In Isaiah 7 v. 14, Isaiah prophesizes that ďa virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Immanuel.Ē In Matthew 1 v. 23, Matthew referred back to this prophecy and said that the birth of Jesus fulfilled this prophecy and His name shall be called ďEmmanuelĒ or GOD WITH US! This is what God put on my heart for this message that GOD IS WITH US! Do you really realize this? Whatever you are facing is very small when compared to God. He is bigger than anything that could ever come against you! All things were created by Him and for Him and by Him all things consist! (Colossians 1 v. 16, 17) With this fact in mind that GOD IS WITH US, is there any limitation as to what God can do with one person, who believes this and wants to be all that God wants him or her to be. The reason that many people recorded in the bible stepped out by faith, all by themselves, was this fact: They knew that if God be for them who could successfully stop or hinder them. Is their anyone or anything that can withstand the Almighty God? Is there anyone that could fight with God and win? Just ask Satan. He tried and was cast out of heaven.

In this message I want to show you what God can do with one sold out person. Just look at Gideon: In Judges 6, God speaks through an angel, who appears to a man named Gideon. In v. 12, God calls him a mighty man of valour, even when he is hiding from the enemy. God loves to call those things that are not, as though they are (Romans 4 v. 17). He is calling some of us successful, even when we donít feel like it. Advancing in Godís kingdom has nothing to do with feelings. In v. 16, God said that He would be with him and that he, Gideon, would defeat the enemy as one man. He was telling Gideon that all he needed was Him. He built up Gideonís faith in Him by telling him to go down and overhear what the enemy has to say about him. This was after God whittled his army down from 32,000 men to 300. Gideon needed 300, God only needed Gideon! This is why God wanted Gideon to hear what the enemy was saying about him i.e.: to build up his faith! He overheard an enemy soldier telling others about a dream that he had where the dream symbolized that Gideon was to destroy them.

They had a multitude of men, but were afraid of Gideonís God. The enemy soldier said that the defeat would be done by the Sword of the LORD through the sword of Gideon (Judges 7 v. 13 and 14). Gideon was encouraged by this and told his men that God had given them the victory! Do you realize how much Satan is afraid of you? Do you realize that the people that belong to him are afraid of you also? Gideon surrounded the enemy at night and told his men to break their pitchers and blow their trumpets at the same time. They did and the enemy was so startled that they killed each other! Gideon, even though he was greatly outnumbered in the natural, really had the enemy surrounded! This was all due to the fact that he obeyed Godís instructions and that GOD WAS WITH HIM! Do you see that if you are obeying God and that He is with you, that you have the enemy surrounded! You have the advantage over the enemy!

There is nothing or nobody that can stand in your way! Look at Jonathan the son of Saul, as recorded in 1 Samuel chapter 14, the enemy had Godís people surrounded and Israel only had two swords. Jonathan took one of these swords and ran towards the enemy. His armor bearer took the other sword and went with him. Itís nice to have spouses and friends that will go with you and help when God calls you to do something for Him. In this chapter it is recorded that Jonathan and his armor bearer were so brave that in the first slaughter that they killed 20 men (v. 14). This caused a trembling in the host (v. 15) and the enemy killed each other! (v.16)
Do you see what God can do with one person? Be that person today! Be willing to do what God called you to do alone and watch Him move for you! He will add to your team when the time is right but donít start adding people, by your own choice. The time that you spend alone with Him on an assignment is invaluable. He wants to prove to you that one person with God is the Majority! In the next message I want to talk about Nehemiah and the assignment that God gave him to do alone!

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