The "Almighty"


As we continue to talk about the manifestations of the Father, I want to talk about His manifestation as the "Almighty." In the book of Colossians Chapter 1 v. 16 and 17, Paul mentions that all things were created by Yahshua (Jesus) and for Yahshua (Jesus) and by Him all things consist! In Isaiah 43 v. 13, the Father said that "before the day was, I am and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work and who shall let it"? The Father controls everything and everybody! He can surely take care of you and me!

In Psalm 107 v. 25 and 29, The Father said that He raises up the storm and also calms the same storm! He has all power! When Yahshua (Jesus) was asleep in the back of the boat, as recorded in Mark Chapter 4, there arose a great storm! He calmed the storm when His disciples turned to Him for help, by waking Him up. He got all the glory, as a result! You see He raised up the storm so He could get the glory by calming it. He is doing the same thing in your life; when you are serving Him He may raise up a storm to have you look towards Him. When you do, He calms it. This opens your eyes to how powerful He really is! The devil wants us to think that he has so much power, but the only power that he has is what God gives him! If God allows the devil to attack you, it is only to show that all power belongs to God. God does this when He ends the attack in your favor! God gives the devil a little rope and than hangs him by the same rope!

A great example of God being the Almighty and showing forth His power is in 2 Chronicles Chapter 14: Asa a godly king, was surrounded by a million men coming against him and his army!(v.9). Asa said something very wonderful in v.11- He said that God could win for them whether they had many or few. This attitude brought them to victory and in vs. 12-15 it is recorded that the LORD destroyed the enemy. Not only did God destroy their enemies but destroyed all the neighboring cities and spoiled them all. The enemies of Israel started the battle but the LORD surely finished it! You may feel that you are surrounded and that things are closing in on you, but have faith that God is the "Almighty" and that nobody can stand against Him and win. All you have to do is make sure that He is on your side, that you are obeying Him.

In Genesis Chapter 14 we have another story showing how God is the "Almighty." In v. 9 we see that the armies of 4 different kings came against Sodom and Gomorrah, won the battle and took Lot, Abrahamís nephew and his goods. Abraham then armed 318 servants and went after the enemy to rescue his nephew. Notice, he didnít take 318 warriors, he took servants who were not trained to fight! Can you imagine the odds against Abraham of ever winning the battle and rescuing his nephew? However, God is the "Almighty" and He was going to fight for them! The word says in v. 15 that Abraham won the battle and pursued them. Can you imagine that 318 untrained servants are now chasing the armies of 4 kings? Only with God at the head can this ever happen. In v. 16 the word records that Abraham rescued Lot and all the goods! Do you see how God can win with many or few as Asa said? Is this your attitude today or are you looking at the giants that are coming against you as bigger than God? God is truly the "Almighty" and He loves when the odds are stacked against you! He gets all the glory for the victory!

Look what happened with Gideon. He was surrounded by the enemy and God told him in Judges 6 v. 16 that God was going to fight for him and win the victory through him as one man. God was saying that all He needed to win the victory was one man to be in agreement with Him! God then whittled Gideonís army from 32,000 to 300, just to show His power. He then had Gideon overhear the fear of the enemy. One of them had a dream that the sword of the LORD, even the Sword of Gideon was going to destroy them. They didnít dream about Gideonís army destroying them, only Gideon and the LORD. This confirmed to Gideon what God told him about destroying the enemy as one man (Judges 6 v 16). God then gave Gideon a plan of surrounding the enemy as they slept and shout and break pitchers at the same time, thereby startling the enemy. Here again you see the power of God to work with a few people; God had 300 men surround 300,000 men. The enemy didnít have a chance because the "Almighty" Himself had them surrounded. If God is with you it doesnít matter how many people are with you! God won the battle against all odds because one man trusted that if the "Almighty" was with him who could successfully come against them!

God also demonstrated His power by using little things to win victories for His people:

1.) He anointed the rod that Moses stretched forth at the Red Sea to open the Sea for His people as well as close the Sea on their enemies. When God does a job He does it thoroughly! (Exodus 4 v. 2)

2.) God anointed a jaw-bone of an ass in the hand of Samson to destroy 1,000 men single-handily! (Judges 15 v. 15)

3.) God used a single stone from David to kill Goliath, which propelled David to be king! (1 Samuel 17 v. 40)

4.) God anointed a handful of flour to last for about a whole year to feed a widow lady and others during a famine (1 Kings 17 v. 12)

5.) God used a cloud the size of a manís hand to show Elijah that it was going to rain after a three and half year drought!(I Kings 18 v. 44)

6.) Jesusí anointing on five barley loves and a few fishes multiplied them for thousands of people! (John 6 v. 9)

Give the "Almighty" something to work with by applying your faith to the situation you are facing and watch Him win for you against all oddís!