One With God is a Majority!

God saved us individually and He wants to bring us into our purpose individually. This is a season where the people that God wants to use are going through their birth canal into purpose. The pressure may seem strong against you but He that began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1 v. 6). He that brought you into this birth canal will bring you out into your destiny! Donít look for any help during this season. It is just you and God until you come out of the pressure of the birth canal! Then He will bring people to help you in your purpose. He wants to show you what He can do with one person! One person with God can defeat the devil and all his demons!

Letís look at 2 Kings Chapter 4 for clarity in what I am talking about. A widow lady was facing a situation where her children were going to be taken away because of her debts. In v. 2 Elisha, the Prophet asked her "what shall I do for thee? What he was really saying is that this is between you and God. Just give Him something to work with. She had one pot of oil and the man of God told her to borrow many pots of her neighbors and take a step of faith with her God. She did what he said and God came through for her and filled up all the pots with oil. She had enough to pay off her debts and retire! Wow! Do you see what God can do for you with no outside help? He wants to show you what your Father can do for you, as His child. She probably wanted Elisha to do something, but this whole situation came about because God wanted to build up her faith in Him, as her Father, rather than any man.

Religion and religious people want you to believe that you need them to get anywhere with God. They directly or indirectly want to come between you and your Father. Satan wants you to look to a man for help and miss your special relationship with God. Any minister that tries to control and manipulate you for monetary or any other reason is in the pulpit on borrowed time. It is just a matter of time before God removes them and replaces them with somebody after His own heart! Donít look right away to a man to help you, go first to God. He can give you your miracle right in your own prayer closet. He may lead you to some one else for help but again, go to Him first.

It is simply amazing what God can do with one person. Look what God did with Gideon. In Judges 6 v. 16 God told him that He would destroy the enemy through him, as one man. All God needed was Gideon. Gideon had an army of 32,000 men but God whittled the size of the army down to 300 with the help of some tests. Gideon needed the 300 men, but God didnít. When Gideon overheard the enemies dream (7 v. 13) about a cake of barley coming down and destroying their tents and army and how they said "It was nothing but the Sword of the Lord and of Gideon, he knew that all he needed was God. When Gideon surrounded the army, he and his men broke the pitchers and lamps in their hand and blew the trumpets (v. 20), the enemy was so afraid that they started killing each other.

So what are you facing today? Your God is big enough to handle it! All he needs is for you to take a step of faith and defy the natural and draw close to Him! Walk towards the enemy holding your Fatherís hand and watch Him win the victory for you.

Look at 1 Samuel Chapter 14 with me: Jonathan knew that his God was bigger than the enemy, even though they had surrounded his troops and had all their swords, except two. He went towards the enemy and his armor bearer followed him, with the two swords (v.7). They went towards the enemy with their God and initially destroyed 20 of them (v.14) and the rest of the army started killing each other (v. 20). God wrought a great victory because He found a man who would step out by faith and walk towards the enemy holding his Fatherís hand!

Look at Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles Chapter 20: Even though he was surrounded by the enemy he said that their eyes are upon their Father (v.12). God just told them to show up for the battle, but that the battle was really His (v. 15). All they had to do was send their praise and worship leaders out first, singing praises to their God (v. 21). As they began to sing and praise, God set an ambush against the enemy and they destroyed each other. All Jehoshaphat had to do was pick up the spoils! Just show up for battle with your Father and watch how the enemy disperses. The battle is over when you just show up.

Samson killed 1,000 of the enemy with the jawbone of an ass. You have to know that God had a hand in it! All He needed was Samson to wield the jawbone! Realize today that whatever is coming against you was permitted by God and as you draw closer to Him, you will realize how really powerful your God truly is! Religion wants weak people whom they can control but you be strong in the Lord and the power of His might! (Eph. 6 v. 10). Scare the religious crowd by telling them that all you need is your Father!

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