One Small StepÖ.

This is the season for some of Godís children to take a step of faith. Some are waiting for God to do something, but He is waiting for you! We have to give substance to our faith. We have to believe God. Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness (Romans 4 v. 3). Paul said that Abraham against hope, believed in hope, that he might be the father of many nations... he didnít consider his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old nor the deadness of Sarahís womb. He staggered not at the promise of GodÖ and was fully persuaded that what God promised, He was also able to perform (Romans 6 v11-14). Are you that way today or are you believing the natural circumstances? Paul said that the things that are seen are temporal (subject to change) in 2 Corinthians 4 v. 18. Donít deny the natural, defy the natural. How do we do this? By acting on our faith. By taking a step towards the miracle that God promised you, by taking a faith step in that direction (only what God puts on your heart to do). Do something that doesnít make sense to attract the attention of Jesus and get the devil nervous!

In Acts 12, Peter did just this. Jesus prophesized to Peter in John 21 v. 18 that people were going to take him where he didnít want to go, but He said when the situation comes to pass, remember these words: "Follow Me." In Acts 12, Peter was in a tight situation: in prison, sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains and keepers were guarding the prison (v.6). Maybe this is the way that you feel! A tight situation with no way out in the natural! The devil was licking his chops because he was able to kill James and wanted Peter next! (v.3). An angel of God came into the prison after a light shined into his cell. I believe that this message is a light to you today. Jesus said for Peter to "rise up quickly." As Peter took this step and only after he took this step of faith, did the chains fall off his hands (v. 7). He had to take this step of faith, even though it didnít make sense. Maybe thatís where you are today? As Peter stood up and the chains fell off, the angel said "Follow me" These are the same words that Jesus said. The angel led him out past the first and second ward and the gate of the city opened up of itself. You see the first step is the hardest. After this first step, God moves and does what you canít do. This is why the enemy doesnít want you to take a step in faith. Your body and mind may tell you not to take that step of faith, but you have to bring your body into submission to your spirit.

In v. 13 and 14, it is recorded that Peter knocked on the door where people were praying for Peterís release but they didnít open the door right away. They didnít expect an answer to their prayers and as a result, didnít take a step of faith and open the door. Donít you be like them today; if God has promised you a miracle in that situation you are in, act on it by faith. Do something by faith that God puts on your heart. If you are believing for loved ones to be saved, buy them a bible and put their name on the inside of the cover. If a loved one is on drugs. Speak out loud that they will be saved and serve God, no matter what it looks like. It could be that God is waiting on you before He moves on your love one.

In 1 Samuel Chapter 14, we find another example of someone stepping out by faith. The Philistine army had the Israeli army surrounded. The army of Israel had given all their swords except two to the Philistines for them to sharpen. The enemy, being very cagey chose this time to attack. Maybe somebody has attacked you at the "worst" time. God permitted them to attack at this time. It is Godís timing, not theirs. God has a surprise for them, just like He had a surprise for the Philistines. In v. 1, Jonathan said to his armour bearer that they were going to take the two swords and go against the Philistines, by themselves. He really took a step of faith. He said in v. 6 that God doesnít need many to win a battle. This is something for you and I to remember. All He needs is one person to be in agreement with Him. He told his armour bearer that they would go against their advance force if they invite them up to talk. This would mean that they were overconfident. They were overconfident and invited them up to talk. Jonathan and his armour bearer killed 20 of them in the first slaughter. Can you imagine that the enemy seemed to have the advantage but wound up being "slaughtered?" The enemy doesnít realize that when he comes against you, he is coming against God. In v. 15, the word says that there was a "trembling" in the host of the enemy. This is what happens when you take a "small" step in faith.

The enemy thinks that you are focusing on the natural circumstances, so when you take a step in faith, he trembles. In v. 20, the word declares that the enemy was so terrified that they killed each other. Believe today that your enemies will turn on each other, while they are "licking their chops" over you. Just take that step of faith and go towards the problem, facing the problem with God right by your side. Your spiritual enemies are terrified to have to face God. When you are outnumbered and the odds are against you, this is the time to take a step of faith. Just demonstrate to your spiritual or natural enemies by your "small step of faith" that they are outnumbered. "If God be for you, who can be against you?" (Romans 8 v. 31)

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