The most important thing that we have in our lives outside of being saved and our relationship with Christ is our purpose! Your purpose is the reason you were conceived, born and alive today. This is one of the reasons why abortion is so terrible. It robs a life of purpose and all his or her descendants!

The biggest enemy to purpose is the spirit of antichrist. In 1 John 2 v. 18ó19, John mentions that the spirit of antichrist took people out of his ministry, out of purpose. But, he said in v. 20, that you have an unction from the Holy One and that you know all things. He is telling us that we should know our purpose from the Holy Spirit and if we do we would not be moved from it. In v. 27, John identifies this purpose as the anointing that abides in you. Your purpose is you. It is Godís anointing combined with your personality and attacks from the past that have shaped your purpose, or your anointing! You are unique and have a unique purpose! Donít let this spirit of antichrist stop or even slow down your purpose! Let me show you an example from the word how this spirit tried to stop Davidís purpose: In 1 Samuel 16, the word said that Samuel went to Jesseís house to anoint one of his sons to be king. God passed over every one of Jesseís sons, but chose David. God used Samuel to anoint David as king. This was the start of Davidís purpose. In 1 Samuel 17 v. 1, the first word is "now." After God revealed His purpose for David, the stage was now set for his purpose to develop. A battle, a situation was being held up until he arrived. This situation was even prophesized when Samuel told Jesse in Chapter 16 v. 11, that they would not eat until David came. This battle is recorded in Chapter 17 could not happen until David arrived. This battle was Davidís path to purpose! The first thing that came against David to stop him from purpose was the fact that a giant came against him by the name of Goliath. He was called a champion! You see, when you are on the path to purpose, the first thing that will come against you is the Spirit of Fear, who considers him self to be a champion. You have to realize that God has a purpose for you and this spirit canít stop you! Goliath was so big that his shield was probably bigger than David. In v. 16, the word declares that the giant was speaking against Davidís God and trying to put fear into the hearts of the people for about 40 days. This is another trick of the spirit of antichrist; he wants to make you think that his attack is going to go on for ever! It is not! God can end it at anytime. The word says in v. 24 that the whole army was afraid of what Goliath was speaking. This was that spirit of fear again! Also, the bible records in v. 28 that Eliab, Davidís eldest brother, came against him and accused him of pride, for coming into the battle. In v. 30, the word seems to indicate that the other brothers accused David of the same thing! He had to get pass members of his own family to push into purpose! You may have to do the same! Your family remembers your past. They judge your future by your past. God doesnít! He knows your end from your beginning! When God looks at you, He sees your end, not your beginning. It doesnít matter how you started. It only matters how you end up! Jesus is called the Alpha and Omega (Rev. 1 v. 8) i.e. the Beginning and the End! He has our end in sight. That is why He calls those things that are not as though they are (Romans 4 v.17). When God calls you into purpose, you canít always confer with flesh and blood, especially those who know your past. In the natural, it would have been easy for David to listen to his brothers, especially his oldest, as they knew him well. He could have said that "they are all in agreement against me, I have to be wrong." "After all, they know me so well. They grew up with me."

In. v 33, Saul tried to talk him out of purpose by saying that he was young and couldnít fight against Goliath as he was a man of war! This was also a spirit of distraction trying to get David to look upon his own incapabilityís and not on God. Just as Joshua and Caleb did not look on their own capabilities but knew that the enemy in the land was bread for them, because of how big their God is, so can you bring back a good report (Numbers 14, v. 7-9). The fact that Saul, the king, a person in authority, tried to talk him out of purpose was a challenge in the flesh! You too canít allow people in authority to influence you from following your God into purpose. You have to respect authority, but not when that authority tries to come between you and God. If God said to do it, do it! Just like Mary said about her son Jesus-"whatever He says to do, do it" (John 2 v.5) This was a hard test for David, as Saul was a trained warrior, but David realized that he was too. He told Saul that a lion and a bear came against his sheep and the power of God came on him and he destroyed them with his own hands. He was a trained warrior, one who allowed the Spirit of God to fight through him. He had a practiced faith and knew that if God delivered him before that He would do it again! How about you? If God delivered you before, canít He deliver you from the spirit of antichrist that is trying to stop you from what God called you to be? This is your entrance into purpose, into destiny, donít back down now! In v. 43, the word records that Goliath disdained him and spoke words trying to frighten him, but David answered him back with no fear! Goliath said that he would destroy him, but David remembered that God revealed His purpose for him (to be King) through Samuel and he held onto this prophecy. He probably said that if God called me to be king, how can this giant defeat me? How can he stop my end? Paul told Timothy that by the prophecies that went before him to war a good warfare (1Timothy 1 v. 18). This is why it is so important to have a prophetic ministry in your life; to confirm your destiny, encourage you about your destiny, to remind you of your destiny and to help train you for your destiny . We know that David killed Goliath and wrought a great victory for his people. Even when Goliath fell down from the force of the stone that he hit Goliath with, David wanted to make sure that he was dead by cutting off his head. David wanted nothing to stand in the way of his purpose. He made sure that the enemy of his purpose was destroyed.

Please make sure that this enemy of your purpose is not successful in its desire to rob you of your destiny. This spirit of antichrist would like to use anybody that it can to distract you from and keep you out of purpose! Keep focused on Christ. Let Him reveal your purpose and abide in your purpose only. Donít stray into a purpose that your flesh leads you into that is out of your destiny. Donít let people talk you into something that will rob you of time that you need to spend in your true purpose.

Be watchful! You only have one purpose and one destiny!

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