It ainít over till God says that it is over!

God has so many manifestations, so many ways that He can reveal Himself. One of them is that He is the "Finisher." You may be in a situation, where it seems that the devil is winning and you are running out of hope, but it is not over until God finishes or signs off on it! Everybody around you may be in agreement that you are finished but unless God agrees, you are not. In Exodus 14, it looked real bad in the natural for the Israelites: they were at the Red Sea with mountains at either side of them and the Egyptians closing in on them and wanting to bring them back to bondage. They failed to realize that if God told them at the original Passover that the angel of death was going to kill all the firstborn of Egypt and save them and led them out of Egypt, why would He let the Egyptians take them back? Why would He let them drown at the Red Sea? If God started their process of freedom why would He stop? "He that began a good work in you will perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ." Phil. 1 v. 6) The Egyptians thought that they had them in a trap but their God would not sign off on their destruction or return to Egypt. Again, if God doesnít sign off on something it doesnít happen!

Some people think that the devil has his own army and fights against God. On the contrary, the devil is part of Godís army. He still reports to God! Even though he rebelled against God and was cast down from heaven, he learned his lesson and is under direct orders from God! So many think that the devil has his own sovereign will and is a renegade. No! he reports to God. In the book of Job we see that he comes to God. Why did he come to God? To get his next assignment! God said "have you considered my servant Job? He was giving the devil his next assignment! The devil is still an angel, a fallen angel that reports to God! He works in Godís mail room and God is the CEO! All you have to do is stay close to the CEO and you wonít have any problem with the mail room clerk! If the mail room clerk sees that you are close to the CEO. He knows that there is no way to come against you successfully, because of your relationship with the CEO. The only time to have to be concerned about the devil is when you keep playing his game and keep satisfying the flesh! "Walk in the Spirit and you wonít fulfill the lust of the flesh! Your main prayer should be to ask God to conform you to the image of Jesus on a daily basis and speak scriptures into your live from the Epistles of Paul (Romans to Hebrews).

So, getting back to Exodus 14, God told Moses to stand still and see His salvation. God is trying to show you today not to run from the enemy but stand still till God comes on the scene for you. It may look like this is your demise but joy comes in the morning! The Lord blew on the Red Sea all night and by the morning the Red Sea was opened! God can do so much for you while you sleep! God made a way for His people and destroyed their enemies, because any enemy of His people is an enemy to Him! All Moses had to do was stretch forth a rod and God opened the Red Sea for His people and closed it on the enemy. (v. 21, 26). In your situation you may think that you have to fast 40 days (fasting is good when God tells you to do so) and moan and groan, but all He is asking you to do is stand still, trust Him and stretch forth you faith.

In John 11, Jesus was told that Lazarus had died, but He stayed still for four days. He wanted to get the most glory so He waited. You may be wondering why God hasnít done what He promised He would do, but His timing is perfect and He wants to make sure that He gets the most glory! What He promised, He is able to perform. Jesus had to push through all the doubt. In v. 32, Mary said to Jesus that if He was there, Lazarus would not have died. In v. 37, some said that Jesus could have caused him not to die. In v. 39, Martha said that her brother Lazarus stinks by now, that it is too late when Jesus asked that the stone in front of the grave be removed. He had to push through all this doubt and hold on to what His Father was going to do through Him and that was to raise Lazarus from the dead! Jesus is saying the same thing to you: push through all the doubt that may be around you and believe that the Finisher will finish the attack and deliver the victory to you.

All Jehoshaphat had to do was believe God when He said that the battle is the Lordís and that victory was his (2 Chronicles 20 v. 15). All he had to do was not to be moved by the fact that he was out numbered by the enemy and surrounded but believe God and all His power. God didnít sign off on Jehoshaphatís destruction, so it couldnít happen no matter what the circumstances "seem" to indicate! All Jehoshaphat had to eventually do was pick up the spoils of the enemy when God was "finished" with destroying them. They received the destruction that they intended for Godís people! The devil may try to use some people to destroy you but their attack is the only thing that will be destroyed because your God is a Warrior, Destroyer and the Finisher!

In 2 Kings 6 the enemy had surrounded Elisha and his servant was getting very nervous. Elisha told God to open his eyes and when God did he saw that God had His angels surrounding the enemy. God smote the enemy army with blindness and they surrender to Elisha. When you know that everybody reports to God, including the devil, it doesnít matter who has you surrounded or "boxed in." In reality, God has them surrounded. What the devil may start in your life, God permits it and finishes the attack in your favor. You canít lose when you belong to the LORD, because He is a winner!

Remember your God is the Finisher and wants to promote you through the attack. He is not going to sign off on the devilís plans for your life but sign off on your promotion!

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