Yon Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Yon Kippur (Day of Atonement) on the tenth day in the month of Tishri (Sept.-Oct) is 10 days after Rosh HaShannah and ends the 40 days of Teshuvah (Please see my message on Teshuvah). This year, this feast starts on the evening of Oct.7, and ends on the evening of Oct.8. This feast, when it was celebrated originally, was a temporal atonement and redemption. On this day, only the High Priest would enter the Holy of Hollies for the sins of the people and sprinkle the blood of a goat on the Mercy Seat of God. This atonement was for their sins during the previous year. This atonement pointed to the redemption that Jesus purchased on Calvary for us. The Great Tribulation will start ten days after the rapture (which occurs on Tishri 1 or Rosh HaShannah), on Tishri 10, which is the Day of Atonement. The Great Tribulation will end seven years later on the Day of Atonement and it will also be the day of the Second Coming of Jesus. The Great Tribulation is for those who are alive at the time who havenít taken advantage of the atoning blood of Jesus and been born again. It is a seven year period of time when the judgment of God will be poured out on the earth. All the priests who participated in ceremonies on Yon Kippur when it was celebrated pronounced the Name of God and bowed their knees when feeling the nearness of Godís presence. Also, the whole congregation prostrated themselves before the King of Kings at this feast (Is 45 v. 22-25, Romans 14 v. 11 and Phil. 2 v.9-11). This is a preview of what is going to happen one day in the future on the Day of Atonement that ends the Great Tribulation, which is also the Day of the Second Coming of Jesus. Just like the whole congregation bowed at the presence of God on the Day of Atonement, on the day that Jesus returns (Day of Atonement), every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil. 2 v. 10). The Day of Atonement is a rehearsal of this great Day of the Lordís return. Yon Kippur or Day of Atonement starts a time of expectation that Jesus is coming on the scene to help those who are redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. This is evident by the fact that Jesus is coming back at the end of the Tribulation to deliver His people. This is a time where believers who are feeling oppressed and surrounded by enemies can take solace that Jesus is coming on the scene to deliver. This is a great day of deliverance. Jesus can surely deliver any day of the year but this is a special day to meet the need of deliverance. Believers who need deliverance in any area of their lives should take advantage of the special anointing on this day. In l Peter 1 v. 7, Peter said that the trials are more precious than gold and should be found unto praise and honour at the appearing of Jesus Christ. He is saying that during a trial one should take solace that Jesus will show up and deliver. He will always show up on time. In John 10, people around Lazarus thought Jesus was late, but He was right on time. During this time we need to instruct people to reach out with extra faith and receive their deliverance, no matter how long they have been oppressed. Remember the oppression of the Great Tribulation will end on Yon Kippur, the Day of Atonement. People who are on earth during the seven years of the Tribulation and come to Jesus will be delivered from the oppression of the Antichrist. Praise Him! This Day of Atonement is also announcing the start of a period where God is going to unleash a season of wrath onto the earth. This is evidenced by the Tribulation starting on the Day of Atonement. On the preceding Day of Atonement feasts before the one starting the Tribulation, special seasons of Godís judgment will start. You can read what His prophets had to say in the word and see reasons for His judgment. In Jeremiah 2 v. 7 Ė 8, God mentions that they defiled the land that He brought them into and forgot about Him. He said that His Pastors had transgressed against Him and their prophetsí prophesized by Baal (Satan). God also wants us to look back and see where he brought us from and not to be so overconfident that we fall the same way again. This could lead to His judgment. We are not as strong as we think we are. How many Christians who are saved and Holy Ghost filled marry somebody who is not saved and think that they will get that person saved. It hardly ever works out that way. Usually the strong one gets weaker as a result of the marriage. When God promotes, donít forget where He took you from. Stay close to Him to stay strong. How many Prophets prophesize to manipulate people for monetary and other purposes? How many ministers use their authority to seduce other brothers and sisters for sexual and other purposes? How long will God put up with this. How many saints lift up people, other than Christ and put people into an exalted position, which could be dangerous for both parties. This is the spirit of Antichrist that wants somebody, other than Christ to be lifted up. This attitude is preparing the way for the Antichrist, who will be revealed during the Great Tribulation. One of the best ways to avoid giving into the spirit of antichrist and avoid going through the Tribulation is to study and meditate on what Jesus said to the churches in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3. What Jesus spoke to the churches in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 is to prepare saints for the Rapture, where Jesus will take His saints away with Him, before the Great Tribulation. This is evident in Chapter 4 v. 1, where Jesus uses the term-"Come up Hither." This is a type of describing the Rapture of the Church. It is very important to see if we fall short and can identify with any of the warnings to His churches in Chapters 2 and 3. Be careful that you havenít left your first love, Jesus. This is just one of the warnings to His church. Stay away from pride and self.

His season of judgment beginning on the Day of Atonement will be evident in events happening around the world. God gives people an opportunity to repent as evident during Teshuvah and other seasons previous to the Day of Atonement. So, remember that this season starting on the Day of Atonement starts a time of not only great deliverance but also a time of judgment. This judgment may come on those who refuse to heed His warnings during previous seasons throughout the year. Godís judgment is not reserved exclusively for the Great Tribulation.