I want to use 1 Cor. 5 v. 17 as a foundation scripture for this message: "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new. I believe God wanted me to write this message to let you know that even though it might have been years since God promised you something, He is getting you ready to see and receive it-Behold! You have been pushing for Christ for so long and believing and believing for breakthrough. Well now it is here! The devil and some of his two-legged devils tried to discourage you, but you held on to Godís promise. You see, the devil fights and fights to stop blessings but eventually he loses and they come your way. God overpowers his resistance. It is all a matter of Godís timing. So donít give up and donít believe that your circumstances are the final word. Godís word is the final word! Paul referred to this by saying in 2 Cor. 4 v. 18 that the things that are seen (circumstances) are temporal (subject to change).

In Isaiah Chapter 35, God is telling His people that even though the enemy is getting ready to attack, they will blossom abundantly and rejoice!(v.2) God said in v. 4 that He will come on the scene with vengeance against their enemies. You see that when you are following God wholly, your enemies become His enemies! After this, the enemy attacked and sieged Jerusalem. The enemy tried "scare tactics" and threats to try to get them to surrender but God intervened. He said in Chapter 37 v. 33 that the enemy will not even be able to come against the city, just stay inside the walls. He said that He would defend the city to save it for His owns sake. God then assigned "one" angel to kill 185,000 of the enemy. The word says in v. 36 that behold they were all dead corpses. You see God is telling you the same thing today i.e. that even though you feel surrounded, just donít move off His word, your God will come and fight for you and behold the battle and the siege will be over!

In Exodus 14, the Israelites had left Egypt and were now facing the Red Sea in front of them and mountains on either side. God had brought them out but can He bring them into their promised land? God blew out of His nostrils and opened the Red Sea for them and the sea closed on their enemies after they passed through! When they looked for their enemies, behold they were all washed up on the shore!

In the book of Acts, Jesus told His apostles before He ascended that they should tarry in Jerusalem until the Holy Ghost comes upon them and they receive power. In Chapter 2 the word said that "suddenly" there came a sound from heavenÖ.. The infilling of the Holy Ghost was starting to happen, behold here it is. He was worth waiting for! Their lives were never the same after that. They had such power and boldness! In Acts chapter 5 v. 29, they were so bold that they told the authorities that they have to obey God rather than men, when they were threatened by them. Godís power was so evident in their lives that the authorities told them-"behold you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine." (v. 28). Their power that they had received on Pentecost was now evident to their enemies! Maybe this is what you need against the circumstances that you are facing i.e. more power! Just repent and ask God to fill you with His Spirit right now in Jesus Name! In Acts Chapter 4 after the apostles were arrested, threatened and released, they asked for more boldness and more signs and wonders in their ministries! (v. 29 and 30) Behold! The place was shaken by the Spirit of God and they were re-filled with the Holy Ghost. Maybe this is what you need today, a fresh infilling. Just ask and receive! He is a God that loves to refresh! This prayer was answered later on as recorded in Chapter 5: Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Ghost and God killed them on the spot (v. 3-10). God also answered their prayer by performing many other signs and wonders among the people through His apostles! (v. 12-15). The very least of these signs and wonders was that even people under the shadow of Peter were healed! Maybe the key to the circumstances that you are facing today is that you need God to bring more power out of your life. The only way that this can happen is for you to decrease so He can increase more of His power coming out of you! Make as your number one prayer to allow the Spirit of God to conform you to the image of Jesus and while in that process God will pour more of His power out of you! Read, meditate and speak into your life the Epistles (Romans to Revelation). This will allow the Holy Spirit to bring correction and conform you to the image of Jesus (Romans 8 v. 29).

In Acts Chapter 27, Luke tells a story about him and Paul on a ship heading for Rome that is being threatened by a storm. Everybody on board is scared but an angel appeared to Paul and told him that he would get to Rome safely and that all who stayed on board and not try to escape will survive! It sure looked bad but behold! All made it safely to Melita even though the ship was lost! (v.44) Behold! Paul even made it to Rome where he was no longer a prisoner but taught the word in his own hired house! (28 v.31) You see, donít try to escape the storm that you are in. The same storm mayl come around again, if you do. Just stand on His word and abide in Him! He will bring you out of it safely and behold! You will be at your intended destination!

Again, you may be under attack by Satan trying to get you to doubt Godís promises but one day you will shout Behold! Here it is!

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