How many of you are looking for a New Beginning? So many were waiting for their new beginning on January 1. For many, their New Beginning didn’t happen. What went wrong? Did you ever think that January 1st. is not the beginning of the year, according to the Father? The Romans made January 1st. the start of the year. I am not saying that you shouldn’t observe January 1 as the beginning of the year for business and tax purposes. What I am saying is that in your dealings with the Father you have to get on His timetable. He will not adjust to ours. He has particular seasons of how He wants to move and deal with us. We need to recognize them. The new year according to the Bible starts on Nissan 1 on the Jewish calendar (Exodus 12 v. 1). Nissan 1 fell at 6:00 P.M. Mar. 13, on the Gregorian Calendar this year. Mar. 13 was the beginning of the year, according to the Father. January to March is a time where the Father is “preparing” some of His people for their New Beginning.

This a season of preparation, a season of making sure that we continue to allow the Father to conform us to the image of His dear Son. If we do it the Father's way we will be prepared spiritually to receive His blessings in the natural. The Father can sovereignty give someone a New Beginning at anytime, but generally speaking he reserves His greatest blessings for His seasons! These last three months of the year could be the most prosperous of our lives. Don't close out the year on Dec. 31. You can't arbitrarily close out a year. Only the Father can and He has His timetable, not man's. A student can't end a course. Only a teacher can close out a course, when He is finished. You could be closing out the Father's blessings which He hasn't done yet, in your mind. This can be translated into your spirit when you close out the year. Don't base your spiritual walk with Yahshua on man's schedule. So many "bring in the New Year" on Jan. 1 and they are really wasting their time and losing sleep. He says that he wants to crown our year with "fatness." Again, the Father could be ready to bless you so much in these last three months. You see, the Father deals with us on a yearly basis (See my book "Noon." You can read this book on my web site under "Messages" on the bottom of the Page. You can also see my other book "Is the Trinity Really a Mystery? at the same location.). Beginning with the first month of the year the Father has a timetable to do a work in our lives by the end of the year. Don't cut short His work by joining the majority of the world and closing out the year on Dec. 31. 

In the Bible, the beginning of the Year is the time when kings went to battle. This time right now is getting some of us ready to advance against the enemy by the springtime. The same way that everything starts to grow on the earth again in the springtime, is the same way God wants to start a spiritual New Beginning during the same time. As God gave Joshua the battle plan in the book of Joshua 6 v. 1 and 2, He wants to give us new warfare strategies for the beginning of the year. It is such a important time to sit in God’s presence and listen to our “General” give us new battle plans. He knows everything about Satan, our enemy and wants to help us to be at least one step ahead of him. January to March is not a time for marching forward into something new unless He specifically instructs you. We need to recognize His season. For a farmer, there is always a time of preparation first, before the Harvest. The same principle carries over into the spiritual.

January to March is also a time where God is positioning us for key assignments, to be promoted.. This happened to Daniel and the three Hebrew children. They had to go through a time of pressure and preparation but they were positioned into promotion (Daniel 2 v. 49 and 6 v. 28). You see God could be allowing that pressure in your life to make you like a pearl or a diamond. Both became beautiful, only after pressure. Pressure can bring increase and increase brings pressure. Allow God to work on you. The pressure that He allows in your life drives you closer to Him and builds up the anointing.
After Jesus rose from the dead, He spent 40 days with the apostles, dealing with them about certain issues in their lives (Acts 1 v. 3). He got them ready for their New Beginning on Pentecost (Acts 2 v. 1-4). He positioned them right in the midst of the same authorities that they were afraid of earlier, before Jesus died. He wants to deal with us about certain issues in our lives, in order to clear them out of the way, so He can bless us. He wants His holy blessings to be received by holy hands.

Read the Epistles from the book of Romans to the book of Revelation and apply the scriptures contained in these books (that God shows you) to your life to help you to be conformed to the image of Jesus. Please let Him deal with you in this season of preparation so you can finally receive what He has for you, on His time table! This is the only way to receive your New Beginning from God.