Earned Authority (5)


We have been using Acts. 19 v. 13-16 as base scriptures for the last four messages on "Earned Authority." Here in Acts., the demons mention to the seven sons of Sceva that they know Jesus and they know Paul but didnít know them. How did Paul get mentioned in the same sentence as Jesus? He had to achieve a level where the devil was terrified of him, similar to the fear he had for Jesus. How did Paul achieve this or better yet how was Jesus able to achieve in Paul this level of respect that the devil had for him? We have been studying the writings of Paul and trying to glean from his writings some instructions on how to have this exalted authority and increased anointing flowing out of us! We want the devil to be as terrified of us as he was of Jesus. Letís continue.

Paul talked in 2 Cor. 6 v.6 Ė 11 about "giving." We always applied these verses to money but Paul is also talking about the giving of our lives to Jesus, vessels for His use. In v. 6 he talks about sowing sparingly. How often do we talk about Jesus to others? How much time do we spend in prayer in the presence of Jesus? Do we present our bodies as living sacrifices to Him? (Romans 12 v. 1) Are we tithing our time to Him? Are we going beyond our tithing of time to Him and are we giving Him offerings of time i.e. more than ten percent of our time? In order to have this Exalted Authority over the enemy we have to remember that God is the Boss and He wants access to use us "whenever." Do we just give Him the leftover time after our favorite program on T.V.? These are questions that we need to ask ourselves. We are called to allow God to destroy the works of the enemy in peopleís lives through us. We are called to be "busy for Him." In 2 Cor. 6 v. 10, Paul said that God is able to make all grace abound towards us and that we would have all sufficiency in all things. No matter what situation we come in contact with in our helping people, by the fact that we are giving our time to Him, He will bring out an anointing that is sufficient in every situation!

In 2 Cor. 10 v. 3-6, Paul talks about the real war which is the devil attacking our minds. Paul said to tear down strongholds and cast down all imaginations and bring every thought captive to Jesus(v.4). If you give place to the devilís thoughts and start believing his suggestions, you canít operate in Godís anointing effectively. The devil wants to wear you down with thoughts of unbelief and unworthiness to hamper God bringing more anointing out of you. You have to reject these thoughts and bring them to Jesus.

In Chapter 11, v. 3, Paul talked about the simplicity of Christ and how the devil wants to hinder you in this area. You donít need long prayers or days of fasting to set somebody free. All you have to do is believe that the person you are ministering to belongs to God (or potentially does) and allow God to minister through you to them. The simplicity that Paul talked about is allowing the Father to be a Father to His children and minister to them in what ever capacity that He desires. It is not anything complex and it is not about you or I. God is the One doing the ministering.

Paul mentions in Galatians 5 v. 1 to stand fast in Christís liberty and not to be tangled up in bondage again. Sometimes your biggest enemy is the bondage of "religion." Religious people may talk you out of what God wants to do through you because they canít feel that God can use you all by yourself. They want you to be dependent on them, believing that you canít hear from God yourself. You need to find God for yourself! You need to have a relationship with Jesus to such an extent that you can stand all by yourself with Him. Paul said that in Jesus he moves and has his being. He knew that he couldnít breathe without Jesus. Donít be dependent on "people." God may have someone in your life temporarily and you want them long term. Some are just "boosters" to get you to the next level. After awhile they have to separate, just like the booster of a rocket launched from Cape Kennedy. Donít try to hold onto someone, like a prayer partner. They may be called by God to another prayer assignment. You may be relying on them to pray but God is saying that you can reach Him for your self. After all, you got saved-just you and God. He reached you and you responded. Maybe somebody else may have given you the words to say, but He spoke to your heart and you responded. Please carry over this relationship to everyday life and allow Him to use you no matter who agrees or not. Religion is never going to agree with you if God asks you to do something that they canít understand. Religion does not want you to be independent with Jesus but dependent on them. It is good to consult with people who are your "cover" but if they donít have your "heart" towards Jesus, they wonít agree with a "radical assignment" that He gives you. You have to be prepared to do the assignment alone! Just you and Jesus! He is all you need.

As you are willing to do it alone, this is when He will send "help" (1 Sam. 14 v. 7). This "help" will have your heart and be totally behind your "vision." In this Chapter (1 Samuel 14) Jonathan was willing to go alone against the enemy and as a result of this bravery his armor bearer wanted to go with Him. God caused the enemy to tremble as Jonathan approached them and the enemy started killing each other. Nehemiah stepped out in faith to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall. He didnít tell anybody his vision until God brought the right ones to him (Nehemiah 2 v. 12, 17, and 18). He stepped out alone and everything and everyone that he needed was provided for! Be that leader that God wants you to be and step out in faith with the vision He gave you. Heíll give provision for the vision and people to help do it. These "people" may not be the ones that others may choose but God "chose" them.

In closing, Paul mentioned in Ephesians 3 v. 20 that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us. God wants to do a great work in us by studying the epistles that Paul wrote and taking his advice. He then wants to do a work through us. He wants us to have this Earned Authority, this increased anointing where the devil is so terrified of you, similar to the fear that he had of Jesus, but it can only come by crucifying the flesh with the lusts thereof. We have to turn the flesh over to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to mortify the deeds of the flesh (Romans 8 v. 13). Please read the Epistles of Paul (Romans to Hebrews) and speak the scriptures that God points out into your life. If you turn you flesh over to the Holy Spirit, follow His corrections and make your number one prayer to be conformed to the image of Jesus, it is no telling how much anointing God can bring out of you. The devil will truly know your name!

Cleanse yourself from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord (2 Cor. 7 v. 1)

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