Stand! # 2

In the last message, we talked about how the spirit of antichrist wants to keep you out of purpose and have you relent from your stand with and for Christ. In Genesis 12, the Bible records that God told Abram to go into Canaan and that He gave him and his seed the land (v. 7 and 8)! In v. 10, it is recorded that Abram left where God sent him and went into Egypt, because there was a famine. He compromised and left the land that God gave to Him! In Egypt, Abram was so afraid of the Egyptians that he told Pharoah that Sarah, his wife was his sister. He compromised on God because of fear and looking at the circumstances in Egypt. Again, he compromised by leaving Canaan and going to Egypt. You too may be in a place where it seems so hard and the spirit of distraction is trying to get you to focus on circumstances that seem to be against the promise God made to you. The devil is trying to get you to move out of where God wants you to be, where the blessing will be manifested! So many of Godís blessing are "site required." You have to be in the physical location that God ordained for you! In Chapter 13, it is recorded that Abram went back to Canaan where God originally sent him (v. 3)! You too can come back to where God told you to go originally. God can give you a "new beginning" at any time! God deals with us at times like a circle- when you lose an opportunity, He can bring it around again! When He does, it is bigger and greater than the opportunity that you lost! Praise Him! When Abram got to Canaan after a period of time, he and his nephew Lot had so much substance that the land was not big enough for both of them (v. 6). After he separated from Lot, God showed him all his promised land and said that his seed would be like the dust of the earth! You see, he got back to where God intended him to be and got his blessing back. You too can return back to your "promise land." Just repent and ask God to restore! However, it would be a lot better if you would "stand "and not run away next time!

In Daniel Chapter 1, the king wanted some of the "wise men" in his province to promote for positions near his throne. The candidates were supposed to eat the kingís meat and drink the kingís wine. Daniel and the three Hebrew children took a stand and refused to eat the kingís food and drink his wine. They ate healthy food and told the people in charge to let them do so and test them after 10 days. They refused to compromise and be like the other "wise men." After this ten day period, the king found them healthier and 10 times more wise that the other magicians and astrologers in the kingdom! They were promoted to be positioned near the throne of the king because they refused to compromise! You too can advance in the kingdom of God by standing on what is right and godly.

In Daniel Chapter 3, the three Hebrew children refused to bow down to the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up. They told the king that if God rescued them or not from the fiery furnace that they still would not bow down to him. They only served and bowed down to their God! Do we have the same attitude or do we lift people up to a position greater than God? Do we serve men or God? Do we allow people to make decisions for us or do we go to God first? Do you allow your Pastor or Bishop to be a god to you or do you maintain your position with God that you got when you were "born again"? He used to be "Number One" until you got messed up with religion and its trappings. It is important to be under authority but God is still the ultimate authority! We canít let anybody interfere with our fellowship and relationship with God. God showed up in the fiery furnace and there is no indication that the three Hebrew children ever saw him. They didnít need to see Him. They knew that God would be with them no matter what He permitted in their lives! Do you have that same knowledge? He will never give you any more than you can take but by the temptation provide a means of escape (1Cor. 10 v. 13). Donít compromise to the circumstances that are facing you. Jesus will always "show up" and "out" for you! God showed up for the three Hebrew children, delivered them and got them promoted (Daniel 3 v. 30).

In Daniel Chapter 6, Daniel was threatened by the lions den, but refused to stop praying to his God. He suffered no harm in the lions den and he got promoted also. The enemies that entrapped him were killed, as he escaped! You canít lose when you serve God and refuse to compromise!

In 2 Kings Chapter 18, the word says that Hezekiah refused to serve the king of Assyria who wanted to attack them and as a result, God prospered him wherever he went (v.7). Later, the king of Assyria invaded the ten tribes up north and captured them. Hezekiah was afraid when he heard this as he was king over the two tribes down south. He felt that the enemy had power and could invade them also. He was not afraid earlier, but as the enemy applied more pressure, he gave in! Hezekiah gave the king of Assyria all the gold and silver from the temple of God to bribe him from attacking. He really compromised! The enemy attacked anyway! Isnít this just like Satan and his two-legged devils? They promise so much but never deliver! Godís promises are yea and Amen! The Lord delivered them, as one angel killed 285,000 of the enemy and they all retreated home (Isaiah 37 v. 36-38). If you are standing all alone with God, donít compromise. God controls everything and everybody. All things were created by Him and for Him and by Him all things consist (Colossians 1 v. 16, 17).

Jesus never compromised on His way to dying for us. Peter tried to talk Him out of dying for us and He was pressured in the Garden of Gethsemane, but He never compromised! He relied on His Father for strength and so can we! If you stand for Him He will stand for you! Stephen stood up for Jesus and was martyred. As a result, he saw Jesus standing up for Him (Acts 7 v. 55-60). Stand on His word, not on your feelings or circumstances! Heíll move for you!