God wants to be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries! God wants to win for you against all odds and show others what He can do for and with one person in agreement with Him. In Exodus 23 v. 20, God said that He wants to bring us into the place that He has prepared for us. This "place" is your purpose, destiny and a place of plenty! Once you got saved you were on the road to this place of plenty, but religion got a hold of you. Religious people taught you doctrine and not knowing much about the word, you received it as truth. Right now God is saying to you to "start over" with Him. What He means by this is to say "God whatever is not right in my life show me and take it away." Let Him take away any doctrine that is not of Him. Re-examine everything that you have been taught! Re-evaluate any prophecy that you have received. Some of you have based so many decisions that you have made on some "prophecy" that someone gave you, which was not from God! You affected so many people with that decision, but God can straighten out the mess! It is the season where God wants to bring you closer to the place that He prepared for you before the foundation of the world. Please let Him! Be honest with Him and give everything in your life back to Him for re-evaluation i.e. any plans that you made, anything that you are doing for Him right now. Maybe He never called you into that particular ministry or location and maybe He did! You had better "run it by" Him. Your place of destiny and plenty could depend on it. These bad teachings and non-godly prophecies are enemies that God wants to destroy. Let them go! Stop following those lies that you think were prophecies from God.

Besides these enemies of wrong doctrine and incorrect prophecies, there are real flesh and blood enemies that He wants to give a "black eye" to and remove out of your life once and for all! Please let them go! He said in v. 27 that He will "make your enemies turn their backs before you." Donít be so quick to fight on their level. If they are throwing "mud" on you, in order for you to throw "mud" back you have to get in the mud too. Pick your battles very carefully. Turn the battle over to Him. Let Him be an enemy to your enemies. He said in v. 28 that He will torment your enemies by sending "hornetsí into their lives. He also said in v. 28-30 that He will single handedly drive them out of your live "little by little." He said that He will drive them out from your life until you are increased and inherit the "land" that He has prepared for you. He then said that He will set your bounds (v.31). He will define your land for you. Wow!

Let him drive away those flesh problems out of your life, once and for all. You canít stop those habits by yourself. It will take the Spirit of God to do so. In Romans 8 v. 13, Paul said to mortify the deeds of the flesh by the Spirit of God. Please let Him conform you into the image of Jesus.

Let Him deliver you from your spiritual enemies too, i.e. Satan and his demons. They are not afraid of you, but are terrified of your Father. Please give any spiritual attack to God and rest in Him!

Look what happened when people in the Bible turned their battles over to God. Jehoshaphat realized how helpless he was before the enemy. He was greatly out-numbered, but God told Him that the battle was His! He then realized that God would be an enemy to his enemies as God caused his enemies to turn on and kill each other! God could have your enemies turn on each other. Believe and receive this right now!

Look when Elisha was surrounded in Samaria, as recorded in 2 Kings Chapter 6: He knew that God was for Him and that God had His angels surrounding his enemies. He asked God to blind them and he led them right into the fort of Samaria. God led them captive, all by Himself. He can do the same thing for you and capture your enemies and lead them into a trap. God could lead them into the same trap that they have prepared for you. Look how Haman was hanged on the same gallows that he prepared for Mordecai! (Esther 7 v.10) Just realize that the reason that they are coming against you is that you belong to God. As a result of you knowing that the battle is not about you, it is easier to turn it over to Him. Look at David as he came against Goliath; He knew that the battle was the Lordís and the battle was not about him, but God. Goliath was cursing his God, so this made it easier to turn the battle over to God. Goliath wanted to fight a man but he fought the wrong man. David was a man dependent on His God! You have to realize today that the battle is not yours but His and quickly turn it over to Him. This will help you to understand that whoever or whatever your enemy is, God wants to be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries!

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