Earned Authority (2)

As I mentioned in the previous message on "Earned Authority" Paul had the distinction of being mentioned in the same sentence as Jesus, by Satan. In Acts 19 v. 13-17, seven sons of Sceva tried to cast out demons in the Name of Jesus whom Paul preached. The demons said that they knew Jesus and they knew Paul but didnít know them. In this message we want to talk more about Paulís teaching to learn what qualified him to be mentioned like this. Why were the demons so afraid of Paul? How can the demons be made more afraid of us? Letís study some more of Paulís epistles: In Romans 1 v. 1 Paul said the he was a servant of Jesus. We have to realize that God is the boss! We need to respond to Him more as an employee would respond to their employer. We need to strive to obey Him to the best of our ability. This is not to say that we need to be afraid of Him "whipping" us but that we respect and obey what He asks us to do. This will increase the anointing that God can bring out of us. In v. 16, Paul said that he was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because it is the power of God unto salvation. Salvation means completeness or wholeness. Paul is saying that when God put someone in front of him, he had full assurance that God would use him in the Gifts of the Spirit to bring completeness or wholeness to that person! We need to have this same kind of faith and God will bring more anointing out of us! Just believe that God will come through! You will not be ashamed!

In Chapter 2 v. 7, Paul said to be patiently continuing in well doing. Just keep doing what God asks you to do, even if you see no visible results. This will attract God to bring more anointing out of you! In Chapter 4 v. 17, we have to believe that God can do the impossible by calling those things that are not as though they are! We have to believe that no matter what situation is present in someoneís life that you are praying for, that a miracle is an easy thing to do for God. In v. 20 and 21 Paul said that we canít stagger at the promises of God but to be fully persuaded that what He has promised that He is able to perform. If He has promised healing then He is able to heal the person who you are ministering to.

In Chapter 5 v. 3-5, Paul showed a "path" to having more anointing come out of your life; tribulation leads to patience, that leads to experience, that leads to hope. The way to increase the anointing coming out of you is not to have someone lay hands on you but to go through "trials." The "trials" make you more dependent on God, which leads to more humility on your part, which means that God can pour out more anointing out of your life. The way for an increase in anointing is to decrease in our flesh!

In Chapter 6, Paul gives some more advice to bring more anointing out of our lives; in v. 11-13, he mentions that you have to consider yourself dead to sin, not to let it reign in your life and also that it is very important that you yield your body to God and not to sin. We need to make these quality decisions concerning sin and God will take care of the rest. Paul said in Chapter 7 v. 14-25 that he canít do the things that he wants to do but the things that he doesnít want to do. He knew that sin had a power over him and that only Jesus Christ could deliver him. This is the same man that was mentioned in the same sentence as Jesus (above). He was not over confident concerning his flesh. He knew that only Jesus could conquer the desires of the flesh. He said in Chapter 8 v. 13 that only through the Spirit could the deeds of the flesh be mortified. One thing that could separate us from God pouring more anointing out of our lives is giving in to fleshly desires and the resulting sin. But, we have an antidote; the blood of Jesus and the Power of His Spirit. Please take advantage of this Power and donít try to kick that drug or alcohol problem by yourself. Medical help can only go so far. It takes the Spirit of God to break any yoke. Donít let the flesh separate you from having more anointing come out of your life. It is so wonderful to have God use you in His gifts to set people free, to bring them into wholeness and to deliver a word of encouragement, straight from the Lord.

Paul mentions in Chapter 12 v. 1-3 that we need to present our bodies as living sacrifices to God, be not conformed to this world and not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought. This is also great advice as to how to have the anointing increase out of our lives.

In 1 Corinthians Chapter 1 v. 5 and 7, Paul mentions that God enriches us in all knowledge and that we come behind in no gift waiting for Jesus to move. This is great advice for those who want to minister in the Gifts of the Spirit to individuals. Paul was saying that if God has somebody in front of you and He wants to minister to that person through you, that God will give you any information to help the person being ministered to in order to receive from Him. This is a great promise and as you realize this God will be able to use you more often in His anointing and even use you in deeper situations.

These are just some of the examples of the teachings of Paul that will enable God to bring more anointing out of you to help others. This new anointing will make sure that the devil knows your name. He will know you because of your increased authority!

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