needed was Gideon to accomplish this! Oh! What power! You may feel all alone and greatly outnumbered but if He showed forth the power of His name Elohim in the life of Gideon, He can also do it through you! Elohim whittled away Gideonís troops from 32,000 to 300, so Gideon could never say that he won the victory. In your situation you may rightly feel that the odds are against you but Elohim loves these situations; He gets the most glory! Elohim allowed Gideon to hear the fear of the enemy (7 v. 13) and this gave Gideon the confidence that all he needed to win the victory was Elohim! Maybe Elohim has to show you how much fear Satan has when you rely only on Elohim! Elohim gave Gideon a plan of surrounding the enemy and making a lot of noise, thereby starling them. This caused the enemy to start killing each other (v. 22)! When Elohim is for you the slightest thing that we do for Jesus throws fear into the enemy!

Look in 1 Samuel Chapter 14: Jonathan went against the enemy with just his armor bearer and after killing 20 of them, there was such a trembling in the host that they killed each other(v. 14-16)! He dared to go against the enemy because he knew the power in the name of Elohim!

In I Samuel Chapter 17, the word records that David was just a young boy but he knew the power of Elohim when a lion and a bear attacked his sheep (v. 34-37). The power of Elohim came upon him and he destroyed them with his bare hands. He was now faced with a situation where the whole Israeli army was afraid of Goliath, including their leader, Saul! He rose to the occasion and went running towards Goliath with only a slingshot and some stones. He threw one stone and killed Goliath! Before he did this, David said that he was coming against Goliath in the Name of his Elohim! (v. 45). Just have faith that whatever is coming against you, all you needed is Elohim! He will show up mightily on your behalf!

In Deuteronomy Chapter 8 v. 17 and 18 the word says that when Elohim was about to give His people wealth He said for them not to think that their own power had done it. He is saying the same thing to us; realize only that Elohim has all power! He said also in Chapter 7 v. 1 and 2 that when his people go in and posses the promise land that they should not think that they drove out the nations that were much mightier than them! They needed to realize that only He has all power and all that power resides in His name Elohim!

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 14 v. 9-15, the word records that a million men had come against His people. Asa the king said in v. 11 to his LORD Elohim that "it is nothing with thee to help with many or with them that have no power: help us O LORD our Elohim; for we rest on thee and in thy Name (Elohim) we go against this multitude. O LORD thou art our Elohim; let not man prevail against thee. Wow what a prayer1 He realized that all power rests with Elohim. I pray that you realize this today and call upon your Elohim by His mighty Name! Donít be moved by people or circumstances. Elohim has all power!