In Luke Chapter 4 v. 1, the word says that Jesus being filled with the Holy Ghost was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Some donít believe that God would lead anybody into a wilderness experience. A wilderness experience sometimes happens right before a promotion, new revelation, new assignment or breakthrough. Look at Moses in Exodus Chapter 3; He was hiding in the backside of the desert when God showed him a burning bush that was not being consumed! God is trying to show you right now that when the devil was threatening to wipe you out, he never was able to, so why worry now? God said in v. 7 and 8 that He had heard the cries of His people in bondage in Egypt and was coming down to deliver them and bring them into a new land. A wilderness experience can lead you into a new land of opportunity! God said in v. 10 that He wanted to use Moses to bring this deliverance about. You see, this dry time that Moses was going through was just a preparation for the new assignment that God gave him. So take courage that the wilderness was ordained by God to prepare you for His work. God controls everything and everybody!

Back to Luke 4: You see Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness for a purpose. Even though Jesus is God, as a man Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit(v.1) but the word says in v. 14 that He came out in the power of the Holy Spirit! So, something happened between v. 2-13 that gave Jesus the power of the Holy Spirit. As we study what happened we see that Satan tried to test Him in three areas: pride of life, lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes (1 John 2 v.16). He wanted Jesus to change stones into bread (lust of the flesh), showed him all the kingdoms of the world that He could have (lust of the eyes) and told Him to jump off the pinnacle of the temple, so people would accept Him as the Messiah (pride of life). These were all valid temptations as Jesus was hungry after fasting, He did want to take back what Satan took from Adam and He did want the people to accept Him as Messiah. You see, God wanted all these things to happen in His life but in His timing, not Satanís. Jesus said in Matt. 28 v.19 after He rose from the dead that "all power is given unto me." He did get back what Adam gave up! After this temptation angels came and ministered to Jesus, so He did get food. Eventually, He was and is recognized as being the Messiah.

Jesus resisted Satan and He came out with more power! The way to get more power from God is to go through a wilderness experience, to be in a situation where you decrease in the flesh so you can increase in the spirit. The more you allow the Spirit to mortify the deeds of the flesh, the more power God can bring out of you! The way to go up with God is go down! John the Baptist said that he must decrease so Jesus can increase in Him! The more you allow God to control the flesh, the more He can use you! The fame that Satan wanted to give Jesus was nothing compared to the fame that God gave Him. In v. 14, the word says that there went out a fame of Him throughout the entire region round about. The power that God brought out of Jesus was exhibited as He read from Isaiah in the synagogue in His home town. He read where Isaiah describes the Messiah who was to come and Jesus said in v. 21 that He was the Messiah. This took the power of God to declare that. You have to imagine that all His relatives were in the synagogue that day to hear Him. As Jesus declared that He was the Messiah, they all took Him to the brow of the hill and wanted to throw Him down. "All" is all! He had power to say the truth even though His relatives were there and no doubt participated in the taking Him to the brow of the hill! He also had power to walk right through them! You see, the wilderness or dry period that you are going through is preparing you to escape the plans of the enemy. He is also giving you the power to stand against even your own love ones if necessary, in order to obey God. You see Satan wanted Jesus to focus on Himself but Jesus read from Isaiah 61 where the word says that the Messiah would preach the gospel to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, etc. Jesus was saying that His Father wants me to not be concerned about me but what I can do to help others. This is the same for you and me: God wants us to have more power to help others and as we do He will take care of us. This is the real secret of obtaining more power from God; be willing to use it to help others be free and blessed!

In v. 31, the word says that Jesus went into Capernaum and taught with power and all were astonished! In v. 33, it is recorded that He cast out an unclean spirit from a man, in the synagogue. People were wondering where He got all the authority and power. He got it from His Father by going "through" the wilderness and resisting the devil after submitting to His Father. James said in James 4 v. 7 "Submit to God resist the devil and he will flee." The preparation of the wilderness is what God wanted in order for Jesus to exhibit His power! He wants the same for you! The infilling of the Holy Ghost is to give you more power (Acts 1 v. 8). The filling of the Holy Ghost is like digging the well. After the infilling of the Holy Ghost, more power can only come out as you decrease in the flesh! You have to pump the well by allowing the Holy Spirit to prime the pump by mortifying the deeds of the flesh.

Please read the epistles from Romans through Revelation and ask the Holy Spirit to point out scriptures that you need to speak into your life to help mortify the deeds of the flesh. As you do, you will start conforming to the image of Jesus, where God can bring more power out of you to help others and trust you with more of His riches! This is the only way for more power!

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