A Season of "Strange Miracles"

      Just what is this season of "Strange Miracles." This season starts at 6:00P.M.on Thursday Dec. 10 and ends at 6:00 P.M. on Friday Dec. 18 This feast that initiates this season is called Hanukkah, which means "dedication." Of course, God is sovereign and can do "strange miracles" at any time during the year but He has a season reserved for just this purpose. Each day during this feast believe Him for strange miracles in your life. SO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE GOD FOR SPECIAL BLESSINGS AND MISS THIS TIME WHEN HE POURS THEM OUT THE MOST (HANUKKAH), BUT DON'T YOU MISS THEM! WE CAN'T FIT THE FATHER INTO MAN-MADE TRADITIONS AND SEASONS. WE HAVE TO FIT INTO HIS TIMING! So many people (Christians included) celebrate Christmas and miss their season of special blessings. They don't realize that Dec. 25th is a satanic "high holy day" the same as Halloween on Oct.31. The same spirit that wanted to kill every male child two years old and younger during the time of Herod is the same spirit that operates on Oct. 31st and Dec. 25th. Satan is looking to kill children. He wants Halloween and Christmas to be especially attractive to children. He loves to snatch them in malls during the Christmas time, as their parents are looking for "specials." Protect you families! Satan is looking for an entrance into your house by you celebrating Christmas with the trees and all the decorations that point to pagan objects. You can look back on your life and see that celebrating these holidays is when Satan got an entrance into your life! You really need to seek the Father on this issue for your self. He has warned us about doing the customs of the pagans and you don't want His anger pointed in your direction! The Christmas tree is a 17th-century German invention, but it clearly derives from the pagan practice of bringing greenery indoors to decorate in midwinter. The word comes against this custom in Jer. 3:6, 10:1-4.The modern Santa Claus is a direct descendent of England's Father Christmas, who was not originally a gift-giver. However, Father Christmas and his other European variations are modern incarnations of old pagan ideas about spirits who traveled the sky in midwinter. It wasn't until the fourth century that church leaders in Rome embraced the holiday. Roman pagans first introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25.  In the 4th century CE, Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival hoping to take the pagan masses in with it. Christian leaders succeeded in converting to Christianity large numbers of pagans by promising them that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia as Christians. The problem was that there was nothing intrinsically Christian about Saturnalia. To remedy this, these Christian leaders named Saturnaliaís concluding day, December 25th, to be Jesusí birthday-with no biblical authority. It is my belief after studying the word that Jesus was born on Passover, which as I mentioned, occurs in the first month. In the book of Luke 2:41, the word says that Jesusí parents went to Jerusalem every year at Passover. In v. 42, the word says that when Jesus became (in the Greek) twelve years old they went to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast. (Passover was followed by Unleavened Bread which was a seven day feast in which the first and last days were holy convocations where they were obligated to be in the temple-Lev. 23:6-8). The word also says in Luke that Mary and Joseph could not find Jesus and went a dayís journey back to their relatives to try to find him (Luke 2:4, 44). So, you can see that he became twelve on Passover and they traveled one day to be in the temple on the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

     Also, a male child was circumcised on the eight day after his birth (Lev. 12:3). When Jesus was born on Passover he was circumcised on the eight day (Passover plus seven days of Unleavened Bread) which was the last day of Unleavened Bread. So, Jesus fulfilled Passover by being born and dying on Passover. He fulfilled Unleavened Bread by leading a sinless life and being circumcised on the last day of Unleavened Bread.(Please see my message on when He was born, died and rose on my website).

     Also, January 1 is not the beginning of the year according to Yahshua. His year begins on Nisan1(Mar. 27 this year see my "biblical Calendar page on my website). You are wasting your time bringing in the New Year on 12:01 Dec. 31. You are better off sleeping and enjoying Yahweh's presence! Yahweh still has three months to do a work in us to bring us to a new beginning on His New Year! Christians had better wake up and stop indulging in pagan practices and thinking that it can't harm them.

     In the book of Haggai Chapter 2 verse 18-19 the LORD (Yahveh) mentions that from the twenty fourth day of the ninth month He will start blessing. The ninth month of the year is the month Kislev and Hanukkah starts on the twenty fifth day and runs to Tevet 2 or the second day of the tenth month. This no accident as God is relating a blessing season to the start of Hanukkah!

     Hanukkah means dedication. It is an eight day feast that starts on the twenty fifth day in the month Kislev (Nov.-Dec.). It is recorded in the word that Jesus went into the temple on this Feast of Dedication (John 10 v. 22). In 167 BC, a Syrian king named Antiochus IV Epiphanes attacked Jerusalem, sacked the temple, killed thousands of Jews and outlawed Judaism. He also set on the altar of God, the abomination of desolation, a statue of Zeus with his own face on it. He then proclaimed himself to be God. A family of priests, the Maccabees, refused to compromise and worship the heathen gods. They killed some Syrian soldiers and then fled into the mountains. Thousands of Jews joined them. They then waged a 3 year war against Hellenism and its pagan customs. They fought an unbeatable Syrian army (in the natural) and won because God was on their side. They took back the Temple of God, cleansed the altar and then cleaned up the house of God and rededicated it on Kislev 25. They found one flask of holy oil to re-light the Menorah. It was only enough oil for one day, but it supernaturally lasted for eight days, enough time to allow them to produce more oil. The Hanukkah season is an excellent time for us to rededicate our temples (our lives) to God. It is also a time to celebrate the miracles that God did for us throughout the years. Also, expect some strange miracles during this time that really donít make sense. Miracles that you never expected can take place. During this season, God can bring such strange miracles in your life that the whole world could be influenced. You could be going the whole year, laboring for God, when suddenly, here comes that strange miracle. Do you realize that the odds in the natural are against you and this is just the way God likes it? He likes to do these strange miracles that turn the heads of others. The odds in the natural were always against Jesus, but the enemy could not prevail. These strange miracles are just what you have been waiting for. These are miracles that make all the disappointments, attacks and persecution of the past all worth while. Get ready. They could be on their way.

     There is a direct relationship between the Feast of Dedication and the original dedication by Solomon. The same Temple that was dedicated to God by Solomon was defiled by the Syrians and rededicated  by the Maccabees. In 1 Kings Chapter 8, Solomon asked God for the following concerning the Temple: 1.) That God's Name and eyes would be in the Temple. 2.) That when the sick pray towards the Temple that they would be healed. 3.) When there is no rain because people have sinned against Him that when they turn towards the Temple and repent that He would bring rain. 4.) When enemies attack His people and they turn towards the Temple that He would defeat them for His people. Every one of these requests were fulfilled in Jesus, the Temple of God! In 1 Kings 9 v. 3 God answered that His Name, His Eyes and His heart would be in the Temple. In John 10 v. 22 and 23 the word records that Jesus walked into the Temple during the Feast of Dedication. This was a direct fulfillment of what God promised Solomon. The eyes and heart of Jesus are God's eyes and heart! The Hebrew Name for Jesus is YAHshua which come from YAHveh which is the Father's Name. YAHshua means YAHveh the Saviour! Truly God's Name and eyes were in the Temple, just like God promised! The people around Jesus at the time of Jesus walking in the temple had the nerve to ask Him if He was the Christ! They didn't see this event of Jesus walking in the Temple on the feast of Dedication as the fulfillment of what God promised! How blind they were! As a result of YAHshua going into the temple on the Feast of Dedication the season is a time where God can fulfill long-awaited promises, just like He promised Solomon! Please take advantage of this time and believe God each day during the feast for special miracles! Every Hanukkah we get people together and we believe and receive special miracles each night of Hanukkah. This feast is so important because Jesus reveals that He is the Father manifest in the flesh! This is evident when He says that His Father's hand is His hand (John 10:27-30). The Jews took up stones to stone Him because He said that He was God. Their eyes were finally open!

      In the book of Luke Chapter 4 we see a picture of Satan tempting Jesus and the last temptation was at the pinnacle of the Temple. He was tempting Jesus to get Him to jump, that His Father would save Him. It is no accident that Satan tempted Him at this site. He wanted Jesus to defile the temple of His body and also defile Solomon's Temple by giving into the temptation. This is one of the reasons that this season is so important: that with God's help we don't defile our temples. It is such a critical time. It is such a great time to study the Epistles of Paul (Romans to Hebrews) and apply scriptures into our lives that will help to conform us to the image of Jesus (Romans 8 v. 29).

     Another reason why this season is so important is that just as the Maccabees didn't compromise with the Syrians we need not to compromise with the things of the world! Look how Daniel and the three Hebrew children got promoted after they refused not to compromise! (Daniel Chapter 3 and 6)

     As I mentioned in the Introduction in my book, called "Seasons" (Please click on the image of my book in the first page of my web site to order) after the Tribulation, the Temple will be dedicated and cleansed again, by Jesus, after the Antichrist has polluted it. This could happen during the Hanukkah season, seventy five days after the end of the Tribulation. Again, this is a wonderful time to come into the presence of God and allow Him to cleanse our temples (our lives). As I mentioned earlier, we can cleanse ourselves by reading the Epistles (Romans to Revelation) and applying the scriptures into our lives, by speaking them. Turn your fleshly problems to God and allow Him to kill  your fleshly desires (Romans 8 v. 13). Please realize that the greatest enemy that you have is not Satan but your flesh. God can then start to develop the Fruit of the Spirit in your life (Galatians 5 v. 22-23). You then will be on the way to be conforming to the image of Jesus. This should be your number one prayer and desire! Everything else that God wants to do for you will follow! This dying to self and allowing Him to cleanse you will also allow Him to bless you with those immense blessings that He has reserved for you, especially during this season. Praise Him!

     Again, each day during this feast as you turn your flesh over to the Holy Spirit  and want to conform to the image of Jesus, you can believe for God to give you those long awaited promises and do strange miracles. Get together with some other believers each day of the feast, claim and receive these blessings. Allow God to talk through each of you and receive His blessings each day of the Feast as you rededicate your life to Him. Remember again that the main importance of this feast is that Jesus reveals that He is God manifest in the flesh. This is also the main reason that the devil tries to hide and cover up this feast with worldly traditions and busyness. AGAIN, AS I SAID EARLIER, SO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE GOD FOR SPECIAL BLESSINGS AND MISS THIS TIME WHEN HE POURS THEM OUT THE MOST (HANUKKAH), BUT DON'T YOU MISS THEM! WE CAN'T FIT THE FATHER INTO MAN-MADE TRADITIONS AND SEASONS. WE HAVE TO FIT INTO HIS TIMING!