With all the "trouble" that's happening in the world Elohim(God) is looking for those who He can promote and bring His word of Hope to a world in despair. Elohim can promote at any time of the year but this is a special season to make room for some of His people, to bring them where He wants them to be. During this time of promotion Elohim is hiring and “firing.” Elohim is the judge… He puts down one and raises up another (Psalms 75 v. 6). This is why it is so important to get alone with Elohim and let Him point out those things that are not right in our lives and let Him remove them. Please be honest with Him and don’t hold onto sins or fleshly weaknesses. You don’t want to miss His special time of promotion!

                        Right after Elohim promotes there is a spirit that wants to hinder you from stepping into your new level. This is the spirit of fear! Please turn to Isaiah Chapter 54. In Isaiah Chapter 53 the Prophet prophesied what Jesus would accomplish on Calvary. In v. 12, Isaiah said as a result of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, that Jesus would divide the spoil with the strong! The spoil that He received is for you and I. In Chapter 54 v. 1, Isaiah said that as a result of what Jesus accomplished we can sing and cry aloud. He also said in v. 2 that we should enlarge the place of our tent…. and spare not, lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes. During this time of Rosh Hashanah we need to receive Holy Ghost inspired dreams and believe them. Believe for increase. Believe for Elohim to use you to supply the needs of the Body of Christ. Believe big! He also said in v. 2 to let others stretch forth the curtains of your habitations. Believe for God to send people into your life to bless and expand you! This ten days that starts on Rosh Hashanah and ends 10 days later on Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement is a special time for Elohim to set your up where you never thought that you would ever be!

                        However, even though this is such a special time for enlargement and promotion, Isaiah mentions in v. 4 the enemy that will try to stop you from advancing into your new level. Isaiah said to “Fear not!” “For you shalt not be ashamed….” This is a promise to you i.e. Elohim has now promoted you; the enemy wants to bring fear on you, but just trust Jesus. He brought you this far, promoted you and will bring you the rest of the way. He will adapt you to your “enlarged “territory. Don’t go back because of fear and the fact that the new level feels strange to you. Don’t be afraid of this new authority. Elohim’s people wanted to go back to Egypt when the enemy came against them at the Red Sea (Exodus 14 v. 11 and 12). Just because you go to a new spiritual level and there is more spiritual activity against you, Elohim has prepared you and has equipped you to claim and defend your “new land.”

                        Isaiah mentions in v. 14 that if you don’t want to be oppressed and terrorized, don’t fear! Fear attracts oppression and terror. The devil can’t do anything in your life apart from fear and Elohim can’t do anything in your life apart from faith. Fear is perverted faith. The first thing that Adam did after he sinned was to tell Elohim that he was afraid. There was no fear originally. Satan couldn’t create fear. He perverted faith. Fear is faith in what or whom you are afraid of. Fear and Faith are reciprocals, like North and South. You can go in either direction. They are opposites or different directions. If you are walking in fear today, just turn around and walk towards faith. 

                        The reason why Elohim says to “Fear Not” is contained in v. 16. He said that the devil is a “created” being. He is a “waste.” He is not Elohim or he wouldn’t want to be like Elohim. The devil doesn’t have an army that is lined up against Elohim. The devil works in Elohim’s “mailroom”, so to speak. He just delivers messages from Elohim. If Elohim wants you to spend more time in His presence and you continually put it off, Elohim could send the devil as a messenger boy. The fact that Elohim sends Satan and lets him attack you, means that Elohim is trying to get your attention in another way. Satan works for the same Elohim that you and I work for. He has to ask permission of God before he can do anything! He had to have permission to attack Job (Job 2 v. 3-5). He can only go so far! In Colossians 1 v. 16, Paul said that by Jesus all things were created, thrones, dominions, principalities and powers and all was created for Him. In v. 17, Paul said that Jesus is before all things and by Him all things consist.

                        As a result of Satan being a created being and controlled by Elohim, Isaiah said in v. 17 that “no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper…. You can claim this promise today. During this season, Elohim wants to promote you into various levels of anointing and favor spiritually and also in the natural. As you start to walk in this new level of prosperity and favor, don’t give place to fear!

                        The word said that even Jesus feared but kept on going in the direction that His Father wanted Him to go (Hebrews 5 v. 7). You too have to continue into new levels and ignore that spirit of fear. You are coming closer to Satan’s territory and the fear that you are feeling is him. He is the spirit of fear! He is afraid of the treasures of darkness that you will take from him. He is afraid of the people that you will rescue from his clutches that are being held captive by him. This is why Elohim is promoting you both in the spiritual and the natural; to rescue His people that need to be rescued with no financial concerns while doing so!

                        So, take advantage of this special season; get alone with Yahshua(Jesus), let Him show you what needs to be corrected in your life and give Him “full” access to do the corrections. Make your number one prayer to be conformed to the image of Yahshua and watch how Elohim promotes! Enjoy this special season of promotion!