Dream – The River (Repeated Message)

I was instructed by the Lord last night (Nov. 15, 2006) to repeat this message about the River. He wants to position us in this time frame, even though He has two particular seasons during the year - New Year (Mar.-Apr.) and Pentecost (May-June) by which He positions His people. His anointing to do so is greatest during this time!

In this dream (February 18, 2006) my wife and I were visiting a town that we had not been to before. As I looked out the window of the hotel, I saw this river about a hundred feet away. All of sudden, it started to rage, out of control. As I looked to the right, there was a roundabout, where cars were traveling, in a circle. This is a picture of some people going around in circles. This River started taking the cars one by one and positioning them along the side of the road, facing in the same direction, next to one another. Nothing or nobody could stop the River. Each one was positioned so perfectly, in their own space. A little while later, this River stopped raging. We walked around the town. I asked a man how often does this river rage like it did. He answered "only twice a year." This was such a confirmation of how God has revealed His seasons and timing to me, which are contained in my book called "Seasons," which was published during the summer (the book can be ordered on the first page of the web-site). As I mentioned, there are two seasons where there is the greatest anointing by God for positioning. One period of time is the season of the beginning of the year according to the word, which is Nisan 1 on the Jewish calendar (Our March or April) this year on our calendar (See messages on New Beginning). The other time is Pentecost, which is 50 days after the Feast of First Fruits. Pentecost occurs on Sivan 6 on the Jewish calendar, which was June 1 this year, on our calendar. On that original Pentecost in Jerusalem God started to position His apostles. He positioned Peter as the spokesman on the day of Pentecost and 3,000 people got saved on the first day. The next day 5,000 got saved. Later on He positioned Saul, who became Paul, to a place called Straight, after he got blinded and knocked off his horse as he was on the way to killing Christians in Damascus. Paul got saved and healed and was positioned in Damascus, but in a way that he never anticipated. He was preaching Christ in all the synagogues, throughout Damascus.

In this dream, there were only about 20 cars that were positioned. God was showing me that this is His remnant. This positioning is not for everyone, but for those that will sit still and allow the River to place them. This River is God moving in His sovereignty.

From this dream He directed me to Ezekiel 47. This is a wonderful picture of the River of God. In v. 2, the River flows out of the right side of the house. This is a picture of Jesus at the crucifixion where water came out of His right side, after He was speared. This House in this chapter is relating in the future to the House of God (Jesus), the Tabernacle of God. In John 1 v. 14, the Word says that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The word "dwelt" means "tabernacled." God tabernacled among us, in Jesus.

In v. 3, the waters were to the ankles after 1,000 cubits. In v. 4, the waters were to the knees after another 1,000 cubits and after an additional 1,000 cubits, the waters were to the loins. In v. 5, it is recorded that after another 1,000 cubits, the waters were a river that could not be "passed over." This means it was raging. (The 4,000 cubits mentioned here refers to the 4,000 years from Adam to when Jesus came and died for us). This is a picture of some believers; some just want to go only ankle deep and not be totally surrendered to the moving of God. Some go a little deeper into God and His purpose for their lives, but very few just jump in and are totally surrendered to God (the River). When one jumps into the plans and purpose of God, there is no one on the face of the Earth who can stop them.

In v. 6, Ezekiel returned to the brink of the river. God wants to bring us back to the very beginning, where we first got saved. At that time, we made Jesus the Lord of our lives and surrendered everything to the will of God. As we matured, we got caught up in religion and the tradition of men. We started leaning on people and not on God. We started to try to draw close to man and lost our closeness with our Father. We started to put people on a pedestal and unintentionally pushed God to the side. God wants to bring us back to that relationship that we had with Him and start over. We need to jump into His presence (River) as when we first got saved and let Him take us to our purpose.

In v. 7, the word says that there were many trees on the side of the river. These trees are us. We are made as trees of righteousness (Isaiah 61 v. 3). We need not to be observers, sitting on the sidelines, but jump into the River of the moving of God, totally surrendering all to Him.

In v. 8, the word says that wherever the River went people got healed. This River of God is God reaching out to the people on earth to bring healing and salvation. Just jump in and let Him use you as an instrument of His healing, not only to the sinners, but to His children in the Church.

In v. 11, the word shows that there are some that won’t jump in and will be given to salt. They will miss their purpose. Don’t be numbered with these onlookers. Don’t miss the purpose that you were born for.

In v. 12, the word says that the trees will bring forth new fruit according to the months or seasons. This shows the timing and seasons of God. He wants you and I to take advantage of His season, His moving by jumping into His presence and surrender all to Him. He will then start to position you where you never thought that you would be. This will also be a position were the enemy doesn’t want you to be. It will become his worst nightmare. Where God places you in His service it will be a place where you will be fully satisfied, a place that He intended for you to be before the foundation of the world! This positioning into His intended place of service for you is a package deal. All else that He wants to give you is waiting there! (See my message on "A Warning")

Let Him draw you back spiritually to where you first got saved and let Him build again the relationship that you had with Him, at the beginning. He will then start changing the present circumstances in your life as He makes all things new! (See my message "Change is Coming"). There are promises that He made to you that can’t be fulfilled until you are back in right relationship with Him, your Father.

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