The season of Teshuvah is a call to repentance. Repentance means more than turning from oneís sins; it is a return to God and to the right path. Teshuvah begins on Elul 1óon the evening of August 10 and ends on forty days later on the evening of Yom Kippur(Day of Atonement) September 17. The exact date on our calendar varies from year to year.

The season of Teshuvah is a time for each person to examine his own life. As I mentioned in earlier messages, the most important prayer that one could pray during this season and throughout the whole year is for the Father to conform you to the image of Jesus. This is why it is so important as I said in earlier messages, to read Romans to Revelation and speak scriptures into your life that God prompts that will enable you to conform into the image of Jesus. If you donít allow God to conform you into the image of His Son Jesus than your life is a failure!

It is also a time to restore relationships with other people, too. It is a continuation of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits in the sense of self examination and being conformed to the image of Jesus.

As I mentioned, this season of Teshuvah is a 40 day season which starts on Elul 1 and ends 40 days later on Yom Kippur (we will cover this feast later), which is 10 days after Rosh HaShannah(Feast of Trumpets). God always has a special season of repentance before a season of a mighty move of promotion. The season of Teshuvah is no exception. The season that this time of Teshuvah is preparing one for is Rosh HaShannah, or the Feast of Trumpets. We will discuss this powerful season of Rosh Hashanah in the next message.

Rosh HaShannah is another time of promotion. Godís promotion, for the most part, only comes in certain seasons. This is why it is so important to recognize the seasons of preparation for promotion, breakthrough and other rich blessings. Praise Him!

Also, this time is a season of making sure that one is right with God or born again. The Feast of Trumpets or Rosh HaShannah is when Jesus is could be coming back for us in the Rapture.

So you can see why this season of Teshuvah is so important, i.e., to make sure that one is right with God by being born again. It is also important for those who are born again to draw closer to Jesus and continue to allow God to change them into the image of His Son during this season.

In a couple weeks, we will study this Feast of Trumpets, or Rosh HaShannah, and see the real importance of this season.