A Season of Promotion

As I mentioned in my last message, sundown September 12 starts Rosh Hashanah or the Feast of Trumpets. The feast lasts two days. It ends on September 14 at sundown. This a time where for the succeeding 10 days after Rosh Hashanah God opens the books in heaven and promotes for the next succeeding year! It is also a time of judgment where God pours out His wrath on the disobedient. Sure He is a loving God but also a just God. He brings His wrath on those that refuse to repent of their wicked ways. I am talking about people in His Body of believers. Ministers canít treat His children in a non-caring way. They canít continue to:

a.) Think that the people in the congregation are their flock. They belong to Jesus Christ. God wants His ministers to care for His children. He wants to minister to His children through them.

b.) Manipulate and control His children.

c.) Seduce His children for financial or other gains.

d.) To be bad examples to the flock. They have to have a desire to conform to the image of Jesus and encourage the people to do the same. They are getting God upset because they are "wallowing around" in the same sins they are preaching against!

  • e.) Preach the Gifts of the Spirit without emphasizing the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • The Devil doesnít fight the development of the Gifts of the Spirit as much as the Fruit. As the Fruit of the Spirit develops in us we become more like Jesus and as a result are more dangerous to the devil.

    The fact that this season is such a great time of promotion, but also a time of judgment is evident in Revelation Chapter 5 and 6. In Chapter 5 v. 1, John said that he saw a book sealed with seven seals. This book is the Book of Remembrance where God has put the names of His people that He wants to be included in His promotion. Please read my prior message on this Book of Remembrance to see the requirements to be included. In v. 12 John said that the people that he saw around the throne in heaven were saying that Jesus is worthy to receive power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing. Jesus doesnít need these blessings. These blessings are for us! Be in position to start receiving more of these blessings this season by spending more time in His presence and desiring above all things to conform to the Image of Jesus by the power of the Holy Ghost!

    In Chapter 6 the six seals are opened. These seals are the judgments of God. The first seal revealed a white horse and the one on him had a bow to conquer. This time of Rosh Hashanah is a great time of blessings but 10 days later is Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement. This feast starts on sundown on October 1. On this feast day sometime in the future, the Great Tribulation will start and end seven years later. Every Day of Atonement before the one that will usher in the Tribulation is a preview of the events of the Great Tribulation. This particular Day of Atonement previews and starts a time of the devil conquering in people's lives like the world has never seen. Be careful not to keep giving into fleshly desires. This could lead to the Devil conquering you in that particular area of your life. Many people will be conquered by the enemy during the Tribulation, but some of this will start now in this particular Day of Atonement. Again, this particular Day of Atonement is a preview.

    In v. 4 John said that he saw a red horse when the second seal was opened. Power was given to this horse to take peace from the earth and the people would kill one another. So many people will be fighting each other. There is already so much "infighting" in the Church today, one denomination against another. There is more jealousy and strife in the Church than outside! But this "infighting" is nothing compared to what will happen as this particular Day of Atonement approaches! Again events that are unleashed during this season are a preview of the events surrounding the Great Tribulation!

    In v. 5 John saw a black horse with a pair of balances. This was indicating a famine. This particular Day of Atonement will usher in a time of a famine of the true word. Wrong doctrine will start to increase. False prophecy will increase. Remember that it takes a false Pastor to invite a false Prophet. Be so careful who you listen to. So many want to hear a prophetic word that "tickles" their ear rather than a true word that will exhort, edify and correct. So many in the body of Christ shy away from a prophetic word that calls for repentance! Those who read my book "Seasons" understand that there are seasons of repentance before blessing (See the first page of my web-site and click on the image of the book to order.)

    In v. 8 the fourth seal revealed a pale horse and his name was Death and Hell followed with it. This spirit of Death will be loosed in a greater way on this Day of Atonement again showing a preview of the Great Tribulation. Please pray for the children especially during the time of Halloween (Oct 31) and the end of the winter season. (See my messages on the spirit of Antichrist) The enemy has special plans to attempt to destroy some children. This spirit of Death is under the authority of the spirit of Antichrist, which wants to take people away from their purpose. Death is the best way for this enemy to achieve this. Pray and cover your children with the Blood of Jesus.

    When the fifth seal was opened, in v. 9, John saw the souls of the people that were slain for Jesus. They were crying out to the Lord as to when He was going to bring judgment on those who killed them. They were told to rest. This Day of Atonement will usher in a great time of rest for the remnant that is selected as part of His end time plan. He wants to anoint His people to rest in any given situation knowing that He will bring victory. It is easier to rest when there is no attack, but you will find peace in the midst of the greatest tactics of the enemy. Donít look to escape the situation but believe for His rest to enable you to stand until your particular assignment is over! When you try to deliver souls from the clutches of the enemy, there will be pressure but He will enable you to rest and not try to escape. You wonít stop until the person or persons are delivered. Praise Him!

    In v. 12 John saw the sixth seal opened and there was a great earthquake and situations on the earth that frightened so many people who are not saved. They tried to hide from the "wrath of the Lord." Look for that Spirit of Fear to move throughout certain parts of the land, as a preview to the Great Tribulation. The word says that some men's hearts will fail because of fear (Luke 21 v. 26).

    In Chapter 8 v. 1, the seventh seal was opened and there was a half hour of silence. Then John saw incense being offered up with the prayers of the saints. This seventh seal will usher in a great time of prayer, especially prayer for those who have to go through the Great Tribulation. This will also happen on this particular Day of Atonement (sundown Oct. 1). Verse 4- 13 show some of the events that will happen during the Great Tribulation.

    So, you can see form this message that this is such a great season for blessing from God but the wrath of God will unleashed like never before. Please stick close to Him, be in an attitude of repentance and tell Him that your number one prayer request is to be conformed to the Image of Jesus! Please donít play games with God! Admit your weaknesses when He convicts and let Him change you! Those that do this will reap great blessings but to the others that play games with God, will reap His wrath. He surely is a God of Mercy but also a God of Justice!