Complete Reversal


How many of you could use a complete reversal of what is coming against you? One of the main truths about the celebration of Pentecost (just ended May 19) is that those who seem to have the advantage over someone now lose that advantage. The apostles in the upper room were running away from the authorities after Jesus was crucified but now fifty days later they are back in Jerusalem waiting for the promise of the Holy Ghost. When the Holy Ghost filled them, people from all over Jerusalem came looking for and listening to the apostles after hearing the sound from heaven (Acts 2 v. 6). The authorities now came to them for help. What a reversal! You see God wants to reverse the situation and give you the authority over the ones who are trying to control you. An example would be... a bank is coming after you because you are late on your mortgage payments. God blesses you so much that not only do you pay off your mortgage but now pay off other mortgages, causing the bank a big headache. A bank makes a lot of money on mortgage payments. Do you see how God can completely turn a situation around? A person could be dying of cancer, gets healed and God now uses that person to bring healing to many others! Wow! The power of God! You see, God doesn’t get any glory in your life if you are sick and suffering. Let God reverse the sickness and bring you to compete recovery now in Jesus Name!

In Joshua 7 after God gave His people Jericho as a great victory, His people decided to go after a small city by the name of Ai. They did not consult with God and went headlong into defeat (v. 4, 5). God revealed that there was sin in the camp. Achan had taken of the spoils in Jericho (forbidden by God). This sin was exposed and God told them to go against Ai again and gave them a plan. This time they came to God first. God told them to go against the enemy again and run away from them like the first time. He told them to station men behind the city so when all the men of Ai came after the Israelites as they pretended to run away, they could burn the city. They did this and when the enemy looked behind them and saw their city burning they got scared. The Israelites who burned the city now came behind the enemy, and caught them in a sandwich. What a reversal! God gave them a complete reversal, because they consulted with Him and He gave them a plan of victory. When Joshua was observing how strong and formidable Jericho was, God appeared to him and Joshua asked Him… what is the plan Lord? (Joshua 5 v. 14) You see, the Israelites got in trouble when they didn’t consult with God for a plan and got overconfident after the victory of Jericho. For some people, the time immediately after a victory could be very dangerous. Some really let their guard down.

Look at Paul in Acts Chapter 27. He was taken as a prisoner and sent on a ship to Rome. While on board, God uses him to encourage those on the ship and when he got to Rome he was a free man and taught people in his own hired house with nobody forbidding him (Acts 28 v.30, 31). Only God can reverse the plans of the enemy so effectively!

In Ezekiel Chapter 37 v. 1, 2, God shows Ezekiel a vision of a valley of dry bones. God told him to prophesize to the dry bones and he did. After he prophesized, the bones come to life and became an exceeding great army (v. 10). Only God can bring strength out of weakness and bring an army out of weak people. He is doing that to you and I. Once we became born again, He started to transform us into the image of His Son, as we permitted Him to do so. No more are we people of defeat but we are now victorious and more than conquerors through Him! What a complete reversal! Please continue to allow Him to remake us into the image of His dear Son. Read the Epistles from Romans to Revelation and speak the scriptures that God points out to you into your life. Let Him cleanse you as a result of you reading and speaking the word into your life! (2 Corinthians 7 v. 1, 2)

In 2 Chronicles Chapter 20, Jehoshaphat is surrounded by the enemy and heavily out numbered. He got his eyes back on God and God told him that the battle is His. He told Jehoshaphat to go against the enemy the next day by sending out his praise and worship leaders first. As they sang praises to God, the enemy started to kill each other. (v. 22, 23). It took Jehoshaphat 3 days to pick up all the spoils! Look at the Complete Reversal… One day he was surrounded and the next day the enemy is defeated by God. His enemy was wiped out and could not bother him again! In addition, God gave him all their spoils. God can do the same thing for you today, bring a complete reversal of what the enemy and his two legged devils are trying to do to you! God can cause you to posses all they have! Do you believe this today?

In Exodus Chapter 14, God’s people were facing the Red Sea and the enemy behind them. They had no where to go but either straight ahead or back to Egypt. They trusted God and He opened the Red Sea for them. What a complete reversal! One day they were in great fear and the next day they were on the other side. Not only that, their enemies were totally destroyed and God's people never saw or had to deal with them again! God can do the same thing for you i.e. remove those people out of your life once and for all. You never have to see or deal with them again. Maybe the enemy is trying to get you to go back to Egypt, which is a type of sin. Just hold on! Help is on the way. God is ready to provide a way of escape (1 Cor. 10 v. 13) and take you to the other side of complete victory over the sin that use to "easily beset you"!

Jacob was known as a supplanter, as he tricked his brother Esau out of the birthright and blessing from their father Isaac. In Genesis Chapter 32, Esau was on his way to see him again, after years of separation and Jacob being scared cried out to the Lord. Jacob wrestled with God till the break of day and God changed his name to Israel, "for as a prince has thou power with God and man and has prevailed."(v. 28) God did a complete reversal of his name to mean a prince and one who had power with God. Also, when he did see Esau again, God reversed the hatred that Esau had towards Jacob and they had a great and loving reunion (Chapter 33 v 4-16).

God can completely reverse the plans that Satan and his two legged helpers have for you and deal a blow to them that was meant for you. Just stay close to God, realize that God controls everything and everybody and expect a complete reversal in your favor. I believe this for you in the mighty Name of Jesus.

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