He is the Father of the Breakthrough! #1


Yes! Our Father is the truly the Father of your breakthrough. In Micah Chapter 2 v. 13 the word says that "the breaker is come up before them: they have broken up and have passed through the gate and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them and the Father on the head of them." You see the Father goes ahead of you in every situation. He is your breaker! We should not try to go out ahead of Him but wait for Him to clear the way! Let Him run interference for you! In a football game you donít see the guy who is running with the football go ahead of his blockers. No! He waits for them to go first to clear an opening for him. If the one carrying the ball allows his blockers to create an opening he may gain a lot of yards. The Father takes great pleasure in breaking through and creating an opening for you. An example is in 2 Samuel Chapter 5: in v. 17, the word says that when the Philistines heard that David was made king they aligned themselves against him in the valley of Rephaim. You see when the Father promotes the devil may try to take you on! Higher levels may mean higher devils! You have to remember that if God gives you a promotion, He didnít make a mistake. He knows that you have the ability through Him to handle the "new territory." Those who He calls He also justifies! David inquired of the Father whether he should attack the Philistines and whether he would win. The LORD said yes to both questions and David did win. David said in v. 20 that the LORD had broken upon his enemies and he called the name of that place Baalperazim, or the place of the Breakthrough! He started to realize that his God was the God of the Breakthrough! The Philistines attacked again and this time God told David to wait for the sound of the wind going through the mulberry trees. When he heard this wind he would know that the Breaker had gone ahead of him (v. 23-25) He allowed God to go first and God wrought another great victory for His people. God takes great pleasure in winning victories for His people!

Another great example of God going before His people to give breakthrough is in Joshua Chapter 5. In v. 14 God appears to Joshua and tells him that He is the Captain of the Host. He was saying that as Captain, He was going to go ahead of him. God told Joshua in v. 2 that He had already given him Jericho which seemed so formidable and in surmountable. He wanted Joshua to see Jericho the way He saw it. He was actually telling Joshua that if he did it His way that He as the Breaker would go ahead of him and give him the victory. He gave Joshua the instructions to go around Jericho once a day for 6 days and seven times on the seventh day for a total of 13 times. So many think that the number thirteen is an "unlucky number." "Luck" has nothing to do with Godís people. The word "luck" comes from Lucifer. The number 13 is actually a number for breakthrough, a number to signify that your Jericho is about to come down and obliterated. They didnít even have to step over the walls as God had angels push the walls right into the ground so much so that the ground was flat! Joshua, under instructions from God told the people to let the Ark of the Covenant go ahead of them as they circled the walls. This was allowing the Breaker to go ahead of them! You see David had sense to allow God to run interference for him. Do you? On the seventh day right before the seventh time that they would go around the city, they began to shout. This shout was music in Godís ears as He knew that they believed that He would go before them. This is what you need to do with whatever you are facing: start lifting up your voice and hands and give God the biggest shout that you ever gave Him! When you do this God, the Breaker will go ahead of you and give you the victory, with very little effort on your part.

In Exodus Chapter 14, God gave His people a great victory when they stood still at the Red Sea and allowed the Breaker to go ahead and blow on the Red Sea to create a way where there seemed to be know way! All Moses had to do was not retreat and surrender to the Egyptians who were coming after them but stretch forth his rod and follow the Breaker across (v. 16). It took faith to follow the Breaker across the Red Sea as the water was walled high up on either side. It takes faith on your behalf to go forward after you were hit so hard by the enemy and follow your Breaker, but this is what you must do! You have come so far, there is no turning back. Moses stretched forth his rod again when the people made it to the other side and the Sea closed up on the enemies. The Breaker went ahead of them to open the Red Sea and the same breaker closed the Red Sea on the enemies. They never saw these enemies again, as the Breaker destroyed them (v. 30). The Breaker can do that for you today if you let Him: He can remove those people who Satan is using to hinder you, out of your life once and for all!

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 20, Jehoshaphat was surrounded by the enemy and he got his eyes on the Breaker and he believed God when He said that the battle was His! Do you believe that the battle that you are in is Godís responsibility to win and not yours? It will make the battle that much easier for you if you allow the Breaker to go ahead of you and destroy the power of the enemy! All Jehoshaphat had to do was send his praise and worship singers ahead of him and this sound initiated the coming of the Breaker on the scene (v.22). As they began to praise God He set an ambush against the enemy and they killed each other (v. 22, 23). The greatest effort that Jehoshaphat had to put forth was to pick up all the spoils off the dead bodies. It took him three days, thatís how much spoil there was!

In this message I believe God is trying to tell you that if you are serving Him your enemies become His enemies and He wants to go ahead of you as your Breaker and give you complete victory, no matter how many or how powerful your enemies are. You are the apple of Godís eye! An attack on you represents an attack on Him! Get to know Him as your Breaker today! Please contact me by going to the Contact Page if you would like to have more information on the ministry! God Bless!

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