Earned Authority (4)

We have been using Acts. 19 v. 13-16, as a foundation scripture in the prior messages. Here Paul was mentioned in the same sentence as Jesus. What an honor, but what a responsibility when the demons said "Yahshua we know and Paul we know, but who are you"? We have been studying the writings of Paul to teach us how to allow God to bring more anointing out of our lives. We want to become the devilís worst nightmare! Letís continue this study:

In 1 Cor.12 v. 15-31, Paul talked about different parts of the human body and compared it to the Body of Christ. He said that we donít value one part of the body as more important than any other. We need every part. Every part is necessary. We need to apply this to our ministries. In order for God to bring more anointing out of us we have to realize that we need help and that there are certain people in the Body of Christ that are anointed to help us. God will sometimes show us only part of a picture to help someone we are ministering to. He wants to anoint someone working with you to see another "piece of the puzzle." The word says that we know in "part." This protects us, as the devil has to worry not only about us, but the rest of the team, as well. Too many ministries are all about themselves and they want to do everything "alone." They are asking for trouble. They are too "big" in their own minds. It is so beautiful when a team works together. T.E.A.M. Ė "Together Everyone Accomplishes More." Look how God used Esther and Mordecai as a team to bring down Haman and save the Jews. Mordecai warned Esther of Hamanís plan to annihilate the Jews. She told Mordecai for him and others to fast for three days and then she would approach the king. She approached the king and got favor and told the king about Haman and the king had him killed. As a result the Jews were saved. God can use us more by bringing more anointing out of us when we are "little" in our own sight and realize that sometimes Godís wants to show a "piece of the puzzle" to someone else. Paul said that he planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase (1Cor. 3 v. 6). Sure God wants someone in charge and to use this person most of the time, but God sometimes wants to "spread it around." This keeps the devil off guard!

In I Cor. 13 v. 4-8, Paul talks about charity or love as the greatest of Gifts. He is really saying that if you want the anointing of God to come out of you in a greater way, you need to walk in love. If you really love the person who God puts in front of you to minister to, then the Father can really use you in a deep way to help His child that He placed in your midst. If you are ministering to someone for some other reason than love, the Father canít use you. If you want to speak something nice into somebodyís life just to get something from them, then God canít use you. Ask yourself what your true motives are! Also, you canít come from a position of superiority i.e. that you have conquered every flesh habit in your life and you are going to help this poor sister or brother, who canít. You forget that only the Spirit of God can "mortify the deeds of the flesh."(Romans 8 v. 13) You may not be that far away from that sin habit that "you have conquered." "He that thinks he stands must take heed that he doesnít fall."(1 Cor. 10 v. 12) "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall!"(Prov. 16 v. 18) You may be far away from the alcohol but not too far from the cookie jar! You may feel

that you are far away from adultery but on the other hand, you are very comfortable with lying, gossiping and jealousy! These are things that can deceive you, but God canít be fooled! He is not going to entrust one of His children to someone with dirty hands. You wouldnít feed somebody out of a dirty dish, nor give a drink out of a dirty glass. God wants a clean vessel to flow out of to His children. This is not to mean that you have to be one hundred percent clean before God can use you but that you have to initiate the process by allowing Him to start cleaning and scrubbing. Surrender ever part of your being to His all seeing vision. When He points something out in your life that is contrary to His word, accept it and let Him get rid of it. Donít fight Him and deny what He reveals. You need to realize that no matter how long you have been "serving" God you are a mess if God has not been allowed to "sanctify you and make you meet for the Masterís use."

Paul mentioned in 2 Cor. Chapter 4 some more truths concerning ways to increase the anointing coming out of our lives. He mentioned in v. 7 that the power that comes out of us is Godís power. We canít rest on our intelligence or reasoning in ministering to someone else. We have to yield to the power and all knowing of God. Paul also mentions in v. 8 Ė 13 that even though he is under pressure and attacked, that he is not moved. For example, he said that even though he was troubled on every side he was not distressed, perplexed, but not in despairÖ. These are great truths for you to grab hold of; that no matter what the enemy is allowed to throw your way, he canít stop the anointing from coming out of you. Also, God will never let the enemy win unless you let him. The attack all works out for good. The Devil always loses, unless you believe his lies. Through the attack or the temptation, God always makes a way of escape! Praise Him! Paul said in v.17 that whatever God allowed Satan to bring his way, he considered it to be light affliction. He was not moved by what he saw in the natural. He said in v. 18 that the natural was temporal (subject to change). He also said that he walks by faith and not by sight in Chapter 5 v. 7. Paul also mentioned in Chapter 6 v. 3- 10 that the ministry is not "peaches and cream." He mentions trials that he had to go through such as stripes and imprisonments had to come to get him to the level God wanted him to be at; in v. 6 and 7 (pureness, kindness the power of God, etc.) God wants us to know through the writings of Paul that these trials bring out the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5 v.22-23) which translates into more power with God and man. Paul also mentions in v.14 not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. The people that you allow in your life are very important. If they are not right with God and donít have an attitude to change than what they have could rub off on you. Where you go to church and pay your tithes is also very important, because you have established a connection with them, good or bad! If you give money to a ministry that canít control what they have, you may find that this wasteful characteristic could funnel down to you. If you sit under a minister that does not have the right relationship with their spouse and the marriage is just a show, than this too could filter down to you and your spouse. If you donít see the fruit of the Spirit coming out of the pulpit than you need to find someone else to sit under and be mentored by, who will allow God to conquer their flesh and bring His fruit out! Your ministry and even your salvation could be affected!

Read the Epistles of Paul and speak the scriptures that God brings to your spirit into your life and by doing this you will "cleansing your self from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord."(1 Cor. 7 v. 1)

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