He is the Father of the Breakthrough (2)

In the previous message I taught about the Father being the Breaker that went before us to give breakthrough! I used as a foundation scripture Micah 2 v. 13 where the word says that our King shall pass ahead of us and that He is our Breaker! There is always a sound that the Father wants to hear from us that initiates His role as the Breaker. That sound is the sound of praise and worship coming out of our mouths. When we worship Him He begins to move in His role as Breaker. He starts to move against our enemies. In Judges Chapter 1, the children of Israel asked the Father what tribe should lead them into battle (v.1). The Father answered and said that the tribe of Judah should go first! Judah means "Praise" and the word says in v. 4 that Judah did go up first and the Father delivered the Canaanites and the Perizzites into their hands! The Father was showing by this example that He requires praise from His people towards Him to win victory for them. In the last message I mentioned to you that the Father wrought a great victory for His people at Jericho when they shouted on the 13th time that they went around Jericho (once a day for 6 days and 7 times on the 7th day or 13 times). The number 13 is a blessed number. It is not "unlucky." "Luck" has nothing to do with us "Luck" is from Lucifer! We are "Blessed." This shout was the sound that the Father needed to hear and the Breaker broke down the walls. I also mentioned in the previous message that Jehoshaphat put his praise and worship leaders out front when he went into battle and the word says that when he did, the Father heard that "sound" of praise and "then" and only then did He set the enemy against each other(2 Chron 20 v. 22 and 23).

In Ezekiel Chapter 37, God showed Ezekiel a valley of dry bones. He told Ezekiel to prophesize to the dry bones and when he did there was noise and shaking and then the bones came together. When Ezekiel prophesized, this was the sound that God wanted to hear and then He made a sound when He brought bone to bone. God then breathe into them and they became an exceeding great army (v. 10). It all started when Ezekiel made the sound and the Breaker gave His people the Breakthrough! You see God is just waiting for the sound of praise on our behalf so He can move in His role as the Breaker and break through for you. Whatever you are facing today repent and just praise Him and He will move for you! If He moves somebody out of your life donít try to hold onto them! If you had a serious disease and God wanted to take it away from you, you wouldnít try to hold onto it, would you? That person that God wants to remove from your life could be like a serious disease in your life, let God remove him/her!

In I Samuel Chapter 17 the sound that God needed to hear before He won the victory for David against Goliath was the sound of praise coming out of Davidís mouth. Since David came onto the battle scene there was nothing but praise that came out of his mouth. He told Saul that when the lion and bear came against his sheep that the power of God came on him and he destroyed them (v. 34-36). He said in v. 37 that the same God that delivered him out of the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear would deliver him out of the hand of the Philistine! He then gave God the praise when he spoke back to Goliath and said that even though Goliath came at him with a sword and a spear he was coming at him in the Name of the LORD! (v. 45) He also said to Goliath that the LORD would deliver him into his hands and all the carcasses of the Philistine army. (v. 46) In the same verse he also said the whole earth would know that there is a God in Israel(v. 46) Do you see that David gave God the praise and when God heard this He as the Breaker broke forth for David and gave him the head of Goliath. In my book called "Seasons" (you can order it on the first page of my website-www.henrywalker.org) I mention that Goliath could be something in your life that is bigger than you. Once you repent and turn to God with your praise, He will move as your Breaker and deliver the breakthrough to you over that Goliath in your life. Your Goliath could be you! Ask God to conform you to the Image of Jesus and make this your number one prayer request. Go to the epistles of Paul (Romans-Hebrews) and speak scriptures into you life that God points out to help conform you into the image of His Son! Again this should be your number one prayer request i.e. to be like Jesus!

In Judges Chapter 7 Gideon told his men the plan that God gave him: surround the enemy and do exactly what Gideon does. He told them to blow the trumpets and break the pitchers, when he did (v. 16-20). This took faith for 300 men to surround 300,000 and wake them up, but this was the sound that God was waiting for! When God heard this sound of faith He, in His role as the Breaker caused the enemy to kill each other( v. 22). Also, before the battle, Gideon overheard the enemy telling the others about a dream that he had that the Sword of Gideon destroyed them. This dream spread throughout the camp of the enemy. Gideon told his men to shout "the Sword of the Lord, even the sword of Gideon." This was another sound that God needed to hear to unleash His wrath as the Breaker!

You see praise to your Father is the sound that He wants to hear to move as your Breaker and deliver the Breakthrough to you no matter that the "odds are against you" or that there are many people poised against you! Donít look to a man to help you, look to your Breaker!

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