The Hour of Power!

God started dealing with me about the fact that He deals with us in hourly intervals at times. What I mean by this is that in a particular hour that God moves you can feel Him "prompting" you in the spirit. He wants to do something special for you during that hour and He is truly moving on the "scene" to do so! In 1 Peter Chapter 1 v. 6 and 7, Paul says to rejoice if going though trials and temptations because Jesus Christ will appear on the scene to help you. So you may be going through something but God alerts you to the fact that He is now moving on your behalf! What the enemy tries to do if allowed, is follow what Jesus is doing and try to distort this particular hour of blessing. What He tries to do is distract you out of Godís presence and send a demon of "wrong focus" to get you to look at some problem that he is setting up. He is hoping that you miss what God is trying to do in your life by taking away your expectation. Satan hopes that you will put all your attention on his "circumstance." He wants you to think that he controls this "hour" and not God. You see Satan doesnít act soverignly! He works for God! He tried to rebel against God but God subdued him and cast him out of heaven to the earth. He is controlled by God. God gives him his assignments. When Satan approached God in the book of Job, it was God who brought up Job. He said "have you considered my servant Job?" He was giving Satan an assignment of testing Job! All Satan was doing was coming to the "Boss" and getting his next assignment! God controls everything and everybody! All, things were created by Jesus and for Jesus and by Him all things consist (Colossians 1 v. 16, 17). In I Kings 22, there is a story of Ahab looking for a confirmation of going into battle. In v. 19 Micaiah tells of a vision that he had of all of Godís hosts sitting around His throne and God was asking "who will persuade Ahab to go into battle? (v.20). In v. 21 and 22, a spirit comes and says "I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all the lying prophets (they were telling Ahab to go). So we see that the lying spirit was around Godís throne and was working for God! So, you see that God controls Satan. He has no power unless God gives it to him.

In Revelation 3 v. 10, Jesus talks about the "hour of temptation." As I mentioned before, God chooses an hour to bless you and the devil may try to invade the hour and tempt you and make it his "hour of temptation." This is evident in Daniel Chapter 3. In v. 6, Nebuchadnezzar the king said that in the same hour that if someone doesnít worship the image that he set up, that person would be killed. In v. 13, the king arrests the three Hebrew children, so this "hour" has now started! As we know from v. 29 and 30, the Hebrew children got promoted, so could it be God that ordained this hour? You see, God chose an hour to bless the children and was just using Nebuchadnezzar to set the whole event up! Nebuchadnezzar threw them into the fiery furnace and they were not harmed, even though the king turned the fire up seven times hotter. God set this event up to show His power and to promote the Hebrew children. God controlled the hour and actually chose that very hour to bless those children! The hour of Godís blessing the three children ended when the king made a decree in v. 29 that everybody should worship the God of the Hebrew children! As I mentioned earlier, the king also promoted the children as recorded in v. 30, which is just what God wanted to do during this "hour."

In Chapter 4 v. 19 the word records that Daniel after hearing Nebuchadnezzarís dream, was astonied for one hour. He told the king the interpretation and tried to warn him. The hour was set up by God to help the king avoid a dangerous situation, but he didnít listen. Donít miss Godís moving on a certain hour. In v. 29, the king started lifting himself up and in the same hour he became like an animal and lived like them (v. 33).God used this hour to bring down the king because he tried to take Godís glory! How many from the pulpit are trying to take Godís glory and misuse His people. God did this all in one hour! Some people think that they are getting away with something even when they have been warned, but their hour of judgment arrives. In Chapter 5, Belshazzar, the next king drank wine from the holy utensils in the temple and in v. 5 the word said that God wrote His judgment on the wall for the king in the same hour! This writing was MENE, MENE, TEKEL, U-PHARISIN, WHICH MEANT THAT GOD HAD NUMBERED HIS KINGDOM, THAT HE WAS WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES AND FOUND WANTING AND THAT HIS KINGDOM WOULD BE DIVIDED AND GIVEN TO THE MEDES AND PERSIANS. The hour started when he used Godís utensils. So many ministers misuse Godís people or His vessels!

In Revelation Chapter 18, there is the prophecy about Babylon falling. I believe that this was a prophecy about the two towers at the World Trade Center that came down in about one hour! In v. 2, the word says that Babylon was fallen, fallen (two times for the two towers).In the same verse it says that Babylon had become a cage for every unclean and hateful bird. This is a reference of the planes that hit the towers (to John they looked like birds going into a cage, as they went into the sides of the buildings) In. v. 10 it says that judgment came in one hour! In v. 11, the word says that the merchants would be upset (this was the World Trade Center). In v. 19, the word says that dust would be on the peopleís heads. You might remember all the soot, smoke and dirt that was all around the area and had covered everything in sight. This is another example of Godís judgment in one hour after a warning.

So you see, God has reserved hourly blessings for His people and hourly judgment on the ones that continue to go their own way and not heed His warnings! Be ready, for you know not when God is coming on the scene to bless you. Again, as God starts prompting you in your spirit at the beginning of a certain hour, be aware and expect Him to bless you during that hour. Also, donít be surprised if the devil comes on the scene to distract you from what God is doing. The word says in Revelation 8 v. 1 that there was silence in heaven for a half an hour. So when the devil is trying to distract you during the hour, keep your mouth shut for the first half an hour and worship God during the remaining half hour!