Donít Move!

God gave me this message because the enemy is trying to get you to move from one place to another because Godís promises donít seem to be manifesting. This may be a physical place, your house, job, ministry or a relationship. You may be under a lot of pressure where you work and it seems that everybody there including the boss is against you. This may be so but you have to realize that if God be for you who can successfully fight against you. They may be surrounding you and putting all kinds of pressure on you, but donít move, God is ready to show up and out on your behalf! In 2 Samuel 23 v. 11-12, the word records that Shammah (one of the thirty most trusted men around David) had a lentil field. A whole troop of the enemy tried to take it but he defended it and won all by himself! The field was his and he wasnít going to let anybody take it away from him. If God joined you together, stay in that marriage! Donít let the devil destroy your family! Donít commit that act of adultery and destroy your family. Defend your family!

Donít let the devil force you off your job, the one that God gave you! Defend your position there! Go to warfare against the devil! Tell him that God gave it to you and you only will move when and if He says! Donít give up on your ministry and go back to secular work just because most people donít care or even know you exist! God will send the right ones who appreciate your ministry. It is only a matter of time. Donít relinquish the building that God gave you for the ministry just because only a few people show up. God will bring the increase! Just see that maybe God wants you to train the few that you have to be part of the foundation and stand with and help you when God sends more people. Donít move off the vision that God gave you just because the finances are not there to do so. God will always provide the provision for His vision! Donít move off of it. Just stand until you wear out the devil and his two-legged helpers! You can out last them! Just ask God for more strength!

An example of somebody not moving off the vision that God gave is Caleb! In Numbers 14, the word says in v. 6- 9, that he and Joshua were the only two spies that brought back a good report of the "new land." Forty five years later as recorded in Joshua Chapter 14, nobody wanted to go near Mt. Hebron in the Promised Land because of the enemies. Caleb said in v. 10 and 11 that his strength is as strong as it was 45 years ago when he stepped foot on Mt. Hebron, as he spied out the land. He held onto to the vision God gave him when he saw the land that God was bigger than the giants in the land. He took that mountain from the enemy and his whole family got blessed with the inheritance. He didnít move off the vision that God gave him because everybody else was afraid. Others were afraid 45 years ago when he first spied out the land and he overcame their doubt then and he overcame this unbelief again 45 years later!

In 2 Kings Chapter 6 v. 8-23 the word talks about Elisha and how God was warning him when and where the enemy was going to attack. The enemy king was so upset that he and his troops surrounded the city of Dothan where Elisha was. Elisha didnít run away or even flinch! He stood still and God struck the enemy with blindness and they all surrendered! God had the enemy surrounded with His angels! Even now some of you feel that the enemy has you surrounded but God really has your enemies in a sandwich between you and His angels! You speak the word as God prompts you and the plans of the enemies will be destroyed by God through His angels!

` In 1 Chronicles Chapter 20, Jehoshaphat was surrounded by the enemy and probably wanted to run away but God said donít move, the battle is His! All Jehoshaphat had to do was instruct his people to praise God and the enemy destroyed themselves, leaving the spoils for Jehoshaphat!

In Judges Chapter 6, even though the Midianites had surrounded Israel God told Gideon not to move and run but that He would defeat them though Gideon, which He did! All Gideon had were 300 men against an army of about 300,000 but he followed Godís instructions by surrounding the enemy and surprising them. Only God could surround more people with a whole lot less! You may feel outnumbered but No! God has them surrounded! This enemy that attacked Israel wound up killing each other when they were totally surprised. Surprise your enemy today, refuse to move off of what God gave you and watch God move on your behalf! Most promotions stir up jealousy. If God promotes you donít be surprised at jealousy towards you and donít be moved by it!

Another example of Elisha not moving off the promises of God is in 2 Kings 6 v. 32. The city of Samaria was surrounded by the Syrians and people were eating their children. The king of Israel blamed the man of God and sent men to kill Elisha but it says in this verse that Elisha stood still! He didnít move and try to escape. The plan was revealed to him by God and they seized the man! Then the word of the Lord came to Elisha that the next day the famine would be over and the siege would end. This happened because a man of God stood still. Do you see what one person standing on Godís word and not budging can do? Be that one person today and watch God move for you, despite the circumstances. Donít Move!

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