Earned Authority (3)


In the prior messages about "Earned Authority," we have been using Acts.19 v. 13-16 as a text. The demons told the seven sons of Sceva that they knew Jesus and Paul but didnít know them (v. 15). Imagine Paul being mentioned in the same sentence as Jesus and how the devil was afraid of Paul. Paul had achieved a level in Jesus that caused fear in Satan, which was confirmed in the fact that Satan "knew" Paul. So, we want to continue our study in the writings of Paul to see how we can achieve this status in Jesus where the devil is "terrified" of us and God can release more anointing out of us to others.

In I Corinthians Chapter 1, v. 10, Paul mentions that there should be no divisions among them. This is a true way to insure that the anointing of God continues to pour out of us. Keep "divisive" people out of your life. In this season, especially, we need to allow God to "exclude" people from our lives. To whom you are connected to is very important! Paul also mentioned in Chapter 5 v. 9-13, not to keep company with certain "types" of people Ė fornicators, covetous, extortioners, drunkards, etc. We should love and try to help others but not to be unequally yoked to unbelievers (2 Cor. 6 v. 14). Where you give your tithes and offering is equally as important! If you were a farmer you would not sow seed on rocks, but in good fertile ground. So it is with out tithes and offerings, sow where you know God wants you to. Sow into good ground. You donít want to have the same problems as the ones they have because you now put you finances into a "sinking ship." Be very careful! Pray as to where you plant your seeds. Paul also said in v. 28, that God likes to raise up people who are "little" in their sight, as well as in others sight. He likes to raise up the "least likely." Keep yourself "little" in your own sight and this will help to insure that God continues to pour His anointing through you! Paul also said in Chapter 4 v. 4, that he knew nothing of himself. He was totally dependent on Jesus and was truly "little" in his own sight. So many ministers treat the people in their church as "their" sheep and try to keep them "corralled" by manipulation and control which is just another name for "witchcraft." If these ministers keep up this control, God will replace them with people of His own heart, to take care of "His" children. Paul confirmed this truth again when he said that he was with the people in fear and weakness and wanted Godís power to come out of his life, not "manís" wisdom (v. 3 and 4). H e also confirmed this in chapter 3 v. 6-9, when he said that he and Apollos were nothing but God is the one that gives increase. See, Paul was "little" in his own sight and gave all glory to God!

Paul said in Chapter 5 v. 6 and 7, that a "little leaven" leaveneth the whole lump. Another way to have the anointing and the resulting increased authority pour out of your life in a greater dimension is to not allow sin to be present. This can only happen when one turns the flesh and itís weaknesses over to Jesus (Romans. 8 v. 13). You canít stay away from that sin without the power of God strengthening you! (Romans 8 v. 11) In I Cor. 9 v. 27 and 10 v. 13, Paul mentions that he keeps under his body and brings it under subjection to the Holy Spirit, less he be a castaway. You canít be doing the same sin that you are preaching against! Paul also mentioned in chapter 10 v. 13 that when there is temptation present, take the way of escape! This is all so important in order to not only allow the anointing to come out your life in a greater way, but to avoid a reproach to come on the ministry, which God entrusted to you.

He also said in chapter 6 v 12-16 not be controlled by anyone (v. 12), that God would raise you up (v.14) and to glorify God in your body and with His help avoid "defiling" the temple of your body with sin! These are some more excellent ways to enable God to increase the anointing coming out of your life.

In chapter 7 v. 23, Paul mentions to not let people control you, but serve God. Membership in a church is important, but is not always necessary. Some ministers use this to control "their "flock. They try to use this to ensure that when a "prophet" comes to their church that they have to come and support. It doesnít matter what God says, they have to come. When they want to raise money for something they try to reinforce the fact that the people are "members" and have an obligation to support. If God is in a purpose, no minister has to coerce people to give, by control. It is good to belong to a "good" church but one should not be controlled and manipulated by the leadership. God canít use you effectively when you are not just covered by a ministry, but controlled and "dictated to." Be free today in Jesus Name! Ask God to send you to the right ministry and minister. One who will "encourage" you into your purpose, much like Mordecai did with Esther (Esther 2 v. 11). You see, God is raising up and building up the Saints. He wants someone to encourage teach, activate and send them "out." Too many ministers want all the control and want to do everything in church themselves or give it to a select few, usually their family members. This is recipe for disaster! In Daniel 7 v. 21 and 22, Daniel mentioned that the enemy had prevailed against the saints (usually through religious people) but God has now issued a "judgment" on their behalf and wants the saints to possess the kingdom. It is time for you to "duplicate" yourself and send them out, knowing that God will send replacements. God is going to use somebody to train and send them out one way or another! So you might as well do right by God or get "trampled" as God "releases" them.

If you want to have God "pour" out His anointing through you, have a "heart" for His people. Paul mentions in chapter 9 v. 12 that he becomes all things to all in order to save some. When you want to allow God to minister to His children any way that He wants through you and are truly interested in their welfare, then He will make a way for you. It doesnít matter who or what stands in your way they have to "give way."

Paul also mentions in 1 Cor. Chapter 12 some powerful truths in order to increase the anointing and authority to come out of oneís life. Paul mentions that the gifts of the Spirit are given by Him, as He wills. You have to believe that God could use you in any gift in order to minister to one of His children. There are two things that could cause one not to be used in the gifts: One is fear, afraid that what they speak into someoneís life may not be true and would get embarrassed. Another is that they feel unworthy for God to use them. You have to realize that it is all about God, not us. He wants to get a message to His children and it is His responsibility to do so. Just let "Him" have His way. It is not about our feeling unworthy, it is all about Him using us as vessels of ministry. He also mentions in the same chapter that everybody in His body is important and all are equal. So, donít try to minister a "good" word to an influential person, just because they might be able to help you! Treat everybody the same way, let God reprimand His children, if necessary. He knows what His children need to hear.

We will cover more of Paulís epistles in the next message. I pray that you allow God to control your flesh, that your number one prayer is to allow God to conform you into the image of Jesus and as a result that He would "pour out" the blessings of Abraham into your life! I also pray that you will allow Him to bring you into this "Earned Authority" status that will scare the devil and show forth His power and glory coming out of your life to others in need!